Admission Requirement in USA

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  • Every university in USA has its own admission requirements and criteria.
  • Make sure to apply separately to each university
  • Do not stick to applying for one university of your choice.
  • There are chances that your choice of the institution might not accept you, hence apply for several other universities.
  • Contact schools and universities at least a year before planning to enter that university/school/college.

Few guidelines to help you apply for admission to U.S. universities and colleges

Apply to several institutions:
  • After selecting the school /college/ university contact each for application forms, admission requirements and other details.
  • Apply for more than one schools/college/universities
Sending Application forms:
  • Each program has its own admission criteria and educational requirements.
  • Admission office reviews your marks of previous educational qualification and hence you must submit the certified copy of your academic record.
Registering for admission tests:
  • Students applying for universities and colleges must take up various tests that measure aptitude and achievement.
  • International students must take up \English language proficiency test.
Complete the admission test:
  • If undertaking SAT or ACT your test scores are directly sent to the respective institutions
  • In case of computer-based tests, you are allotted a center and the scores are directly sent to the institutions.

Receiving acceptance letter

  • You will be receiving letters from the university/school once the application deadlines are over.

Deposit payment

  • Reserve a seat by paying the deposit amount by a certain deadline

Writing an essay

  • You are required to write an essay along with your application to the university.

Various programs and their Admission requirements

Undergraduate Admission requirements
  • International students are required to complete 12 years of academic education prior to applying for bachelor’s degree program.
  • Must provide certificates proof for previous academic qualifications
  • Visa and passport are required
  • Submission of applicants resume
  • A completed application forms with all details including educational qualification, career experience, personal details, career achievements, choice of course, visa and passport details. Attach your educational certificates with the same.
  • Letter of Intent stating the intention of the study
  • IELTS, TOEFL certificates
  • Immigration history and official transcript.
Postgraduate admission requirements 
  • Students who have completed under graduation program are entitled to apply for post-graduation
  • Applicants must provide the certificate of under graduation before applying for the same.
  • certificates must indicate the required minimum GPA in the field of study, research programs undertaken in the under graduation and the related documents.
  • Depending on the institution/university/college you might have to take up GMAT or GRE and the scores of the same would be assessed for postgraduate admission.
  • Other requirements remain same as for under graduate program admission requirements.
Doctorate admission requirements
  • All admission requirements mentioned in the above to programs are necessary for this program
  • Students must produce all the certificates of undergraduate, postgraduate and any other research program certificates.
  • Applicants must take up doctorate admission entrance exam.
  • Must have a minimum score in IELTS /TOEFL as set by the university.

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