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    Canada education consultants in Thrissur

    CanApprove is a Canadian based company that offers services for foreign education and resettlement, that was established in 1998 by a group of lawyers and legal professionals. We have provided the finest international education services to nations including Australia, the United Kingdom, the United States, New Zealand, Germany, and others. Especially, we are one of the best Canada education consultants in Thrissur.

    Our registered office is in Thrissur, Kerala, while our administrative office is located in Coimbatore, in the neighbouring state, Tamil Nadu. Our business branch is actuating in Dubai, while CanApprove’s headquarters is in Vancouver, British Columbia, in Canada.

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    client Services

    Get assistance from the experts for the course and college selection.


    Avail admission support, IELTS training, loan assistance, and more.


    Experience a flawless and legitimate Canadian education process.


    Apply for the Canada study visa through a clean documentation process.


    Kick-start your abroad study in Canada through CanApprove!

    One of the top Canada education consultants in Thrissur, we are overseen by knowledgeable immigration attorneys and overseas education managers. CanApprove can assist you in organising your international studies at top universities in Canada. Alongside, you can also rely on us to study in countries like Australia, the UK, the United States, New Zealand, and Germany.

    Notably, CanApprove offers a full range of services, including visa stamping, post-landing assistance, program counselling, institution selection, and SOP writing and documentation. CanApprove provides you with everything you need in one convenient location. CanApprove is among the top Canada education consultants in Thrissur because of this.

    You can follow your desire to study in Canada and many other countries because CanApprove will make it easy for you to obtain a student visa.

    Why Prefer Overseas Education Consultants in Trichy Over Self-Application?

    Get Clarity

    Our study abroad counselors minimize your stress and anxiety by helping you with the course suggestion, college selection, and admission process.

    Increase admission rate.

    Canada education experts assist you with the statement of purpose, essays, and interviews to increase your admission rate to the college.

    Tie-up with universities

    CanApprove has a close tie-up with top universities in Canada which will increase your application acceptance rate and get academic support.

    Predict your chances

    Get to know your chances without false hopes through the study abroad experts with years of experience and legitimate practices.

    We are licensed!

    Our image is trustworthiness! We are College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants Canada (CICC) recognised and have a strong presence in nations like Canada, Australia, Dubai, and India. And we have a skilled team of coordinators for international education who will not only advise you but also look out for your best interests while you pursue your goal of studying abroad.

    Canada Immigration consultant

    Voice of our Client

    What are various education credentials after UG?

    • Post Baccalaureate Diploma
    • Post Graduate Diploma
    • Graduate Certificate
    • Master’s Degree

    Are a few to name. There are many capstone courses to pursue after UG

    Which country easily gives student visas?

    Each nation has its own standards, procedures, and requirements that applicants must fulfil in order to be granted a student visa. However, there might be some differences in needs when compared.
    Canada offers a never-before overseas education experience, making it an ideal alternative to the US. While in the UK, international students who achieve a good score on the secondary school board’s English exam are eligible for an IELTS waiver (in some institutions).

    One of the top overseas education consultants in Thrissur is CanApprove if you need advice about international education. Our education coordinators will assess your profile and help you find a program, nation, and school that is right for you.

    Why should you choose a licensed consultant?

    Applying for a student visa is incredibly difficult, time-consuming, and confusing. A certified consultant, such as CanApprove, has the necessary knowledge and expertise to streamline the visa application and paperwork processes and provide a seamless international education experience.


    Our Education Services

    We are one of the best Canada education consultants in Thrissur administered by expert education consultant practitioners. If you are looking for education in Canada, then it’s CanApprove for you which has the best education consultants in Thrissur.

    We offer education services to Canada, Australia, Germany, United Kingdom and New Zealand. If you are looking for education services, CanApprove will cover it all from counselling to visa stamping.





    New Zealand

    Why Choose CanApprove?

    Proven Experience

    Numerous customers have used our knowledge of international education to set up their studies abroad in prestigious nations like Canada.

    Expert Counsellors

    It’s not just the vague counselling you get from us, but will get university selection, program suggestion, bank loans, SOP assistance, IELTS coaching and every other Canada education requirement. Because, we are the best overseas education consultancy in Thrissur.

    1000s of Visa Success

    We strive to give the right program to the right person, and this serves as our driving force for success.

    Highly Professional and Credible Service

    We have always been particular about our overseas education service being professional, credible, and transparent.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is CanApprove a Licensed overseas education consultant?

    Yes, CanApprove has a 25-year track record of excellence and is a licenced foreign education & immigration consultant. With CanApprove’s exceptional immigration and international education services, you can easily bring your goals to reality.

    How long will it take for me to process my student visa?

    The answer to this question relies on a number of variables, including the strength of your resume, any gaps in your education, your experience, your IELTS score, and proper counselling and guidance.

    What are various education credentials after UG?

    • Post Baccalaureate Diploma
    • Post Graduate Diploma
    • Graduate Certificate
    • Master’s Degree

    Are a few to name. There are many capstone courses to pursue after UG

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