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Why do more Indians immigrate to Canada? Visa Consultants
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Why do more Indians immigrate to Canada?Print

Why do more Indians immigrate to Canada?

Canada Immigration News
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Indians are increasingly choosing Canada over the US as their destination for immigration. Recently, a group of immigration and policy experts testified before a panel of US lawmakers that the outdated immigration policies are driving the much sought-after Indian talent away from the US.

 The experts, who testified before the House Judiciary Committee-Subcommittee on Immigration and Citizenship, National Foundation for American Policy, pointed out that the backlogs for US green cards are increasing and within a decade, more than 20 lakh people will be waiting in line for the green cards. According to the experts, they might have to wait for years and decades.

On the contrary, Canada shows constant commitment to improve and increase the efficiency of the immigration procedures and the immigration system. Under the Express Entry system, the immigration process can be completed within just six months in many cases. Some immigration pathways like the Global Talent Stream allow foreign workers to move to Canada within just two weeks.

Why immigrate to Canada?

The US losing its sheen as a desirable destination for immigration has benefitted countries like Canada. By making the immigration system more efficient, Canada has succeeded in attracting Indian talent to the country. Canada's efficient management of the COVID crisis has also made the country more attractive for immigrants. A significant majority of Canadians have already been vaccinated against COVID-19. This has led to a drop in new cases and the Canadian society is moving back to normalcy.

Further, Canada is fast becoming a world technology hub with most of the tech giants expanding their operations to the country. This has led to an increase in job opportunities for tech workers in Canada.

Indian immigrants in Canada

Indians constitute a major portion of immigrants to Canada. In 2019, Indians were the largest group of immigrants in terms of ‘country of origin’ to be admitted to the country through Express Entry and other skilled immigrant visas. In the current year, Canada is planning to welcome 401000 new immigrants to the country. This has opened up new possibilities for aspiring immigrants from India. It is expected that Canada will lift the ban on direct flights from India this month or the next month.

Indian students in Canada

Canada is becoming a popular destination for Indian students also. Global standards of education, wide choices of study programs, affordable cost and opportunities for immigration after the completion of education are the factors that make Canada attractive for Indian students. The students have the opportunity to acquire the much valued Canadian work experience after the completion of their study program through the Postgraduate Work Permit. Canadian education and work experience can earn additional weightage under the Express Entry system for immigration. Many of the Provincial Nominee Programs also have exclusive pathways for international students. Because of all these reasons, Indian students are increasingly choosing Canada as their study destination.

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Why do more Indians immigrate to Canada?

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