Cost of Study in France

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  • France is listed as one of the top destinations for higher education for international students. The country houses some of the world’s best universities.
  • Country’s fee system is one of the major benefits the students who come to pursue their studies here can avail.
Tuition Fee in France
  • Tuition fee in France of the public and private universities differ and most of the public universities have a lower tuition fee compared to the private institution.
  • Tuition fee in France of various programs at the public institutions vary as per your choice of course:
  • Bachelor’s degree: €190/ year on an average
  • Engineering degree: €620/ academic year
  • Medical degree/courses: €450/ year on an average
  • Master’s degree: €260/year
  • PhD: €396/year
  • Tuition fees in France for other types of institutions
    • Grandes ecoles: students are required to pay €500-600 per year, but in some cases, they can lead up to 10,000 EUR per year
    • Private universities: from €1,500 and can reach 20,000/year
    • Business schools: fees range between €5,000 and 7,000/year
    • Living Costs in France
Living Costs in France
  • Overall living costs in France depends on the city which you reside in and the kind of lifestyle you follow.
  • The average budget you will need for each major city in France are:
  • Paris: €1050 to 1,200 a month
  • Nice: €700 to 920 a month
  • Lyon, Nantes, Bordeaux or Toulouse: €650 and 850 – 900 a month
  • For rest of the cities in France: less than €600 a month
Accommodation Costs in France
  • The average accommodational costs are €200-300.
  • The main housing options for the international students are as follows
  • Student halls of residence-€150-600 which include the facilities in the room as well
  • Rent/shared apartment-€400-700 /month
  • If you are living with your parent or child-€700-1000/month. The utility bills will cost you another €200.
  • Host family-they offer you stay option at €200/month with one meal included
Food Costs in France
  • With delicious and sophisticated food, the common perception is that the food costs are expensive which is however is not the case.
  • A single person can expect to spend €200-250/month for groceries and other food items.
  • Price for meal at least expensive restaurant costs you €15-20 .
  • Bistros, brasseries and crepe stands are more affordable places where you can have your meals at a rate of €2-5.
Transportation Costs in France
  • You might have to spend €17-33 for a monthly pass on a bus, metro or tram.
  • Taxis are also expensive in Paris and will cost you €1.25/km and you are likely tp spend around €7-10 for a short journey.
  • You can also rent a bike at Vélib bicycle rental programme.
Extra costs in France
  • Healthcare and mutual insurance costs €20-50/month
  • Books and other learning materials costs €50/month
Other Essential Information
  • Many scholarships are offered by universities by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs or the French embassy from your country.
  • Some universities offer up to €10,000 scholarships which are based on the student’s financial needs and academic excellence.
  • Some of the most affordable universities Université Lille 1 Sciences et Technologies, Ecole Centrale de Nantes, Université du Maine, Grenoble Institute of Technology.
  • The tuition fee of top ranked universities are École Polytechnique-€12,000/year, Pierre and Marie Curie University-€350, École Supérieure d’Electricite SUPELEC-€2,000/year, Paris Descartes University-€250/year.

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