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Cost of Study – Sweden

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Planning your budget in advance is essential for a smooth stay in Sweden during your course of study.
Swedish currency is Swedish krona (SEK).

Tuition and Application fees

International students who do not belong to EU/EEA/Nordic country or Switzerland are required to pay the application and tuition fees.
Application fee-SEK 900 which is paid part of online application.
However, the tuition fee in Swedish universities varies depending upon your choice of course and university. The average fee for master’s degree is SEK 129,000/year while bachelor programmes are generally less expensive.

Cost of living in Sweden

You might have to spend an average of SEK 8,000 per month, however these expenses also depend upon the kind of city you live in along with your personal preferences. This is an estimated cost including accommodation, food, Transportation, Internet, Entertainment, Insurance and Medical Care etc.
Local transport system are mainly buses and train which cost around SEK 400 and 600 for a monthly pass.
Most places in Sweden are bicycle-friendly and students can rent out bicycles at nominal rates.

Other expenses

Other expenses include expense for textbooks, research magazines, and other supplies which are required to support your studies. Entertainment expenses depend completely on student’s lifestyle.

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Cost of Study – Sweden

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