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Cost of studying in New Zealand

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Cost of studying in New Zealand

New Zealand is a highly developed country and also has a fast-growing economy. International students have the opportunity to qualify themselves and find a pathway to get into the New Zealand workforce. New Zealand education system offers a safe learning environment with excellent study opportunities and support services for international students.

There are a variety of courses in New Zealand in a range of industries including information technology, sociology, business, healthcare administration, investment, economics, and others. Courses are available for academic, professional and vocational studies at universities, polytechnics, and colleges of education. The major intakes of top New Zealand universities are February and July.

Unlike other study destinations, students can enrol into a graduate level diploma where on successful completion, the student can apply for a 12-month job search visa. International students mostly apply for graduate diploma (bachelor level) to postgraduate diploma level program which can be completed in 12 months. New Zealand is popular for courses in Nursing, IT and hospitality fields. Major course credentials offered are Diploma, Bachelors, Graduate Diploma, Postgraduate Diploma, Masters, Masters by Research and PhD.

Finest Education Quality

There may be lots of reasons to consider yourself in choosing New Zealand as your study destination

New Zealand schools, universities and institutions are well known for the worldwide standard for its reassurance in offering high quality of education.

An international student graduating from a New Zealand institution is well received in all the parts of the world and the degree obtained is well received around the world.

Tuition Fees

Considerably, New Zealand is one of the overseas countries offering world class education at an affordable cost. The government is committed to delivering the best academic knowledge to the students which in turn creates qualified professionals to the job market in various fields.

The tuition fees may be different for all universities and colleges also varies with courses. As like any other country, various levels of education have different education cost determined. An international student planning to study in New Zealand could choose an apt program as interested.

We have list of courses that lists the approximate range of annual turion fees.

For more details you can contact our overseas education coordinator.

The fruitfulness of studying in New Zealand

Studying in New Zealand is value for your money.

Living expenses and tuition costs are highly affordable.

Tuition fees may change based on the type of the study stream chosen such as arts or science; undergraduate/bachelor or postgraduate based on which the duration of the course also changes.

Undergraduate Courses



Arts/Humanities/Social Sciences

NZ$ 10,000-$ 12,000 per year


NZ$ 10,000-$ 12,599 per year

Computing & Mathematical Sciences

NZ$ 13,000-$ 15,000 per year


NZ$ 16,000-$ 17,500 per year

Science/Science Technology

NZ$ 14,000-$ 16,000 per year


NZ$ 14,000-$ 18,000 per year



Postgraduate Courses 

Arts/Humanities/Social Sciences

NZ$ 14,000-$ 16,000 per year

Master of Business

 Administration (MBA)

NZ$ 18,000-$24,000 per year


NZ$ 18,000- $ 24,500 per year


New Zealand scholarships are available to help students who are financially backward.

Government Funded Scholarships:

New Zealand Foreign affairs and trade Scholarships:

Various scholarships to all study levels are available for students from various countries in the Pacific and some commonwealth countries, including a scholarship for developing countries.

The scholarship fee offered are fully funded covering tuition fees, a fortnight living allowance and other expenses.

All you should have to subside your education cost is a decent academic track record that ascertains you are worthy enough to be offered with a scholarship. So, make sure you have your academic record perfect and get the New Zealand education just like a piece of cake.

New Zealand International Doctoral Research Scholarships:

For International Students enrolled in a PhD program at a university in New Zealand, the scholarship scheme provides a stipend covering full tuition fees and living expenses for up to three years. This scheme is awarded based on academic expense.

Studying abroad is not a dream any more. With the affordable but world-class education offered by the New Zealand institutions, an aspiring offshore student could kick start the overseas education plan. To study in New Zealand, our advisers are here to help you. Schedule an appointment at your convenient time or ask us for a call back.

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Cost of studying in New Zealand

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