Education in Australia

Education in Australia

Australia is everyone’s dream country. Pursuing higher education in Australia is treated as a remarkable opportunity to know more on the knowledge domain and to understand the minute by minute changes happening in the digital world. Aided by Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF), the government of Australia had devised and implemented an Integrated Education System, a national policy for regulated qualifications throughout schools, vocational education and higher education.

Higher education in Australia takes three forms. They are the advanced degree programs which lead to Bachelor, Master, and Doctoral Degrees. University education in Australia allows students to get enrolled in a ‘Double or Combined Bachelor Degree program’ which helps them get awarded with two Bachelor Degrees. It’s common for students to go for this option mainly in the fields of Arts, Commerce, Law, and Science.

Higher Education in Australia – Universities and Higher Education Providers

Through a collaborative approach, the Australian Universities Procurement Network (AUPN) is intended to improve the Australian universities’ strategic procurement practices. They focus on professional procurement education in Australia and sharing expertise and business intelligence.

Eight out of the top 100 universities in the world are the Australian Universities. Including 43 universities, Australia has 125 registered higher education providers. Out of 43 universities, 40 are Australian, two are international Universities, and one is a private university.

With the most liberal immigration rules for international students, education in Australia is not a dream to keep aside. Institutions offering education in Australia have an innovative array of courses – Agriculture & Forestry, Applied Sciences & Professions, Arts, Design & Architecture, Business & Management, Computer Science & IT, Education & Training, Engineering & Technology, Environmental Studies & Earth Sciences, Hospitality, Leisure & Sports, Humanities, Journalism & Media, Law, Medicine & Health, Natural Sciences & Mathematics, and Social Sciences.

What Can You Study in Australia?

Education in Australia promises a world-class student experience with many wonderful opportunities for a brighter future. Here are 7 globally recognized learning fields in Australia:

Secondary Education

Secondary schools education in Australia is supported by the national curriculum framework to set high national standards in languages, arts, and subjects like science, mathematics, history, geography, health science, IT, civics and citizenship, economics and business.

Vocational Education And Training (VET)

The VET sector is aimed to uplift the skill set and the practical knowledge of International students undergoing education in Australia. 5 programs covered under VET are: Certificate I to IV, Diploma, Advanced Diploma, Vocational graduate certificate/diploma and English language courses


Technical and Further Education in Australia is the government-owned VET courses providers. It is the largest education sector in Australia and International students are enrolled to attain qualifications ranging from certificate programs to postgraduate level.

Higher Education – Undergraduate

Undergraduate Higher education in Australia is offered by universities, private colleges and selected TAFE institutes. The professional courses such as medicine, veterinary science, law, and architecture are offered only by Australian universities; no other higher education providers have the right to open it. The two main types of undergraduate education in Australia are:

Bachelor degree: The Bachelor degree in Australia involves three years of full-time study courses. Some institutions allow a fast-track system, the course in two years.

Bachelor degree (Honours): Requires an extra year -research-based, following the 3-year degree programme or for degrees of 4 or 4+ years.

Higher Education – Postgraduate:

Under this education in Australia, Graduate certificate/diploma, Masters Degree, Doctoral degree (Research doctorate (PhD) & Professional doctorate) are awarded for international students.

MBA and management education in Australia: Offers 77 internationally recognized MBA programs for students.

Online/distance education: Aims to obtain an education in Australia by international students without leaving their home country.

Quality Assurance, The Key Benefit Of Education In Australia

The Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency (TEQSA) is the national regulatory and quality agency for higher education in Australia established by the Australian Government. They have set a definite standard measure developed by the independent Higher Education Standards Panel to monitor and regulate the entire education in Australia.

Moreover, Education Services for Overseas Students (ESOS) is the authority to ensure student rights which are protected by law. The rights of International students include:

The well-being of all overseas students.

The quality of students’ & overall education in Australia.

The provision of accurate and up-to-date information.

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