Education in New Zealand

Higher Education in New Zealand

New Zealand is one of the top abroad study destinations that is found to be offering extra-ordinary education for the students. Especially, international students find the country to be very student-friendly, offering affordable and quality education. If you look for a gripping overseas education experience with adventures, lifestyle and knowledge in equal proportion, then New Zealand education is something which is for you.

Owing to the benign nature of the country, quality education and reasonable living cost, a whopping international student number is moving to New Zealand for abroad education every year. If you are an international student looking to get a quality education, you can make it through New Zealand education.

What Can You Study in New Zealand?

New Zealand offers diversified programs at various levels like Bachelor, Master, and doctoral degrees. The education institutions in New Zealand are government-funded that offers promising education for international students. So, a student aspiring to study something specific can cherry-pick the program as of the interest.


Taking up a Vocational Education and Training lets you get either into the workforce or to a university. Vocational courses are available in domains like information technology, business services, art and media, childcare, tourism and hospitality, transport and logistics, construction, mining, childcare, manufacturing and rural industries. If at all you are seeking a pathway for the workforce as well as a university education, VET is the best bet for you!


TAFE stands for Technical and Further Education. TAFE in New Zealand is the government-owned VET courses providers. It is the largest education sector in New Zealand and International students are enrolled to attain qualifications ranging from certificate programs to postgraduate level. TAFE programs propel your qualification to a higher level.

Pathway programs

Pathway programs in New Zealand are catalysers for the higher education of international students. Foundation studies and English language preparation are examples of pathway programs.

These programs provide additional support for the students to succeed. To get into the New Zealand universities, these pathway programs help students to become competent with the qualifications. Let’s simply say these pathway programs prepare students to take up the university education.

Framework of Qualification

The New Zealand Qualifications Framework (NZQF) is noted for the higher potency of delivering the best education, also this framework is the core of education. In New Zealand, the qualifications and degrees are offered to the students on this framework which assures education quality that is acknowledged and trusted worldwide. The NZQF is the official framework of the education board of New Zealand and found to be inculcating a feasible education for native as well as international students.

Teaching Flavour

New Zealand follows a particular teaching style in a supportive environment for international students who enter into the country. Smaller classrooms make students highly attentive and also the instructors can closely monitor the performances of the students. With the continually developing teaching methods, New Zealand educational institutions deliver a top-end academic knowledge to its students.

Also, New Zealand government is noted to be the first in the world to create a code of practice that projects a standard of care for international students by looking after them in the classroom and outside as well!

Documentation Requirements

New Zealand education requires the following admission factors.

  • English Proficiency Tests
  • Financial Proofs
  • Other Documents

English Proficiency Tests

The proof of English proficiency certificate is a crucial requirement. Being a foreign national where English is not the main language, you are entitled to prove your English language proficiency level. Including New Zealand, all other western countries are following this custom of English proficiency evaluation because those countries are English speaking and also the medium of instruction is English. So, students need a grip to comprehend the subject.

IELTS is recognised as the world’s most popular English language evaluation test. Take up the IELTS exam to prove your English proficiency level. Aim to take an overall score of 6. The requirement is minimal as 5.5 but scoring 6 is recommended!

Financial Proofs

Studying in New Zealand requires sufficient funds. The funds are quoted for New Zealand study visa, tuition fees, living expenses, etc. throughout the study period. The proof of funds should substantiate that the funds are 6 months old at least. And what’s more beneficial is that the funds of spouse, parents, grandparents, siblings and grandparents in law are all acceptable.

Other Documents

Alongside IELTS certificate and Financial Proofs, other documents needed to start the overseas education process include,

  • Statement of Intent
  • Educational Transcripts

Submitting these documents is necessary to get your admission in a New Zealand university. To know more about the New Zealand education process, you can talk to our overseas education consultant. Schedule an appointment or ask us for a callback.

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