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Swedish universities have opted for a high standard of educational methods and offer degree programs according to the European standard.
Higher educations in Sweden is offered in around 50 institutions and they excel in the academic forefront.
Greater autonomy is given to institutions to structure courses and programmes according to their own needs, using a credit system, allowing students to have flexible learning and education.
Degrees are generally offered at three levels: bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral. Masters programmes are offered in close collaboration with local industry and institutions are obliged to interact with the local community while specializing in specific subject areas.

Types of Universities in Sweden

There are two types of universities available under the Sweden education system which are:
University (Universitet)- These universities are research-oriented and offer bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees in all academic fields
University college (högskola)- These Universities are more focused on applied sciences, and only have limited rights granting doctoral degrees
However, there are no significant differences between the programs offered by these institutions whether it be for masters or bachelors. As an international student, your experience remains the same regardless of whether you choose to study at a university or university college.

Course structure of Sweden educational System

follows a credit-based system, giving students a chance to explore their options and decide how they want to proceed with their education.
Students gain practical expertise while studying with master’s and doctorate programs having a close collaboration with the respective industries.
The scope of a course or a training program is counted in higher education credits. One semester’s full-time studies correspond to 30 ECTS. A full-time academic year comprises 60 ECTS.

Programs offered under Sweden education system

Sweden offers three levels of higher education under Sweden’s education system in over 50 well-recognized institutions. The courses available are:

Bachelor’s Degree under Sweden educational system

takes place after upper secondary school (high school)
three years long with 180 ECTS credits.

Master’s Degree under Sweden educational system

One needs to complete a bachelor’s degree to take up this program.
can be completed in one year with 60 ECTS (2 Sem)/two years with 120 ECTS credits (4 sem). Both degrees require completing a thesis.

Doctorate Degrees under Sweden educational system

known as Ph.D. are research degrees involving several years of work towards a dissertation.
The duration and setup of Ph.D. programmes in Sweden vary between universities and the Thesis.

Areas of study in Sweden Educational system

fine arts

Lectures and Examination in Sweden educational system

Full-time studies in Sweden correspond approximately to a 40-hour week, along with a few hours of lectures or seminars each week and the remaining time is spent reading and working on group projects and other assignments.
You’ll often be able to opt for only one course at a time for a period of several weeks, after which an examination is given directly. After the examination, a new course begins.
For instance, during a 20-week semester, you might take four courses in a row for five weeks each. For some programmes you can take several courses at the same time, with an examination at the end of the semester.
The structure of individual courses varies with the subject area. A high proportion of classroom and lab hours are required for technical programmes, whilst courses in the social sciences may involve fewer classroom hours

Academic Calendar of Sweden educational system

The Sweden educational system is divided into two semesters:

Autumn- begins in august till January with a short break in September
Spring-mid January to June.

Other Essential Information

European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS), is a common system in European countries that helps the recognition of h

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