Education System in Ireland

Table of Contents

  • Irish educational system is unique and henceforth has made education compulsory for students from years 6 to 16 or until the students have completed three years of second-level education.
  • There are many state-funded educational schools and institutions available. You can either choose them or can send your child to any private institution.

The Irish educational system is comprised of various stages, which are as follows:

Early Childhood

  • This pre-primary level of education and is optional. However, children of age 4 can enroll in this program.
  • These kinds of programs are delivered outside the formal Irish educational system by private organizations and firms.

Primary Education

  • This educational level enables children to develop as social beings and to prepare the child for a continuum of learning.
  • The primary sector has many state-funded schools and private primary schools.

Post-Primary Education

  • This sector is inclusive of secondary, vocational, community, and comprehensive schools.
  • These schools are privately owned and managed. Vocational schools are established by the state and administered by Education and Training Boards (ETBs), while community and comprehensive schools are managed by Boards of Management.

Further Education and Training

  • This not part of the third level, however, it covers education and training which comes after the second level of education.
  • Distinct schools and organizations are involved in the delivery of continuing education and training for students.

Higher education

  • Higher education in Ireland involves bachelors, undergraduate, postgraduate, and master’s programs.
  • All of them require different eligibility criteria.
  • These are offered in various universities, institutions, and colleges.
  • Specialist education in fields such as art and design, medicine, business studies, rural development, theology, music, and law are provided by several other third-level institutions.
  • Many research options are also available in the country.

Other Essential Information for the Irish education system

The majority of the undergraduate students studying in publicly funded institutions qualify for funding towards tuition fees under the Department of Education and Skills free schemes.

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