Higher Education System

higher education
  • The French higher education is characterized by various institutions, courses and organizational arrangements and admission requirements.
  • The Ministry in charge of the Higher Education regulates the French higher education system. Two systems existing side by side which are open system and a selective system.
  • Most students opt for open system in the universities and all baccalaureate holders possess the right to enter the system without any prior selection procedure.
  • Admissions under the selective systems is based on a competitive examination and the grandes écoles.
Types of Institutions
  • Higher educations are offered in the following institutions in France:
  • Private or public institutions
  • Universities
  • Colleges
  • University institutes of technology
Types of Programs

France follows a three-cycle degree structure which is similar to that of all other European higher education system. They are as follows:

License degree under French higher education (Bachelor’s degree)
  • Involves 180 ECTS
  • License: This degree with academic orientation gives access to masters programmes
  • License professionnelle: with professional orientation gives access to the labor market
  • Generally, lasts for 2 to 4 years
Master’s degree under French higher education
  • Involves 300 ECTS
  • It can either be academic or professional
  • It is open to holders of bachelor’s degree
  • Qualified master’s degree in science and engineering is a fully integrated course and is delivered by institutions accredited by the Commission des Titres d’ingénieurs.
PhD Degrees/Doctoral Program under French higher education
  • Students required to join a research team
  • Students are supervised by a thesis supervisor
  • Every Doctoral Department is affiliated with a university or other higher education host institution accredited to deliver Doctoral Degree
  • Proposals for doctoral projects are drawn up by the department’s research teams.
  • The department reviews and approves the teams’ proposals and supervises the recruitment of doctoral candidates to carry out the projects.
  • Successful candidates enroll in the educational institution with which the department is affiliated.
Other Essential Information
  • You earn credits for each completed module which ae known as ECTS credits. 30 credits validate a semester, and 60 validate an academic year. Once the credits are awarded, they cannot be taken away.

Public institutions charge low tuition and fees while private schools charge much higher fees, ranging from € 4 000 to € 15 0

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