How to apply for Student Visa in Malaysia

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How to apply for Student Visa in Malaysia

International Education in Malaysia has gotten its limelight by the renowned and globally ranked Malaysian and foreign institutions housed in the country. Being one of the best countries in providing exemplary education, Malaysia attracts numerous international students every year enrolling on various programs at different levels of education.

Applying for a Malaysia student visa is a simple process now! This guide will instruct you on how to apply for a student visa in Malaysia.

Requirements to apply for a student visa in Malaysia

To apply for a student visa in Malaysia, there are certain prerequisites akin to other countries, set by the governing bodies of Malaysia. An international student, to successfully acquire a student visa must substantiate all the following requirements,

Offer letter from a designated educational institution approved by the pass and permit division of Malaysian immigration council

  • 2 passport copies
  • 2 passport size photographs
  • Educational Transcripts & Student Records
  • Full-time course of study certificate approved by the Ministry of Home Affairs
  • Financial capability certificates to meet the course and living expenses
  • Physical fitness certificate
  • Security and Personal Bond should be evident
  • Approval letters should be shown upon the arrival
Steps involved in applying for a student visa

The following steps are involved in the Malaysia student visa application process of an international student.

Apply through the designated institution

The students can apply for the student pass at the designated institution where they got admission from. For getting the student pass, the passport of the applicant must be valid more than 1 year. If the students’ passport is valid for less than a year, then the student pass will not be processed.

Wait for the acceptance to get confirmed

The immigration department of Malaysia informs prospective students about their application status through their designated educational institution. This notification is sent within 7 days.

Send the necessary documents

Submitting all the necessary documents mentioned above to the educational institution is crucial to get the student pass in Malaysia. On successful acquisition of the student pass, one can get the student visa in Malaysia.

Student pass confirmation

The student pass confirmation letter will be released by the Malaysian immigration council and you will get it received via your institution. After getting your confirmation letter, you are officially eligible to receive your Malaysian student visa.

Inform your institution

Before taking your flight to Malaysia, you must inform the institutions about the airport location, flight number, and the date and time of arrival. Post-landing, you will be received by the representative of the institution. Next will be your student visa acquisition upon endorsing the valid national passport.

Wait for your student pass

The passport of the student will be submitted to the immigration department and within 2 weeks of submission, a student pass sticker will be affixed to it.

Student Visa & Student Pass fee

The student pass is the substance that makes you eligible to obtain a student visa and reside in the country throughout the time of your education. Also, a student visa offers you the provisions in the country that an international student can have.

Student Pass might cost you somewhere around US $18 while a student visa might be close to US $29.5. Once you found yourself having completed all these steps, then you’re officially registered to take up your study in Malaysia.

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