Living In France

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  • Living in the land of wine and cheese is a lifetime experience. Expats are advised to know a thing or two about the destination they are going explore, live and experience.
  • France is known as one of the worlds cultural centers and offers expats with significant cultural activities in the arts, education, history and cuisine.
  • France is home to expats who live permanently, temporarily or are students and caters to a wide range of employment prospects for expats who can speak French without a heavy foreign accent.
Living Standards
  • The living standards in France are high and world class. Though the nation imposes prominent level of value added taxes to couple of consumer goods, the prices of consumer goods are relatively low as compared to other European countries.
  • France is known for highest number of paid vacations along with a week-long holiday every six or seven weeks for schools and hence you get to enjoy and spend quality time with their family members as well.
Food And Transport
  • France has number of regional airports and train stations to help the expats travel within Europe with ease.
  • The transport system such as bus, taxi and tram are available at very reasonable prices.
  • Make sure to get a car while relocating to France since the bus service may go to a neighboring city once or twice a day
  • France is known for its strict food regulations and provides its inhabitants with fresh and tasty nutritional options
  • France is considered as large wine producing country and both lunch and dinner normally includes a glass of wine or a bottle shared among friends.

France has about 61.5 million population and the sole language used for both official and colloquial purposes is French.

Climatic Conditions

There are mainly three types of climatic conditions in France:

  • Western France: Large rainfall, cool summers and cool winters
  • Eastern and central France: Warm summers, cold and snowy winters
  • Southern France: Cool winters, limited rainfall and hot summers.
Career Prospects
  • France has an extremely difficult market and many hires are made through personal networks and henceforth making the job search for a foreign a little difficult.
  • The ability to speak French might help you attain a suitable vacancy if not then you might have to opt for doing small businesses such as bars, hotels, plumbing etc. as well as freelance services.
Tips For Living In France
  • You can relocate efficiently with minimum stress
  • You can settle in your new life easily and can find the required assistance with ease.
  • Identity suitable areas and to live which suits your budget and lifestyle.
  • If with a kid, find the right school for your children learning needs.
  • Prepare for a new culture and life ahead and deal with any transitional changes.

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