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Malaysia is a politically stable and safe nation with a low crime rate. Kuala Lumpur is the Federal Capital for Malaysia. Kuala Lumpur is one of the Southeast Asia’s most prominent, modern and sophisticated cities, attracting visitors from across the world. English is spoken throughout the nation and it has modern, up to date infrastructure. The different ethnic groups have their cultural heritage of speaking Mandarin and Tamil. Study in Malaysia enables an international student to explore advanced academic experience and the opportunity to appreciate the different facets, cultures, and religions. Malaysia is a tourist paradise offering rainforests, islands, white-sand beaches, waterfalls, caves, mountains, and lakes. Living in Malaysia is cheaper as compared to many other countries in the world and taxation in Malaysia is kept at a very lower rate.


Unlike other study destinations, Malaysia has quite low expense for accommodation. One can find cheap and comfortable spaces for living in the cities and outskirts. The cost of stay vary depending on the geographical area, the type of accommodation like on-campus residence or off-campus living in an apartment, the facilities provided in the house and of course, the number of people sharing the room or the apartment.

Medical Insurance

International students planning to study in Malaysia will need to take necessary international health insurance coverage as part of university admission process. The benefits that are included in the Malaysia Student Health Insurance are hospitalization, doctor visits, prescriptions, emergency medical evacuation, emergency dental, local ambulance, and physical therapy.

Transportation System

The country is quite cosmopolitan in nature. Malaysia has a very developed, inexpensive and convenient transportation system which connects to all the interesting cities, towns, villages and other places for the students to explore. Traveling by bus is the cheapest way to travel in the city. There are air-conditioned buses connecting various places within and outside the city. Travelling may cost approximately RM100 to RM300 per month.

Food And Entertainment

Malaysia is popularly known as food paradise because of the variety of cuisines available. The food available here is a blend of Malay, Indian and Chinese with the added international flavor of Italian, Middle Eastern, and western cuisine.

Students have many exciting destinations in Malaysia to explore and Kuala Lumpur, the capital city is the popular one. Kuala Lumpur is a wonderful destination with a warm climate, wide ethnic diversity, shopping malls, skyscrapers, parks and museums including the Bird Park, Islamic Arts Museum, Aquarium KLCC, Lake Gardens Park and mosques, caves and temples to experience the cultural side of Malaysia. For the adventurous type, Malaysia is home to some of the world’s most beautiful coral reefs rich with sea life, jungle in Taman Negara National Park, and the rainforest in Malaysian Borneo.

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