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Malta Education
Malta Education
Malta Education

Study in Malta

A beautiful island nation, Malta is situated in the Mediterranean, off the coast of Sicily (Italy). More seemingly a tourist destination, the Malta education system offers several bachelor’s and master’s courses for international students. 

Top 7 Reasons to Study in Malta

Malta is surrounded by beautiful landscapes, sophisticated architecture, and lively people. The country is more than just a tourist destination – the Malta education system attracts several international students every year to the country. Here are the top reasons that you may consider studying abroad in Malta:

  • World’s Oldest Institution: the University of Malta following the Malta education system was founded in 1592 and is one of the world’s oldest learning centers outside Britain. It has retained its charm in teaching even today, adapting to changing needs of society. 
  • Programs in Performing Arts: Malta education is complemented with renowned teaching programs in performing arts such as music, drama, dance. 
  • Internationally-recognized faculty, guest instructors regularly visit the institutions following the Malta education system to keep the course attractive for international students.  
  • Get upto 70% Fees back: On successful completion of a study course in Malta, students may be eligible for claiming a Tax refund of upto 70% under the Get-Qualified Scheme from the Maltese government!

Necessary conditions such as obtaining a work permit after course completion and students’ academic performance will determine the extent of the tax refund on study course fees. 

  • Malta is the Best Place for English-Speaking Students: Studying abroad may be difficult if encountered learning an unfamiliar language. Since English remains to be the most widely spoken language among a large number of student aspirants, pursuing a study course in Malta might be easier. 
  • Work While Studying: International students are allowed to work 20 hours per week while they are admitted to a study course in Malta. Students can start working part-time after 90 days of arrival in Malta on their Malta study visa. 
  • The latest research shows the national minimum wage in Malta remained fixed at 700 € per month.
  • Entrepreneurial push: “Sun, sea, sand, surf and start-ups” – that’s the motto of Start-Up Malta. Studying in Malta will give you that much-needed exposure to convert your entrepreneurial idea into business reality!
  • Safest Country: Malta is largely a crime-free country and is the safest destination in Europe. Migrating to Malta for studies should be hassle-free.

Living in Malta

  • Most institutions are centered in and around the historic capital city of Valletta. Those international students enrolled at one of Malta’s public universities can opt for a University Residence that is located in the small town of Lija. Other accommodation options include staying with the local host family or a rental apartment. 
  • The weather in Malta is equally enjoyable and attracts several tourists apart from students. June to September are the hottest months whereas December to March is the coldest month. 
  • The actual tuition fees may vary depending on the type of institution under the Malta education system, whereas estimates show us that it will cost up to €2,000 for private universities annually, excluding accommodation costs.

How will CanApprove help you study in Malta?

CanApprove is guiding students to choose the right career path after careful counseling. We not only guide our students but also make sure they deserve the best institute with the best program. Our study abroad services include: 

  • Provide full support on visa documentation and approval through resume rebuilding, verification of documents in required format prior to submission, etc. 
  • Professional guidance in filling the university admission form that includes the statement of purpose, a report on academic excellence, etc. 
  • Provide regular updates on Malta immigration and popular courses offered under the Malta education system. 

Contact our team to kick-start your study visa process today! 


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