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Master’s Degree in Canada

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Canada is a very popular country for higher studies and is a safe, secure, healthy, multicultural and very attractive environment for international students and offers the quality education which is recognized worldwide. Studying for a Master’s degree in Canada has become a prestigious option for students who seek a high-quality postgraduate program. There is a gradual increase in the number of international students enrolled in themselves to study for a Master’s Degree in Canada. Higher education in Canada is characterized by its diversity, infrastructure, high-quality teachers and professors and the facilities in Campuses and the portfolio of programs is much updated to compete with the developed nations.

There are around 90 universities in which offer a Master’s Degree in Canada and in it only 17 universities are private. Usually, the duration of a Master’s degree in Canada is of 2 years for on-campus model programs and the course starts in September of each year. A Canadian Master’s degree can be done only by successfully completing the undergraduate program. There are many courses for higher education and most popular Masters Degrees in Canada comprises of MA, MSc, MBA, and MEng where the title MA is for the arts, humanities and social science programs while MSc is for life sciences, Management and other related degrees, MBA for Business Administration and MEng for engineering degrees. Students have over 10000+ programs to explore and study for their future education. Masters programs and ph.D. can be done to many subjects such as Business, Engineering, Social Service, Information Technology, Health Sciences, Aviation, Tourism & Hospitality, Arts, and language etc.

Application & Admission for A Master’s Degree in Canada

Universities in Canada are among the World Class Institutions and the attracting feature is the lower tuition fee which cannot be obtained from any other study abroad destinations. The application process may vary depending upon the place and the institution you apply. Candidates who are willing to pursue admission for a Canadian Master’s Degree should apply from one year before the start date. Candidates applying for a Master’s Degree in Canada should have a minimum GPA and a proof of language proficiency test like IELTS/TOEFL. For candidates who opt for MBA program, a graduate entry test score such as a Graduate Management Aptitude test (GMAT)must be submitted and there is also a Graduate Record Examination Test score (GRE) for MEng programs. The Student should get a valid study permit for the student to pursue a master degree in Canada. With sufficient and essential documents as per the visa requirements, an applicant will receive his study permit within 15 working days. The more exciting offers in which you will get while studying in Canada is the work permit and you can work up to 20 hours a week alongside your studies and full-time during semester breaks.

After securing a Canadian Master’s Degree , students have the option to:

  • Continue their studies for the advanced studies like Research Degrees and Ph.D. in Canada Universities.
  • Students can gain the additional work experience from there which will help graduates to get permanently immigrate to Canada.
MBA in Canada

Canada is one of the most important and best destinations for the students who want to do their higher studies in Business. Being a leading Business National earning an MBA from Canadian Universities helps the students to train them with latest industrial skills and will acquire self-confidence to adapt to the changing business environment. Most of the MBA programs is the Masters in Canada of 2 years duration but there are some courses which will be of 18 months and those courses are known as Accelerated MBA. Students who want to pursue and complete their MBA program in one year can apply to different institutions such as Faculty of Business, University of Manitoba, Edwards School of Business MBA, Ivey MBA Program at the McMaster University in Canada and Thompson Rivers University. This one year MBA programs is very appropriate for the students who are working and are unable to spend the prescribed two whole years for finishing their MBA degree.

Application & Admission

In order get admission for an MBA program in Canada, candidates must have an undergraduate degree of 4 years along with a minimum score in the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT), proper work experience and proof of language proficiency. Every Business Schools for MBA in Canada have their own criteria for admission along with other important requirement and the students must ensure the complete details of their university.

The advantages of getting a Master’s degree in Canada are enormous and the students who get the opportunity should never miss it. One can earn and learn along with getting exposure to the whole world are the main reasons why the students opt to obtain their Master’s Degree in Canada.

To know more about pursuing a Master’s Degree in Canada, get in touch without a team of expert consultants.

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