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    Overseas Educational Consultants in Bangalore

    Our Overseas Educational Consultants In Bangalore is considered an important aspect of every individual’s life and gaining a quality education. Whereas helps an individual to develop his/her career to a great extent, students now prefer to study abroad in some of the finest universities in the world.

    Discover more possibilities and become better and also our Overseas Educational Consultants in Bangalore just make sure of that. Our Study Consultants in Bangalore are a group of trained experts who provide you with the best overseas education services. Below are the reasons why you should be considering our Consultants if you are looking forward to studying abroad!

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    We are licensed!

    Legitimacy is our brand! We are CICC registered – College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants Canada and are well established in countries like Canada, Australia, Dubai and India. And ours is an expert team of overseas education coordinators who will not only counsel you but also care for you to study abroad and make you realize your dream.

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    Why Choose CanApprove?


    We have a long-standing legacy in the immigration industry and are proving our excellence every day.


    We will offer a personalized counselling experience to figure out what you actually want and what program actually suits you.


    We don’t choose people for programs, instead, we provide the right programs to the people.

    Professional Service

    Giving what you want is our objective and we cater to utmost professionalism, credibility, and transparency.

    Our Study Abroad Services

    We offer overseas education services to top countries in the rundown of international education. Are you looking for abroad education services, CanApprove will encapsulate all from counselling to visa stamping. We offer services to study in countries like,




    New Zealand



    Free Counselling & Assessment: – Overseas Educational Consultants In Bangalore

    Our Consultants provide crystal-clear counseling on the study abroad process. Our Consultants explain to you and help you understand the study visa process. Therefore involved and assess your eligibility to study abroad for free of cost!

    Giving You A Diverse Range Of Options

    Either it is Canada, Australia, New Zealand or any other country. You need not worry and stick to the same destination. Our Overseas Education Consultants in Bangalore after the counseling process let you know what your possibilities are in some of the best counties where the education system is at its finest. Some of the countries our Overseas Educational Consultants in Bangalore suggest to students are Canada, Australia, UK, New Zealand & more, allowing you to choose which suits you the best.

    The Overall Visa Obtaining Process

    Our Consultants assist you with the overall visa obtaining process right from the beginning. Where you fill out your application till the point where you receive your Student Visa to study abroad. This includes our Overseas Educational Consultants in Bangalore assisting you on your application filling process to your favorite universities, tracking your Letter of Acceptance, and letting you know what should be done further!
    Assistance On Pre-Departure, Post-Landing & More

    Our Study Abroad Consultants in Bangalore do not stop when you get your student visa but make sure that your pre-departure and post-landing are smooth and also give you further advice on how your life will be there!

    Overseas Educational Consultants In Bangalore

    CanApprove’s Overseas Education Consultants in Bangalore are one of the best in the industry. Also, provide you with reliable educational services allowing you to explore and discover more opportunities. Our Consultants is extreme professionalism and industry knowledge which has helped thousands of individuals to achieve their dreams. Our Consultants also have achieved numerous milestones which have made us one of the leading industry experts.

    Get in touch with our Overseas Educational Consultants in Bangalore for free counseling and check your possibilities to study abroad in one of the best foreign destinations!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is CanApprove a Licensed overseas education consultant?

    Yes, CanApprove is a licensed overseas education & immigration consultant acting with 25 years of excellence. You will get exemplary immigration & overseas education service from CanApprove and can materialize your dreams in a way as smooth as the wind.

    How long will it take for me to process my student visa?

    The answer to this question depends on various factors like profile strength, education gap years, experience, IELTS score, and proper counselling and guidance.

    What are various education credentials after UG?

    Post Baccalaureate Diploma Post Graduate Diploma Graduate Certificate Master’s Degree Are a few to name. There are many capstone courses to pursue after UG

    Which country easily gives student visas?

    All the countries have their norms, protocols and prerequisites of an applicant that has to be met, to obtain a student visa. But comparatively, there might be some variations in requirements. Canada is a perfect alternative to US as the country is bestowing a never-before overseas education experience. Whereas UK provides IELTS waiver (in some institutions) for international students who have a notable score in the English exam of the high school board. If you require overseas education counselling, then CanApprove is one of the best study abroad consultants in Trichy. Our education coordinators will evaluate your profile and assisht you with a suitable program, country and institution.

    Why should you choose a licensed consultant?

    Applying for a study visa is vividly confusing, overwhelming, and time-consuming. A licensed consultant like CanApprove has the required skills and ability to simplify the process of visa application and documentation and give a seamless overseas education experience

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