Part-time Work Rights

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  • Aspiring to study abroad in France, worried about the expenses? Cover the expenses and work while you study in France.
  • Thought he tuition fees are low for undergraduate programs in France, however top higher educational courses are expensive. Apart from this you might have would want to have a look around the city. All these are unavoidable additional expenses.
  • In such situations working part time while you study is definitely a plus. But there are certain rules and regulation you need to follow while working during your course of study. Read on to know more on it.
Rules and Guidelines for part time work rights in France
  • Non-EU students and other international students can work up to 964 hours in a given year provided
  • University does not have objection in them working
  • Student has a valid residency permit
  • Students in France enrolled for a university program or language program are entitled to work in France.
  • The minimum wage rule is applicable to all students which is set at €7.67/hr
  • Students get to earn an amount of €7500 a year which is a handy pocket allowance.
  • Students can also apply for part time jobs in universities, which in turn offer them a one year’s contract.
Types of  jobs in France with part time work rights


  • Assisting professors and researchers
  • Open to students pursuing master’s or are research scholars

University jobs

  • Apply for university international office and positions available in it.
  • Marketing and other job opportunities are available.

Jobs at Café’s

  • Students can take up jobs outside the university campus
  • Students can work at cafés and restaurants

Other Jobs

  • You can also work at malls, supermarkets or corner cafes
  • These jobs are great opportunities to increase their language ability and to interact with locals.
Other Essential Information
  • Student internships are also considered as employment. An agreement is signed by you, company and your university mentioning type of work, training and conditions (hours, place of work, allowances).

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