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  • Students who migrate to France to pursue their higher education are entitled to remain in France for post-graduation under ‘Temporary Residency Authorization’ (ASP) which allows them to remain in France even after their studies for other professional reasons. However, this kind of visa is non-renewable.
  • ‘Plurennial Residence Card’ also known as ‘Passeport Talent’ an alternate residency card is also issued by the French government which gives the right to possess job in France. This visa is issued to facilitate the entry of international talents to France.
Eligibility Criteria for post study work rights in France:
  • Any Non-EU student who wishes to benefit from ASP, he/she must pursue the following degrees:
  • Master’s Degree or an equivalent
  • Level I category under “Conference of Grandes Ecoles” which is equivalent to 5-year studies course.
  • Professional License
  • Students are entitled to work in jobs related to their course of study.
  • Jobs attained by the students must provide them at least a wage equivalent to 1.5 times the “SMIC” i.e. the minimum legal wage.
  • Students must make sure that they have sufficient funds for their stay and other expenses while residing in the country. A minimum of €650/month must be shown as proof.
  • Entrepreneurs are also give ASP to start their own company.
  • Student who wish for the Passeport Talent Scheme must full fill the following eligibility criteria
  • Graduated employees /employed in an innovative company
  • must be a holder of master’s or equivalent
  • must be holder of a work contract higher than 3 months
  • annual gross wage must be equivalent to 2 times minimal legal wage.
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Holders of master’s degree or equivalent
  • Able to prove an investment amount of €30,000 in a company project
  • Highly qualified workers
  • Hold degree or 3 years course of higher studies with 12months job contract with French employer
  • annual gross wage must be equivalent to 2 times minimal legal wage.
Duration of post study work rights in France:
  • The duration of Temporary Residency Authorisation is 12 months for all international students except Algerians, Indians, Congo, Cameroon, Cape Verde and Gabon.
  • Students who wish to extend their stay will have to apply for ‘status change’
  • Plurennial Residency Card has a validity of 4 years and allows the students to keep their family along with them for this duration.
Job outline in France:
  • Though the unemployment rate is marginally higher in France, however students graduated from top universities manage to secure themselves with pretty decent jobs.
  • The sectors which have experienced maximum growth are Banking, R&D, IT and engineering.
  • You must work an average of 35 hours a week and an additional 5 weeks of paid annual leave is granted to the employees.
  • If you have an ability to speak fluent French then be sure to find a job with ease.
Other Essential Information:
  • If you want to extend your ASP visa, the process is simple you have to apply for ‘status change’ i.e upgrading your status from a student to:
  • Employee: only for those students who can prove an employment contract related to their course of study
  • Entrepreneur: for those students who wish to start their own company and must ensure to start the company in the filed similar to their course of study.
  • Indian students are eligible to extend their visa for 24 months for post study work rights in France.

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