Post-Study Work Rights in USA

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Introduction to post-study work rights in USA
  • USA is an apt place for working after your education.
  • Make sure to check for all visa regulations and options available before you apply for any post-study work right in USA
  • The rules, eligibility criteria and legal rulings are constantly changing, hence make sure to research properly.
Visa Options for post-study work rights in USA
  • Practical Training on an F-1 Visa: Students holding F-1 Visa are generally entitled to post-completion practical training
  • Non-Immigrant H-3 Visa (Trainee): Those applicants with no appropriate education or work experience who wish to come to USA for training themselves in a particular area can opt for this visa type. This visa is valid for 2 years.
  • Non-Immigrant H-1B Visa (Specialty Occupation): H-1B is a temporary worker visa. It is granted for three years and can be extended for another six years.
  • Non-Immigrant R-1 Visa (Religious Worker): This category is designed for religious workers and those working in religious organizations.
  • Non-Immigrant E-1/E-2 Visa (Treaty Trader/Treaty Investor): This visa is provided to Managers, executives and other essential employees. The key requirement of this visa is that 51% of company’s trade must be between USA and the treaty country.
  • Non-Immigrant L-1 Visa (Intracompany Transfer): This visa is used for transferring employees on temporary employment assignments for companies abroad who have offices in the U.S.
  • Non-Immigrant Obtaining a “Green Card”: A person residing in USA holding green card an work and reside inside USA
Other Information – Post Study Work Rights in USA
  • Always try and find work in your own field of expertise
  • Check the eligibility requirements. Each visa has different eligibility criteria
  • Students who have attained degrees in the field of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM subjects) are classified as in demand in USA. Hence if these students, having experience in the field of their study can apply for job opportunities and shall to stay in the US for on-the-job study.

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