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Typical Life Of International Students in Canada

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Typical Life Of International Students in Canada

Canada has been placed aptly among the top three study destinations as thousands of international students immigrate every year to the country. Apart from hosting world recognized Universities and Colleges that offer the best opportunities and skills training, international students prefer Canada for various other reasons such as:

  1. Work experience while studying: Canada allows students to work both on-campus or off-campus, especially to make a life for international students in Canada more financially independent. Off-campus paid jobs in Canada are capped at a maximum of 20 hours/week and are valid only if the study duration is over 6 months. It involves jobs in a local cafe, web-designer, etc. On-campus jobs are mostly preferred as it includes Research/Teaching Assistant, Librarian, working in university-associated research-facility and does not limit the number of working hours. All this work experience is valuable to obtain a Post-Graduate Work Permit which will bring the international students in Canada much closer to obtain permanent residency.
  2. Co-op programs for international students: Off-campus job permit does not allow international students in Canada to work in a company. However, a uniquely placed Co-operative education program or the Co-op program allows international students in Canada to have industry-related work experience as a part of the study course. This work experience is linked to the credits system of the study course, thereby making it easier to find jobs after graduation. 
  3. Accommodative Job market: Successive Labour Market Surveys have only revealed the local job market to be more accommodative to foreign immigrants as well as international students in Canada who had recently graduated. Occupation in professions like Registered Nurses, Sales Associate, Software Engineer & Designer, Financial Analysts, Project Managers, Officer Supervisors, Psychologists & Counselors will stay in demand for years to come.  
  4. Multinational Alumni network: Having a strong alumni network may help both professionally and personally after graduation. The inherent advantage of being a multicultural society remains to be one of the major pulling factors for pursuing studies in Canada and thus, make life in Canada more accommodative for international students. 

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Real-Life Excerpt From Life Of International Students In Canada

One of our clients who applied to study in Canada through our consultancy has shared her life experience as an international student in Canada. She is pursuing a combined major in Business and Computer Science at the University of British Columbia. She has wonderfully summarized her routine student life in Canada. She writes:  

“My day to college starts by greeting the bus driver with a cheery good morning, as in the manner practiced here in British Columbia. Prior to studying computer science at the University of British Columbia, I had set a daily routine – to make my life simpler. To my disappointment, routine at university is virtually impossible with varied deadlines and obligations throughout the term. However, my student life in Canada goes something like this:


I am now in my third year and I can say my morning routine has changed drastically over the years at university. After the 10-minute ride on the 99 bus, I use the UBC’s gym for a workout before class. Breakfast varies and is best left for individuals to decide. 

Class time 

My lectures start at 9.30 am; it is in advanced programming and is a relatively small class with about 50 students. I take this course twice a week and enjoy it. This lecture finishes at 10.50 am, giving me just about ten minutes to walk/jog/cycle to attend the next lecture. Vancouver campus of UBC is a stunning site and so this can be an enjoyable commute.

Fortunately, My 11 am class, a course on marketing research is in the same building. This lecture has approximately 150 students and is only 50 minutes long, but I have it four times a week. I have about an hour before my next lecture begins. 

As an art student at UBC, I also have a literature requirement to fulfill. At 1 pm I take my French literature course in UBC’s arts building known as Buchanan. It’s a small class of only 40 students, lasting 50 minutes and two times a week. I am amazed by the range and flexibility of courses that you are allowed to choose outside your major. The time is almost 1.50 pm and I am done with my lectures for the day…except on Thursdays when I have a three-hour finance lecture in the evenings.


Students’ life is certainly not luxurious. I try to save my wallet by bringing leftovers from the night before. We in a group have our lunch in our student union building called the Nest. Occasionally, we also grab a bite to eat at one of the many eateries in the Nest. My favorite is Honour Roll sushi. If it’s fine, my friend and I will probably eat on the grassy mound just outside the Nest.

Afternoon time- Jobs at the campus

Afternoons are usually my study time. Our library has the Hogwarts-like ambiance of the Irving K. Barber Learning Centre. But I mostly study with my friends at a campus coffee shop.

I also have two campus jobs. So I am not always studying in the afternoons. My job as a student ambassador at UBC warrants me to give campus tours to prospective undergraduates. I also work at the Alumni Centre of UBC as its secretary. Taking on-campus jobs gives me enough flexibility to manage my academic schedule as well as offer me financial independence. Having an on-campus job is essential to get a Post-Graduation Work Permit. Thereon, international students in Canada like me can apply for permanent residence soon. 


My evening schedule varies greatly, depending on the time of the academic term. I combine my evening walks with yoga. Sometimes I join my friends for a fun outdoor activity. 

I start winding down for bed at approximately 10.30 pm and am sound asleep by 11 pm. I am ready for the next day and prefer to always carry an umbrella (always, it’s Vancouver!). After a walk for six minutes to catch the 99 express bus to UBC, I greet the driver with a cheery good morning, again.”

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Typical Life Of International Students in Canada

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