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There is a number of scholarships in Canada for higher education on offer. Eligible overseas students under various programs organised by the government or private parties can apply for suitable scholarships in Canada. There are also university-specific scholarships in Canada for higher education offering international students to experience the meritorious Canadian education system.

List of Scholarships in Canada

Applying for scholarships in Canada, a good academic score coupled with extra-curricular activities and volunteering experience is some of the primary requirements. The prospectus of any aspiring students for securing scholarships in Canadian education also depends on the selected destination, level of study and course of study.

It is recommended to apply for various scholarships in Canada for higher education under relevant programs at least 8-12 months prior to the academic intake of students.

Below is an indicative list of few well-known scholarships in Canada for higher education:

Scholarships In Canada
Canadian Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship Plan ● Specifically open to aspiring students from Commonwealth countries.


● Eligible students are encouraged to apply for Masters and PhD level courses.

Partnership Grants by Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada ● Limited to PhD candidates for research in social sciences and humanities.
Ontario Graduate Scholarship Program ● Provincial level scholarship offered to eligible graduate students in any discipline.


● However, the student must choose an institution from Ontario province only.

Ontario Trillium Scholarship ● This scholarship in Canada for higher education is limited to overseas PhD students and within Ontario universities only


● 75 scholarships are awarded each year

National Research Council of Canada ● In order to encourage research discipline, this scholarship is offered to Masters degree holder in engineering, as well as PhD degree holders in natural science, engineering programmes.
Quebec Provincial Level Scholarship ● For students applying for Masters level or above

Trudeau Scholarships and Fellowships offer eligible graduates scholarships in Canada for higher education. It grants doctoral scholarships in Canada, fellowships for supporting advanced research in the Humanities and Social sciences.

After finishing a Master’s program on scholarship for Canada education or through the self-financing route, students are eligible to work and settle in Canada permanently. Under the Post-Graduation Work Permit Programme (PGWPP), eligible candidates can express their interest or submit their job letter to the local authorities.

Basic Criteria to Get Scholarships in Canada

Most scholarships in Canada for higher education are based on the following three essential criteria:

  • Academic excellence: In order to secure the scholarships in Canada for higher education, a demonstration of past academic results, transcripts, scholarships, awards and distinctions, etc are required to be submitted.
  • Interest in Research: as most scholarships in Canada for higher education are awarded for research scholars, demonstration of one’s aptitude in the research discipline is essential. Also, a summary of the proposed research and its potential to advance knowledge of the field, its expected outcomes need to be submitted along with the scholarship application.

One can include instances of critical thinking, knowledge application, judgement and analysis skills, innovation, originality in expressing one’s aptitude in the research discipline. This has to be accompanied by a statement essay giving adequate references to validate the mentioned points. References in terms of instances of teamwork, mentoring may give additional points to secure suitable scholarships in Canada for higher education.

  • Leadership: the statement essay must include demonstrated and potential leadership abilities.

For successfully securing scholarships in Canada for higher education, one can include involvement in entrepreneurship, sports, arts, crafts, etc as a reference to personal leadership. Some of the achievement in mentoring/teaching or relevant experience, involvement in the student community organizing conferences, events and seminars in one’s professional excellence. One’s volunteering experience for social projects is an added advantage.

Any application securing scholarships in Canada for higher education is evaluated on various attributes of leadership that are built on a vision to bring positive change in the future to the community. The candidates will also have to pass through the ethical test of being held accountable for whatever action one undertakes.

For more detailed reference to the latest scholarships in Canada for higher education and procedure to apply for the same, get in touch with our expert team of consultants.

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