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Canada is enriched with great educational institutions providing world-class education. International students come to the country with a dream of pursuing study and work in Canada simultaneously. The institutions in Canada are not only providers of high-quality education but also creators of a bright future generation.

The education system in Canada gives students the experience and practice to deal with real-life experiences with study and work in Canada. Almost all the colleges offer flexible study and work in Canada provisions. Moreover, Canada is a country where the students can easily get a job with their skills and education.

Why study and work in Canada?

The provision enabling to study and work in Canada is different when compared to other countries. It is not just about being at one of the best places in the world. There is more to it.

Studying in Canada is the ideal choice because:

  • Quality Education of International Standards
  • Affordable Education
  • Recognized Internationally
  • Great campus lifestyle and experience
  • Healthy and beautiful living environment
  • Abundant Research Opportunities
  • Scholarships
  • Internships and co-op programs
  • Work with study in Canada

The country provides students with the benefit of study and work in Canada. A major benefit of staying back after graduation study is to work in Canada. The one aspect that makes study and work in Canada worthy is the opportunity provided for students to do internships and co-op programs during their education.

By study and work in Canada, students get contacts which will acquire them a secure permanent job. Students get to deal with industry experience and real-world issues. The experience they get from the internships and other activities, during their education, benefits them the most while going for employment, as they stand a higher chance than other students or people looking for employment. Thus study and work in Canada widens an individual’s opportunity for a better life!

The graduates or students from the institutions of Canada are recognised internationally and can get jobs easily, compared to students from other countries. This is the most significant benefit that study and work in Canada gives. Canada also offers great employment opportunity through which you can kick-start your career and come out in flying colours. The students can study and work in Canada for a better future.

To know more about the opportunities to study and work in Canada, contact CanApprove. We provide all the details to your enquiries regarding immigration to study and work in Canada.

Working in Canada after study

Once the students have finished their course, they have 180 days extra, to stay back and look for a job and to apply for a work permit. They can either get a post-graduate work permit or a post-study work permit. The post-study permit allows the students to stay back and work full time for a period of three years. Study and work in Canada possess many benefits.


  • An open job market with numerous openings and opportunities
  • Strict labour rules
  • Job security
  • Great working conditions
  • Equitable treatment for all despite the nationality
  • Payment is fair
  • Free medical services
  • Paving way to Permanent Residence
  • No age limit for working

Canada is the nation that serves the purpose of every student looking for a great educational and career life, thereby promising the beneficial experience of study and work in Canada. The education system in Canada nourishes the student and prepares him/her to deal with many challenges ahead of them.

The living conditions are also great in Canada. With the study permit and later on, work permit, students can study and work in Canada. This, in turn, lets them get their permanent residence or citizenship in Canada.

With the Canadian Government taking Education as their responsibility, students can study and work in Canada. The opportunities for study and work in Canada are high and the payment is fair. Being the most beneficial country in the world, Canada is the dream destination for almost every student.

To get to your dream place for pursuing education and to work, contact CanApprove. We assure the best service to live your dream for a better and happy life.

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