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Working while studying in New Zealand helps you develop skills such as communication, teamwork, timekeeping, interpersonal skills, and workplace-relevant English language skills and lets you support financially while you’re studying.
New Zealand allows you to work 20 hours while you are pursuing your course.
Most of the universities are state-owned and provide you with internships on industrial sites and centers.

Why work while you study?

Having a part-time job while you study ensures you with sufficient funding.
You can use the money for your extra expenditure and for other leisure purposes while you reside in the country
You might get better grades since working part-time gives you a new perspective and outlook about the city and its cultures.
You attain work experience, which then proves to be an asset when seeking job opportunities in the country.
You may get to travel while you work depending on the work you do and explore various places around the city with the money you earn.

Rules to be followed while working during your studies

You can work up to 20 hours/week during the semester.
You can work up to 40 hours/week during holidays such as Christmas and New Years break.
You are not allowed to work in the break-in between the semester.
If you are taking up an internship program or working as an apprentice then, you can work during semester break.
If you do not follow the above points, then you might lose your visa and shall be deported back to your home country.

Other Essential Information

Those who are undertaking a master’s program can work full time at any type of job provided you have a student visa.
Native English speakers can work 20 hours/week during the semester without any special permission or variation on their student visas.
However non-native English speakers must go through the variations process to obtain employment while on a visa.


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