Studying In Canada After Graduation

Studying In Canada After Graduation

Canada, the most sought out place and an ideal place for education, is one of the most reputed countries in the world. The Universities and Colleges in Canada deliver world-class education and is internationally valued. Once you visit Canada, it is almost heartbreaking to leave the place, and for students, the long journey of studies really makes them want to stay back. Well, the students can study in Canada after graduation.

The number of students coming to study in Canada after graduation keeps on increasing every year.  Study in Canada after graduation is a best choice for international students. That is not only because of the environment that Canada provides for study in Canada after graduation but also because of the quality education available in the country. The country provides the students with an opportunity to stay back and apply for work permit valid up to 3 years and get into a job. This can further help the students in applying for a permanent residency making study in Canada after graduation easy. With CanApprove, get the best service to get yourself to study in Canada after graduation and relieve from every doubt that lingers in your head.

Post Study Work Permit and Post Graduation Work Permit to Study in Canada After Graduation

To Study In Canada After Graduation You Must Have The Permits.
  • The student permit that you get for study in Canada after graduation is valid throughout the length of the course plus 90 days. Within the given 90 days, you can get into a job and get yourself a work permit. The Canadian education facilitates students to stay back and look for employment opportunities.
  • The students having post-graduation work permit or study in Canada after graduation permit can stay back up to 3 years. Students enrolled for a course of one year has to stay back a year more, after the completion of the course. The students enrolled for a two-year program have to stay back for 3 years.
  • The post-study work permit must be applied by the students within the 90 days time given to them. According to the study in Canada after graduation permit, students can stay back and work a full-time for three years.
  • A major advantage the post-study work permit gives the student is the experience to stay back in Canada as a permanent resident. It is definitely an option everyone who has been there looking for and the students get the best opportunity to study in Canada after graduation. The students can apply for the permanent residence and wait for the approval while they are on their post-graduation work permit. The permit qualifies them for a permanent residence.
  • In the Canadian Experience class, under the stream of Express Entry System, students who have a skilled work experience of 12 months after a 2-year course in a post-secondary institution are eligible for applying for Permanent Residence. It makes study in Canada after graduation stress-free.

With an enhanced education system and reputed Universities and colleges, Canada is definitely a place one wants to stay back and live at. It offers a great living experience. Students get the privilege of staying back in Canada even after their graduation. This can help them in getting better employment in the country.

As the students are graduated from the colleges or universities of Canada, they have a better chance of getting employment faster. Moreover, they hold a degree that is of international value as Canadian education is well known for its quality. The students can study in Canada after their graduation and also get themselves to work. The permits to study in Canada after graduation helps them pave the way for a permanent residence in Canada.  It just can’t get any better, as getting the Permanent Residence for Canada is the best thing you can ask for. So, enrolling for education in Canada not only gains you great educational environment, but it also enhances your career, improves your social and personal life and, you get to live in one of the most beautiful and best places of the world.

Study in Canada after graduation gets a lot easier if you have the best team to support you to have your things done right and get you there. CanApprove is the best immigration service provider who can get you to begin your Canadian Education afte­r graduation just as you have dreamed of and help you with the complete processing and procedures. With CanApprove, you can assure best and fast results for your applications to study in Canada after graduation and VISA or permits.

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