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New Zealand, even though it seems to be a small country, it is not as small as you think. People have a big heart so they gladly accept the international students who are going for their higher studies. You will find a friendly society in the land of Kiwis so that you could feel really at home. The Kiwis are considered as world’s greatest travelers and they are capable of adapting and accepting the people of different cultures and ethnicity. It is one of the scarcely populated countries in the world with the total population around 4 million. So it will never be busy or congested wherever you go inside the country. The history of New Zealand goes way-way back and it is filled with dynamic and culturally diverse people for a small country.

New Zealand is recognized one of the most disciplined countries in the world. The people strictly abide the law and it has a rigid political system and it provides the safest environment for the international students. The country is filled with many attractive locations to explore and tons of leisure activities. It is said to be the most adventurous country in the world. You will never run out of things to do once you set your foot in New Zealand. This country has a godly weather pattern. People from all over the world can adapt the climatic conditions in New Zealand because it not always too hot or too cold. The land of Kiwis is a place for the people from anywhere and everywhere.

The quality of education given in New Zealand is top notch, first class and it is appreciated all over the globe and everywhere you go. The education system is closely related to the British educational system because of their history. The education offered are mostly practical around all the universities and other educational institutions. New Zealand has various universities, colleges, private institutions and polytechnic colleges which offer a higher standard of education for the students who seek to study in the land of Kiwis. It has eight universities and all of them are ranked top among the top universities in the world. All the educational institutions offer a world class professional and vocational training in all the fields of studies. The system here promotes and encourages creativity and innovation among the students for the betterment of their studies and future.

Each university in New Zealand has their own process of application, so the students have to visit the university website or contact the university office directly to know the application process. New Zealand is an English speaking country. Every international student should provide their English language proficiency through IELTS or TOEFL. You need to apply for visa three months before your plan to study in New Zealand. For that, you to be accepted in any university in New Zealand and you need to produce the acceptance letter for applying for the visa. It will be very easy to acquire the permanent resident visa after a year of completing your studies in New Zealand.

The cost of living in New Zealand is cheaper than the US and the UK and similar to that of the Australia. Students have to pay the tuition fees and each educational institution will have their own fees structure. Since the country promotes new business and startups, there are plenty of job opportunities for the students to work while their studies. However, international students are allowed to work only 20 hours per week in working days and full-time during the vacation days. There are lots of scholarship opportunities for the deserving students which are given by the government or the particular universities in New Zealand.

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