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Study Masters In Canada

Typically, post-graduation in Canada will award eligible students with a Post-graduate diploma course or a Master degree in Canada, or a Doctorate course. 

Graduate Diploma (Grad.Dip.) programs are loosely referred to as masters programs in Canada. A post-graduate diploma is academically a level higher than a Bachelor degree program but lower than a Master degree in Canada.  

Typically, a post-graduate diploma in Canada is offered for one-two years or even less. You may find masters programs in Canada available in almost every discipline. 

Popular Masters Programs In Canada

A graduate diploma in some countries refers to Bachelor’s degree but it remains to be a master degree in Canada. Below-mentioned is some of the most popular masters programs in Canada: 


Business Management

Financial Planner

Health care administration

Data Analysis

Health Science- Occupational health, Radiation Therapy

Game Development, Graphics Design

Science & Engineering

Wireless Networking

Information Technology

Logistics & Supply chain management

Popular Courses for Masters in Canada
  • IT & CS: Information network and computer security, Computing and Data Analytics
  • MBA: Global management, Human Resource Management, Supply Chain Management, Finance Management
  • Masters in Engineering: Industrial Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Software Engineering

1-year Masters programs in Canada

Among all 1-year Masters programs in Canada, Business Administration, Education & Biomedical sciences offer tremendous scope & opportunities for international students. 

1-year Masters programs in Canada offer an easy link for graduate students who wish to upgrade their skills for better pay in no time as well as settle in Canada for a better standard of living. With enough education qualification and work experience, you can apply for Canadian permanent residence through the Canada Experience Class category.

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Why choose Masters in Canada?

Most international students choose to pursue 1-year Masters programs in Canada or graduate diploma courses over full-fledged 3-year Masters programs in Canada for the following reasons: 

  • Direct admission to a full-fledged Masters programs in Canada is cumbersome
  • Post-graduation courses in Canada are affordable and take less time to complete
  • Generally, a Master degree in Canada is research-based and students prefer job-oriented courses
  • Post-graduation courses in Canada can be extended to achieve a full-fledged Master degree in Canada, such as a Master of Science or Master of Arts, at a later time
  • Completing Master degree in Canada pave way for permanent residency in a quick time. 

Post-graduation courses in Canada also provide an opportunity for students to apply for a work permit equal to their course duration, say one-three years. 

Post-graduation/Master Degree in Canada – Eligiblity

University-requirement for specific courses may vary from region to region, however, the minimum eligibility requirements for popular post-graduation courses in Canada/ Masters programs in Canada are as follows: 

  • The maximum number of backlogs per year depends on your course and may go upto 6.
  • The minimum percentage in your graduation degree depends on your university program
  • Language proficiency requirement- IELTS score is mandatory
Can post-graduation courses in Canada/Masters Programs in Canada lead to Permanent Residence? 

Of course, yes. 

You can apply for a job and temporarily settle on a post-study work permit to gain some work experience in Canada. The scope of getting a well-paid job both in Canada as well as the home country is huge. Skilled workers and professionals like Engineers, Doctors, Nurses, etc are in demand in Canada. 

Furthermore, one can choose to return to their home country with international work experience, thereby having higher bargaining power in the job market. Also, it would be very encouraging to know that international students who return without a job are rare! 

Having an education experience in Canada added with work experience in Canada will boost your CRS score and better your chances of getting a Canada PR visa.  

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