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Selkirk College offers Post-Graduate Diploma in Gerontological Nursing

Gerontological Nursing

Gerontological Nursing – The specialty (or the study) of medicine that is related to providing high-quality, patient-centered care exclusively for the old aged is called geriatrics. As older people have a much different set of issues and medical conditions than younger ones, geriatric clinicians are trained to provide unique care practices like health and emotional support for those who are in need.  These nurses take care of elderly patients and make way for healthy aging. The term ‘Geriatrics’ originated from Greek and is a portmanteau of 2 words ‘Geron’ meaning old man and ‘Iatros’ meaning healer.

The nursing practice carried out for the elderly population is called Gerontological Nursing.


Post Graduate Certificate in Gerontological Nursing

What’s the big news? If you are an internationally trained nurse looking for career advancement, you have a terrific opportunity. Selkirk College of BC in Canada is offering Post-Graduate Diploma in Gerontological Nursing. This program will equip you with the knowledge and skills required to perform the complex physical, environmental, social, spiritual, and cognitive needs of the elderly.

This program will enable cultural exchange between you, internationally educated nurses, and other Bachelor of Nursing students on the campus. Through this, international nursing approaches, nursing philosophies, and global health needs will be promoted.


Selkirk College for Gerontological Nursing

Selkirk is one of the reputed and longest-standing institutions in the British Columbia region of Canada. It’s a public community college established in 1966, serving the student community for more than 5 decades now. There are 8 campuses located within the West Kootenay and Kootenay Boundary.

  • Castlegar Campus
  • Grand Forks Campus
  • Kaslo Learning Centre
  • Nakusp Learning Centre
  • Silver King Campus
  • Tenth Street Campus
  • Trail Campus
  • Victoria Street Campus

The college is fostered by a rich heritage, culture, and arts. Museums and Arts galleries are parts of the campuses.

Students will have outdoor and on-campus recreational activities and athletics which will help them have a balance between academics and personal life, and also enables character building.

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Curriculum – Gerontological Nursing

This program will introduce you and provide in-depth knowledge in,

  • Gerontological Nursing
  • Healthcare Practice in Canada
  • Nursing leadership
  • Clinical skills and older adult care
  • Physical Aging and Chronic Disease Management
  • Delirium, Dementia, and Depression in the elderly
  • Nursing practice in Multiple settings like community, hospital, long-term care, and assisted living.
  • End of Life care

This program will prepare you to take up gerontological healthcare jobs in Canada and the rest of the world.


Admission Requirements

This is a post-graduate diploma program. As the name implies, there must be relevant education that has to be taken earlier before opting for this program. Overall requirements include,

  • B. Sc. Nursing or GNM Diploma from a recognized nursing school with the English language as the medium of instruction.
  • Be registered with a nursing associated affiliated with the national, provincial, or state of the home country (or any other country)
  • Proven English language proficiency with an overall IELTS score of 6.5 with no band less than 6.0 and a reading band score of 6.5.
  • Resume with a demonstrated work experience of a minimum of 900 hours within the last 5 years.

And a few others!

We also recommend 2 other Nursing programs in Canada! Post-Graduate Nursing Certificate and Healthcare Assistant Internationally educated programs of Sprott Shaw College in BC. Have a look!


Gerontological Nursing Program Outcomes

The outcomes of studying this program are fruitful to carry out the professional obligations in geriatrics. Completing this program,

  • Will introduce international students (internationally educated nurses) to the Canadian healthcare system and the scope of registered nursing practice in the Canadian region.
  • Will make you acquaint with the knowledge to examine the complex needs of the elderly.
  • Will make you interpret basic geriatric trends and issues.
  • Will help you apply various health assessment strategies and tools.
  • Will enhance your critical thinking skills when planning for the management of complex geriatrics issues.
  • Will help you apply evidence-based interventions to maximize geriatric wellness
  • Will tune you to develop advocacy skills at various relational, unit, and policy-making levels.
  • Bring out health promotion, wellness, and a person-centered approach to care!


Job opportunities 

Factually, the geriatric population is growing rapidly all around the world. And 70 percent of all the patients in Canada are elderly which is a great proportion. The Canadian healthcare workforce requires many qualified gerontological nurses to provide healthcare services for individuals who are in the leap of their life.

  • Occupational therapist
  • Geriatric social worker
  • Health educators
  • Community health workers
  • Gerontology nurse
  • Occupational therapist
  • Geriatric social worker
  • Health educators
  • Community health workers
  • Gerontology nurse

There is a great scope for Gerontological professionals in Canada (and other countries). The above listed are some of the designations you will get as a gerontological specialist.


Benefits of studying in BC

Studying a program in BC and working in the region will eventually increase the possibility of meeting the qualification to apply for a PR.

Studying Post-Secondary Education in BC and working in the regional BC will earn you maximum points to apply for a PR.

Along with this, other fruitful benefits include,

  • Meeting people from various walks of life
  • Ample job opportunities that you will be getting.
  • Marking a higher level of language skills.
  • Improve your emotional intelligence.
  • Carve the life of your dreams.

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Healthcare Assistant Internationally Educated program for nursing aspirants offered by Sprott Shaw College, BC!

Aspiring to be a nursing professional abroad? This is a perfect opportunity coming your way. Let me walk you through the Healthcare Assistant Program offered by Sprott Shaw College in BC, Canada.


HCA – Health Care Assistant
ESL – English as Second Language
RAI – Resident Assessment Instrument
AED – Automated External Defibrillator
SPECO – Student Practice Education Core Orientation
WHMIS – Workplace Hazardous Materials Information Systems

The HCA internationally educated program of Sprott Shaw College in Canada is specifically offered for healthcare aspirants who are looking for a promising career in the Healthcare Servicing industry.

Firstly, before discussing this further, are you a nursing professional looking forward to migrating to Canada? Have a glance at the PG Nursing Certificate Program for Internationally Educated Nursing Practitioners!


About Healthcare Assistant Program (Co-op)

Now, the HCA internationally educated co-op program is designed as a way of providing opportunities to students where they could develop skills, knowledge and attitude that are required for healthcare professionals to operate as front-line caregivers, and respected members of the healthcare community, facility settings and wherever they work in.


Note: This HCA co-op program is specifically designed for students whose first language is not English. So, you don’t have to worry about your language incompetency to apply for this program.


This program additionally provides foundational and functional English language support before the program commences and will offer language support for academic success throughout.

A healthcare professional will direct and supervise the students to provide person-centered care that focuses on promoting and balancing the emotional, physical, cognitive, and social well-being of individuals. Meanwhile, you will get ESL support from a professional ESL instructor who will be closely associated with the HCA instructional team to promote student learning.


Reasons to study Health Care Assistant Program

Through this healthcare and nursing program, you will be prepared to work in both healthcare facilities and community agencies where you will be highly valued among the members of the healthcare team for the roles you take up.

The healthcare practices you do are based on the fundamental values, ethical principles and beliefs that are inculcated in all aspects of the work dealing with clients, families, individuals, team members and others. Correspondingly, your healthcare job will be pertaining to,

  • Human Beings
  • Older Adults
  • Health and Healing
  • Healthcare
  • Caring and Caregiving
  • The Family in Health and Healing
  • Especially, understanding Culture and Diversity

Other parts of this program include,

  • Basic and advanced hospice palliative care training
  • Crisis prevention training
  • Introduction to RAI observation tool training
  • Standard first aid with CPR-C and AED
  • Food Safety
  • Student Practice Education Core Orientation
  • Workplace Hazardous Materials Information Systems

These are some valuable program outcomes, and all these certifications are highly acknowledged by today’s healthcare employers. There will be an 8-week clinical and health care co-op practicum training which will have an instructor interview in which you will partake.

The co-op education part of this program outruns the BC Care Aide & Community Health worker registry education requirements. That is when students enrolled in this internationally educated co-op healthcare assistant program will be eligible to apply for registration upon completion of the course and essential healthcare practices.


HCA Program Learning Outcomes

You might think what are the outcomes of this healthcare and nursing co-op program, actually, some ripple effects of this program will help you in the long run, to build a strong career in the healthcare field. This program,

  • Inculcates the knowledge and compassion to provide person-centered care and assistance to recognize and respect the uniqueness and importance of each individual
  • Acquaint the skills to execute an informed problem-solving approach to provide care and assistance that promotes the physical, psychological, cognitive, social and spiritual well-being of families, individuals and clients
  • Hands-on experience in providing care and assistance for individuals with complex health issues
  • Learn to provide care with compassion for individuals who are experiencing cognitive and mental health challenges
  • Make better interaction with the healthcare team to enable effective working relationships and achieve the goals
  • Communicate precisely and sensitively with individuals and families within a variety of contexts pertaining to community and facility
  • Learn to provide personal care and assistance in a safe, professional and organized manner
  • Sense the self-development, learning and health enhancement needs and respond to them swiftly
  • Develop a professional ability to perform the care provider role in a reflective, responsible, accountable and ethical manner


How this Healthcare Assistant Program benefits you?

BC Care Aide and Community Health Worker Registry – This is a governing body to recognize the healthcare workers in the British Columbia region. According to BC Care Aide and Community Health Worker Registry, a candidate will be acknowledged based on the following,

  • Following the provincial curriculum
  • Implementing a common set of training standards
  • Being a graduate in frontline healthcare service providing education

Ensuring that the healthcare assistants meet registration requirements is an integral part of the registry’s mandate of patient protection and improved standards of care.

Through this program by Sprott Shaw college, you will be eligible for registration with the BC Care Aide and Community Health Worker Registry by demonstrating your competence and credentials to work for the healthcare employers in BC.


How this Healthcare Assistant Program helps you with PR?

Basically, this program bestows the possibility to obtain Canada PR upon completion based on your job category.

Through this program by Sprott Shaw college, you will be eligible for registration with the BC Care Aide and Community Health Worker Registry by demonstrating your competence and credentials to work for the healthcare employers in BC.

And for PR in British Columbia, there are various streams to apply among which you will be eligible to apply to the International Graduate Stream.

Let’s discuss the eligibility to apply for International Graduate Stream. To qualify for this stream, chiefly the applicant,

  • Should have completed a degree, diploma or certificate from an eligible Canadian post-secondary institution in the past 3 years.
  • Should have accepted a job offer from an employer in British Columbia and the job must be classified as NOC TEER category 1, 2 or 3.
  • People in management occupations falling under NOC TEER category 0 are not eligible to apply in this stream.
  • Should meet the minimum language requirements defined by the province as eligibility criteria.
  • Should substantiate the funds that will prove that you can support yourself and your dependents.
  • Should be eligible for legal immigration status in Canada.
  • Should have necessary work experience during the paid co-op’s full-time term of working for minimum 30 regular hours per week.
  • Should substantiate that you have graduated.
  • You will get additional points for your Canadian work experience.


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Summin it up

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A perfectly pictured life in Canada for you. Study the Post-Graduate Nursing certificate program with Co-op at Sprott Shaw College, BC!

Sprott Shaw College’s PG certificate in Nursing Program

IEP – Internationally Educated Healthcare Practitioners
IEN – Internationally Educated Nurses
NCAS – Nursing Community Assessment Services
NNAS – National Nursing Assessment Service
NCLEX RN – National Council Licensure Exam – Registered Nursing

Are you a nursing professional looking for career advancement? Are you looking for a promising career abroad? Then, the Post-Graduate Nursing certificate program with Co-op of Sprott Shaw College is profoundly the best for you. Let me break down what this program is all about!

Hop on!


What is Health Care Assistant Co-op program?


Before discussing the Health Care Assistant program, let’s delve into knowing what a Co-op program is.

A co-op program certainly means Cooperative education and this type of program will have a blend of theory and practical sessions, along with fieldwork that will give students hands-on experience.

The equal proportions of theory and practical sessions will help the student acquaint in-demand professional knowledge for the long run to build a strong career.

Furthermore, co-op programs will map the academics with full-time employment that are a part of the curriculum.


Benefits of undertaking a Co-op program

Generally, the benefits of studying a co-op program in Canada include,

Earning while learning – Basically, co-ops are uber cool. you can earn while learning.

Building a professional knit – The connections you make while working will help you build a prospective career.

Make better discretion of your career – Co-op introduces you to a multitude of career opportunities that will make your professional life fruitful.

Develop in-demand skills for a successful career – Certainly, every educational program is opted for building the in-demand skills that will be incorporated into the profession that a student lands in.

With the co-op program, you will be fuelled with those skills needed for your career as this program makes you career ready.

Acquire valuable experience – Moreover, the experience you gain from employment through the co-op program will provide you a competitive edge over your counterparts in your workplace.



What is a PG certificate in Nursing program?

The Post-Graduate Nursing certificate program is significantly designed for internationally educated nurses who are looking for career advancement. Through this program, they stand a chance to adapt to the nursing practices in Canada and eventually land entry-level nursing roles in the healthcare system of Canada.

This PG Certificate in Nursing program introduces you to a wide area of knowledge and skills from nursing and other related disciplines to meet the needs of clients in the highly volatile Canadian practice environments.

This program will equip the students with critical thinking skills used in nursing and will impel them to develop cultural awareness and administrative skills that are equally important to perform a nursing role in Canada.


Additional preparations included in the curriculum of PG certificate in Nursing program

With this program, there will be preparations and test-taking strategies for Nursing Community Assessment Services (NCAS), a prerequisite to writing the National Council Licensure Exam (NCLEX RN).

Generally, the NCAS offers a three-part competency assessment for internationally educated health practitioners (IEPs) who are aspiring to become nursing practitioners in British Columbia. Also, the professional competencies of the IEPs undertaking the training from NCAS are constantly evaluated to see if their skills are substantial and equivalent to that of Canadian standards of healthcare practice.


Note: NCAS assessment clearance for IEPs is mandatory in some nursing and healthcare regulatory organizations to perform a Nursing job in Canada.


With NCAS, one can assess their skills and competencies for 2 different healthcare roles at the same time i.e., a licensed practical nurse can be assessed for the competency of a healthcare provider while a registered nurse can be assessed for the competency of a licensed practical nurse.

This means the gates are wide open and the employment opportunities in the healthcare field are widespread. IEPs can be employed in one role, if not, however, in the other.

NCAS preparation will enhance your practices of international nursing and it will entail you to make nursing judgments effectively.

Some IEPs have taken the exam themselves but unfortunately not many get qualified. Though being qualified professionals in their respective countries, this exam is a hard nut to crack because of the language or comprehensive barrier, nursing standard differences and adapting to the Canadian healthcare culture.


This is where Sprott Shaw College’s Post Graduate Certificate program in Nursing with co-op comes into the scene!

This program indeed teaches you specific occupational language and cultural skills that are deemed essential to take up a profession as a nurse in Canada.

You can apply the knowledge acquired in this program to qualify for the National Council Licensure Exam.

With the immaculately designed learning curriculum, you as an IEP will never mess up the prudent learning sessions of this program. Students are entitled to attend 32 hours of classes per week and then have an additional study preparation of 20 to 30 hours per week to practice English and NCLEX sample exam questions. This will prepare you for the qualifying exams to successfully get through.


Steps involved in the application process for IENs to work as an RN in Canada

 Step 1: Firstly, in Canada, you have to apply to the National Nursing Assessment Service (NNAS) to verify your credentials and perform an initial qualification assessment. With the outcome of this assessment, the need for further training will be determined.

Step 2: Upon receiving the NNAS report, you may apply to any of the Colleges of Nurses in Canada.

Nursing Colleges in Canada:

  • CARNA, Alberta
  • SRNA, Saskatchewan
  • CRNM, Manitoba
  • CRNO, Ontario

The licensing body will evaluate the NNAS report submitted and will determine if you are eligible to take up the exam or if you need further training to crack the exam. Another important requirement is the English proficiency test (IELTS probably).

Step 3: To determine the qualification of the IEPs’ entry to the nursing practice in Canada, one needs to perform the NCAS assessment. This is 3-part assessment consists of,

  1. Computer Based Assessment
  2. Simulation Lab Assessment
  3. Oral Assessment

Step 4: IEPs will get an acknowledgment by receiving an assessment letter that addresses the requirements like any further coursework in addition to successfully completing NCLEX.

This Post Graduate Certificate in Nursing will equip the IEN students with the skills in demand to become Health Care Assistants in Canada upon successfully completing the HCA provincial program content.

HCA practices act on the strong set of fundamental values, beliefs and ethical principles that are inculcated in all the aspects of their profession which is pertained to,

  • Human Beings
  • Older Adults
  • Health and Healing
  • Healthcare
  • Caring and Caregiving
  • The Family in Health and Healing
  • Especially, understanding Culture and Diversity


PG Certificate in Nursing for PR

This Post Graduate Certificate in Nursing program by Sprott Shaw College is recognized by the BC Care Aide & Community Health Worker Registry since it meets the requirements of a Health Care Assistant Access Program.

On successfully completing this program you can register with BC Care Aide Registry in the Graduates of an HCA program in the BC category. It will eventually make you eligible to apply for a PR.

This program confers the following certificates alongside HCA Access Certification.

  • Assisting in Medication Administration
  • Care in the Home Setting
  • Care in Acute Care Setting
  • Care in the Community Setting
  • Standard First Aid – Basic Life Support
  • Prevention and Food Safety


Comprehensive Outcomes of the PG certificate in Nursing Program

  • A better interpretation of the applications of nursing roles and practices in BC.
  • Understanding of maintaining competencies of professional nursing practice.
  • Learn to make better nursing judgments and decisions directed by the code of ethics for registered nurses.
  • Learn to make therapeutic, caring and culturally safe relationships with the healthcare team and clients.
  • Equally acquire a deep understanding of the nursing areas like Physical Examination, Women’s Health and Childbearing.
  • Understand Pediatric health problems to Mental and Psychiatric counselling, General nursing care, and care of the elderly and vulnerable population.
  • Get to know about various scopes of practices, and practice standards of RN, RPN, HCA and LPN in Canada.


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Benefits of Studying in Sprott Shaw, Canada!

  • With a co-op, you can earn while learning and also acquire hands-on experience
  • Soon become a Registered Nurse or Health Care Assistant in BC
  • Numerous placement opportunities
  • Apply for PR
  • Specifically mark a Higher Level of Language Proficiency
  • Simultaneously Enjoy an International Standard of Living with International education
  • Carve a future that you dreamt of
  • Acquire a well-paid job and become part of the healthcare workforce


Finally, Why CanApprove?

  • Firstly, we are a Canadian Brand!
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Plan your nursing education at BC’s Sprott Shaw college. Thank us later. We have a direct association with Sprott Shaw college. You will have a clear sketch of academic and professional life in BC, Canada. Additionally, you will also have PR assistance. Plan your education now! Our coordinator is a click away!

ولومبيا البريطانية: أرض الأحلام لطامحي الهجرة الكندية

تشتهر مقاطعة كولومبيا البريطانية، الواقعة في أقصى غرب كندا، في جميع أنحاء العالم بجمالها الطبيعي الغني. الشواطئ الجميلة والجبال ومساحات شاسعة من البرية تجعل المقاطعة الوجهة المفضلة للمسافرين. ولكن عندما يتعلق الأمر بطامحي الهجرة الكندية، فإن التعددية الثقافية السائدة في المقاطعة وارتفاع مستويات المعيشة هي العوامل التي تجعل من كولومبيا البريطانية مكانًا مثاليًا للاستقرار. ثلث إجمالي سكان كولومبيا البريطانية يضم أولئك الذين هاجروا من أنحاء مختلفة من العالم. فيكتوريا هي عاصمة المقاطعة وفانكوفر هي المدينة الأكثر اكتظاظا بالسكان.

كولومبيا البريطانية، بأي مقياس، هي أفضل مكان للعمل والدراسة والعيش. تتمتع المقاطعة باقتصاد قوي ومتنوع وتوفر العديد من الفرص الوظيفية لسكانها.

PNP Finder

الآن، دعونا ننظر في العوامل الرئيسية التي تجعل كولومبيا البريطانية مكانًا مفضلاً للمهاجرين.

مستويات معيشة عالية:

كندا هي واحدة من البلدان في العالم بأعلى مستويات المعيشة. إن مستويات المعيشة العالية نفسها هي التي تجعل كولومبيا البريطانية المكان المفضل للمهاجرين.

رعاية صحية أفضل: لدى سكان كولومبيا البريطانية برنامج رعاية صحية حصري يسمى خطة الخدمات الطبية (MSP). تضمن كولومبيا البريطانية أفضل رعاية صحية لأولئك الذين التحقوا بهذه الخطة وأفراد أسرهم.

الأجور المرتفعة والمزايا الأخرى: يحصل العاملون في كولومبيا البريطانية على رواتب أعلى نسبياً. أرباب العمل أيضا تقديم مختلف الرعاية الصحية وغيرها من الفوائد للموظفين. ومع ذلك ، فإن مرتب الشخص يعتمد على وظيفته والمؤهلات التعليمية وخبرات العمل.

التعددية الثقافية:

كولومبيا البريطانية هي مكان يعيش فيه الأشخاص القادمون من خلفيات ثقافية متنوعة. يوجد بالمقاطعة طلاب وزوار ومقيمون دائمون من مختلف أنحاء العالم يعيشون هنا. هذا يجعل كولومبيا البريطانية مكانًا للتنوع الثقافي.

العديد من الفرص: كولومبيا البريطانية لديها العديد من فرص العمل في مختلف القطاعات الصناعية.

الأمان: معدل الجريمة منخفض جدًا في كولومبيا البريطانية والقوانين قوية جدًا أيضًا. وهذا يجعل المقاطعة مكانًا جيدًا للعمل والعيش بأمان.

تشير التقديرات إلى أنه سيتم توفير حوالي 903،000 فرصة عمل جديدة في كولومبيا البريطانية خلال العشرين عامًا القادمة. من بين هذه الوظائف، سيتطلب حوالي 77٪ من الوظائف مؤهلات تعليمية أعلى من المستوى الثانوي. تعمل كولومبيا البريطانية على تشجيع هجرة العمال المهرة حيث إن مساهماتهم ضرورية للتنمية الاقتصادية للمقاطعة.

أحد الأشياء المهمة التي يجب الإشارة إليها هنا هو أنه بالنسبة للعمال المهرة للهجرة إلى كولومبيا البريطانية، يجب أن يكونوا قد تلقوا عرض عمل دائم من صاحب عمل في المقاطعة. تتطلب معظم برامج الهجرة للعاملين المهرة ضمن برنامج الترشيح للمحافظة كولومبيا البريطانية من المرشحين تسجيل ملفاتهم الشخصية في نظام تسجيل مهارات الهجرة كولومبيا البريطانية. من أجل القيام بذلك، يجب أن يكون المرشح قد تلقى عرض عمل من صاحب عمل في كولومبيا البريطانية.

الطرق الرئيسية للانتقال إلى كولومبيا البريطانية بشكل دائم هي كما يلي:

الهجرة الماهرة: الطريق إلى هؤلاء العمال المهرة في المهن التي يشهد طلبًا كبيرًا عليها في كولومبيا البريطانية. هذا هو النظام الذي يختار المرشحين المؤهلين على أساس نظام النقاط ويدعوهم إلى التقدم بطلب للحصول على ترشيح المقاطعة للحصول على الإقامة الدائمة في كندا. عمليات التطبيق والتسجيل على شبكة الإنترنت بالكامل.

المسار السريع -كولومبيا البريطانية:

 يساعد المسار السريع -كولومبيا البريطانية، العمال المؤهلين على الانتقال إلى كولومبيا البريطانية بطريقة سريعة. لتكون مؤهلاً بموجب هذا المسار، يجب على المرشحين إثبات أنفسهم مؤهلين لأحد برامج الهجرة الاقتصادية الفيدرالية أيضًا. يتم تحديد أهلية المرشح على أساس نظام النقاط. على الرغم من أن الخبرة العملية في كولومبيا البريطانية ليست ضرورية، فإن مستوى الخبرة المطلوبة في العمل إلزامي للمرشحين. يجب عليهم أيضا تلبية متطلبات الأهلية فيما يتعلق بالتعليم واللغة.

كولومبيا البريطانية Tech Pilot:

برنامج كولومبيا البريطانية هو مسار للهجرة يهدف إلى إتاحة مهارات العمال الأجانب للمبادرات في قطاع التكنولوجيا في المقاطعة. ليكون مؤهلاً، يجب أن يكون المرشح قد تلقى عرض عمل من صاحب عمل في كولومبيا البريطانية في واحدة من 29 مهنة مؤهلة بموجب البرنامج. يجب أن يكون عرض الوظيفة مدته سنة واحدة على الأقل، ويجب أن يكون ملف تعريف الدخول السريع للمرشح صالحًا لمدة 120 يومًا على الأقل في وقت تقديم الطلب.

هجرة رجال الأعمال: البرنامج الإقليمي التجريبي لكولومبيا البريطانية مخصص لأولئك الذين يرغبون في بدء عمل تجاري جديد في المجتمعات الإقليمية لكولومبيا البريطانية.

هل تعتقد أن كولومبيا البريطانية هي مكان يمكنك من خلاله بناء مستقبل عظيم لنفسك؟ هل ترغب في معرفة المزيد عن الهجرة من مقاطعة كولومبيا البريطانية وكندا؟ إذا كانت الإجابة بنعم ، فقم بالتواصل مع مستشارينا الكنديين للهجرة على الفور!


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