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Niagara College in Canada offers trending programs like no other! Explore now!

What is the first thing that comes to your mind on hearing the word ‘Niagara’? The majestic waterfall in Canada (and the US). And the next thing is Niagara College in Canada.

What you know about the college might be a gist. So, read the blog to know about the college, campuses, programs, accommodation, and more!

About the college

Niagara College was established in 1967 and has crossed a successful half a decade. The college has two campuses in Ontario:

1. Welland Campus
2. Niagara on-the-lake campus

And adding to the list is the Niagara College- Toronto Campus which is run by a Partnership with the Toronto School of Management (TSoM). This campus offers some of the most well-happening programs at Niagara College. And all this in the heart of Ontario!

Niagara College in Canada

Quick Facts about Niagara College!

  • Niagara College hosts almost 10,000 international students every year.
  • The College offers more than 130 programs under different credentials such as certificates, Diplomas, apprenticeships, and bachelor’s degrees.
  • Students can choose from more than 600 credit, vocational, and general interest courses.
  • 88.1% of Niagara College graduates will employed six months after graduation.
  • 91% of the Employers of Niagara College grads are happy.
  • All the campuses are situated in and around Toronto. 

Programs offered at Niagara College in Canada

When you settle for Niagara College, you’re so fortunate to choose from some of the trending programs. From accounting to supply chain management, you’ll be in awe of the range of programs at Niagara College. 

1. Diploma Programs

  • Business – Accounting
  • Civil Engineering- Technician
  • Computer Programming
  • Early Childhood Education
  • Esthetician
  • Pharmacy Technician
  • Practical Nursing
  • Electrical Engineering Technician

And many more programs!

2. Graduate Certificate Programs

  • Supply Chain Management
  • Business Analytics
  • Gerontology
  • Human Resource Management
  • International Business Management
  • Nursing Leadership and Healthcare Management

3. Advanced Diploma Programs

  • Graphic Design
  • Business Administration – International Business
  • Business Administration – Supply Chain and Operations Management (Co-op)
  • Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Game Design
  • Honours Bachelor of Business Administration (Hospitality)
  • Bachelors of Science (Honours) Game Programming
  • Honours Bachelor of Business Administration (Human Resources)
  • Computer Programming and Analysis (Co-op)

Note: These are only a few of the programs offered at 3 campuses of Niagara College. To explore more programs and its location, visit the college website.

Student Scholarships

Niagara College in Canada offers many student scholarships based on demography, academic marks, etc. Did you know you receive a bursary of 1000 CAD on confirming your Letter of Acceptance? True that!

Notably, more than 200, 000 CAD is spent every year on students as scholarships and awards.

The English for Academic Preparation Scholarships is exclusively for students enrolled in the English for Academic Preparation Program. This program helps international students with English to cope with their academics.

And there are other scholarships like Graduate Certificate Scholarships, International in Canada Scholarship, EAP Program Scholarships, etc.

On-campus Student Residence

 1. The student residence is available just minutes away from the main campus. These residences are equipped with a common kitchen, laundry rooms, common lounges, and study rooms. It also has facilities like maintenance and housekeeping.

 2. The student residence is available in Welland Campus and Niagara on-the-lake campus.

Off-campus Student Residence

 1. You could also choose outside the campus by staying off-campus. Since the college is in the heart of Ontario, you can easily get one.

 2. Niagara College has a student help center to help you find a residence outside the campus. You can get help with contacting the residence owners and know the rates as well.

Student facilities at Niagara College

The facilities at Niagara College are just perfect to make your academic life more sophisticated. Name it and they have it.

  • Library
  • Bookstore
  • Gymnasium
  • Playgrounds
  • Fitness Centre
  • Multi-purpose studio
  • Athletic Therapy Centre
  • Student Help Centre


Niagara College in Canada is one of the most reputed colleges and is famous among international students. You get to choose from two main campuses Welland campus, the Niagara on-the-lake campus, and an additional campus (in partnership with Toronto School of Management) in Toronto. With its world-class education and a cluster of trending programs, Niagara College sure will be your favorite pick!

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many campuses does Niagara College in Canada have?

There are two main campuses such as

  • Welland campus
  • Daniel J Patterson campus also called Niagara on-the-lake campus
  • Toronto Campus (in partnership with Toronto School of Management)

2. Is a nursing diploma course demanded at Niagara college?

Yes! The Practical Nursing diploma course in Niagara College is one of the sought-after courses. The program offers more than 140 hours of hands-on practical learning and has highly equipped simulation labs. The program includes over 800 hours of clinical placement experience.

3. Can I get on-campus accommodation at Niagara college?

Of course, you can get on-campus accommodation at Niagara College. But you must be the early bird. In case you couldn’t get one, fret not! You can always go for off-campus accommodations

How to choose the right overseas education consultant?

Hey there, Howdy! Planning to study abroad? It’s a hot topic that is at an all-time high and adding to your excitement, we provide valuable information to make the process as easy as possible.

In the testing times of covid and lockdown, we are focused to enlighten people who are really passionate about studying abroad and looking forward to it. Many overseas education aspirants are making plans to start their overseas education in the desired country but the real challenge is finding the right and credible consultant. Quite a tough task, it seems to be!

Scout for someone who makes your journey joyful and those who don’t make you feel abandoned after spending a lump amount of money on this. Money looters are everywhere and people fall prey to them just like that. Easy! We will break the ice for you. In this piece of content, we are going to discuss how to choose the right overseas education consultant.

I hope this will be helpful for someone like you!

First, listen to your needs

Before taking up this journey (or any initiative to take up the journey), ask yourself what are you expecting from this. Out of your needs, you can figure out a specific college or university for the course that you desire to study. If that’s how it goes, then so far so good! Before getting the ball rolling here are some things that we provide for you to be clear about.

  • What program interests you?
  • What’s the level of education you look for?
  • Budget limitations, if any?
  • Financial aid needed or you are self-sufficient?
  • Any specific ideas in your mind for the country or university of study?
  • Any other expectations towards the education system of the country that you look forward to choosing?

If you are clear with these questions, then you actually are making the job easy. These are important before starting because you build your foundation upon these. It’s not that you can only study abroad if you have these figured out. Because people discover their interests at various stages and walks of life, so didn’t have any idea so far? Cool. It’s no big deal if even you are on the unclear side. You stand chances for your abroad education and the appropriate education consultant can help you.

BGV – Background Verification

The background doesn’t lie. Become conscious and wide awake about the consultancy you are approaching because fraudulent scenarios happen every day as we see or hear them. FYI, there are ample educational consultants in your locality alone. Just google it however, be prepared to get into chaos as well! Ha-ha. Don’t worry! We will help you out.

It really is time-consuming to read about all the consultancies on the web that you come across. But, to be honest, you have to know about them. At least some basic information as you are going to be associated with them for a life-changing happening. So, be aware.

If you are not finding any background details of the consultancy on their website, just move on. Period!

Reviews are high in value

Look for the reviews and client testimonials. Not all the reviews are great but a great source for making your discretion of whether to proceed with that consultancy or not. Take a coffee mug (or a tea glass if you are a chai person) and just read the reviews and words of the clients and that emotion is the reflection of the behaviour of the consultancy towards its clients.

Some of the reviews might be fake as well so don’t fall for them. Check video testimonials, social media pages and google listings! It will definitely help you decide whether the consultancy is credible or not.

Know about the expertise

By chance, if you come across any consultancy, the next feasible thing to do for your goodness is to know about their expertise. How will you know that? By asking as many questions as you have about the overseas education process and the expertise they have in the field. Learn if they could assist students throughout the overseas education journey.

And, another pro-tip is you can perceive how a company is behaving to its clients when at some point you feel doubtful. Be curious to enquire about their record of placing students in various institutions around the world. Again, expertise comes with age so see what path have they been travelling in and also analyze how well they communicate details, and how they keep you posted when there are updates. All these are evident to their expertise. If you feel something is not right or something you expect is being missed, then you know what to do!

Friends, Seniors and Family members might give you insights

It’s completely fine to rely upon your friends or family members or your seniors and take their suggestions while getting the overseas education journey. Well, that is an easy way to find out the best consultancy. Sometimes, the word of mouth from any of your close ones might be easy to choose your consultancy. They might have taken admission through a consultancy a few years back. So, ask for their experience and make your decision. However, you are suggested to do your homework as well despite getting their suggestions.


Don’t be in an urge. Be mindful of what you are doing and what you are going to do. Be happy and serious with the steps you take and to be honest finding a good consultancy is no rocket science. It’s worth the effort to find the right associates who are supposed to assist in your overseas education process. I hope this blog helped you in some way in finding out the best overseas education consultants.

And, if you are looking forward to overseas education, CanApprove might be what you want at this time. Talk to us. Our overseas education coordinators will direct you on the right path and make the process a smooth and memorable one. Don’t wait!

Be in touch for awesome pieces of insightful content.

Thanks for reading!

Pursue Early Childhood Education Courses in Canada & Become a Childhood Educator

Did you know?

  • A recently concluded study conducted by the OECD reveals that Early Childhood Education Courses in Canada are expanding.
  • The Conference Board of Canada in another report also concluded that every $1 spent on a child’s early education under five years of age yields $6 in benefits.

The recent findings on the state of Early Childhood Education in Canada show that Canadian provinces and territories are keen on providing better access to early childhood education. This has resulted in increased demand for professional Early Childhood Educators in Canada.


Canada is fulfilling its demand surge in Early Childhood Educators by offering specialized education programs for international students. Public Universities and Colleges in Canada are providing a world-class education at an affordable cost for all the students.

Early Childhood Education Courses in Canada are now offered by these institutions to benefit working professionals like primary school teachers, child care social workers, and even psychologists to upgrade their knowledge gap and settle permanently in Canada.

If you are the person waiting to step into the career of an Early childhood educator, go ahead, this blog is for you!

What is Early Childhood Education?

Early Childhood Education deals with teaching children from birth up to 8 years of age, possibly until Grade 3 of the western education system.

Early Childhood Education (ECE) was first established as a field of study in European countries which improved literacy rates. ECE is considered as an important period of a child’s development. This became a prominent culture in the field of education in the 19th century and became a norm in the education practice of the western world since it catalyses the development of the personality of the child.

Education Childhood Education Course Description

ECE course is meant for those who are planning to become Early Childhood Educators in Canada. Students, in this course, learn to handle children and kids and teach them every formal and informal topic which manipulate their character and make them better personalities.

As an educator, you’re taught scientific methods & techniques to feed the children with ethical and moral values, by which they become better human beings. Students learning to become early childhood educators should have the knowledge in changes in development and subjects taught in the classrooms of early childhood.

In this course, students learn about the physical, social and emotional needs of children and learn to develop a healthy child environment for them. There are practicum classes where students approach their studies in the field of work. They acquire hands-on experience in their profession with the help of internships and practical sessions.

Also, trainers learn to manage the classroom behaviour of the students which is one of their most important roles!

Study Programs and Institutions for Early Childhood Education Courses in Canada

Various colleges in Canada have designed different study programs on Early Childhood Education. These institutions are open to international students with or without work experience in the related field to pursue their higher education. Some of Early Childhood Education courses in Canada include:

  • Diploma in Early Childhood education
  • Early Childhood Education (Fast-track)
  • Early Childhood Education – Special Needs
  • Bachelor of Early Learning and Community Development
  • Honours Bachelor of Early Childhood Leadership
  • Master of Early Childhood education

Few of the colleges offering courses on Early Childhood Education courses in Canada include;

  • Seneca College
  • Niagara College
  • Durham College
  • Northern College
  • George Brown College
  • Saskatchewan Polytechnic

CAUTION: Cross major is not possible in Canada, i.e. You may not be able to pursue Early Childhood Education courses in Canada if you already have a specialization degree in a field unrelated to childhood care. The Canadian education system doesn’t encourage deviating from your education path. You could pursue relevant higher studies related to your previous education.

However, with an adequate work experience of at least 6 months in related cases, in this case, Childhood care, aspirants can pursue Early Childhood Education courses in Canada, even if they had graduated in other fields. This has to be clearly specified in SOP while applying for ECE in Canada.  

Early Childhood Educators in Canada (NOC 4214)

Early childhood educator is a designation of a profession which is acquired through a post-secondary program. This profession is only available for the registered early childhood educator’s college. There are certain accreditations that make the person eligible to practice as an Early childhood educator. The affiliations include;

  • CAYC – Canadian Association for Young Children
  • NAEYC – Education of Young Children’s National Association
  • CCCF – Canadian Child Care Federation

Benefits of studying Early Childhood Education Courses in Canada

There are significant benefits for a person studying Early Childhood Education courses in Canada. Some are:

  • Design healthy and safe environments for children.
  • Plan and implement programs to support the development of the children.
  • Build a positive relationship and socialization with family, children and other professionals.
  • Study in top colleges.
  • Optimized living and education expenses.
  • Live in a multicultural society.
  • Chance to secure permanent residence in Canada.

If you are planning to become an Early Childhood educator, then get on to the registration process!

Registration Process

To obtain a student visa in Canada, some of the important factors that you need to consider are the Percentage of marks, backlogs, academic gap, course selection.

Canada is providing a world-class education at a low cost. There are different domains for which the courses are offered and Early Childhood Education is one. Apply with CanApprove to improve your chances of qualifying!

We have been providing education and immigration services for the past two decades, since 1998. Our team of experts will guide you to make betterments in your abroad plan. Connect with us to know more about Early Childhood Education courses in Canada. 

FAQs on Early Childhood Education Courses in Canada

Q. 1. I have completed my BBA in 2018 and I want to pursue an early childhood education course in Canada. Am I eligible to apply?

For a student visa in Canada, the study course that you’re willing to pursue must have some relation with our previous study course. Canada does not allow cross majors.

However, if you want to pursue a study course different from your previous major, you need to demonstrate work experience of at least 6 months in the related field, which in this case is child care. 

Q.2. I completed my M.Ed in 2016 and after that I have 5 years experience of teaching in a school. Can I choose an Early childhood education course in Canada for my further study? 

It’s absolutely fine and you’re eligible to apply but there will be no academic progression. To be transparent and precise, it’s completely in the hands of university officials for you to get admissions.

Q.3 I am an electronics engineering graduate and I have taken 2 to 3 online certifications regarding early childhood education. Am I eligible to pursue a diploma course in early childhood education in Canada? 

Usually, you can choose the programs based on your academic track and cross major is not advised as per the Canadian education norms. It’s purely in the hands of admission committee members to decide whether to offer you admission or not, after thoroughly examining your online certification courses and your work experience.

Q4. Can I apply for an Early Childhood Education Course without IELTS? 

As Canada values IELTS scores, it is essential to appear for the IELTS exam to prove your English proficiency. It is an essential requirement for getting a study permit, work permit and later permanent residence in Canada.