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Begin your higher studies at Coventry University- A modern university in the United Kingdom

Are you planning to study in the UK? How about a modern university in London city? Coventry University (CU) could be your destination if that sounds good to you. CU is a student-friendly university with an excellent academic infrastructure. 
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And did you know 95% of its graduates get employed within six months? Wanna know more about the university, programs offered, and benefits? Read on to explore and understand Coventry University better.

Coventry University – A short history  

Founded in 1843, this university is a result of the amalgamations of two other colleges. Later it was formally established as Coventry University in 1992. The university opened its second campus in London in 2010. CU has been known for its high-tech research facilities and quality education throughout its growth. 

Coventry University has two primary campuses and three other campuses such as:

  • Coventry University
  • CU London 
  • Coventry University London
  • CU Coventry 
  • CU Scarborough 

Benefits of studying at Coventry University

You might be wondering- ‘What is so special when you study at Coventry University?’ Here are a few benefits of studying at CU

CU accepts long academic gaps and backlogs

While planning to study abroad, academic gaps and backlogs seem to be a hurdle. But not at Coventry University. CU accepts long academic gaps and backlogs, thereby welcoming more students to the Uni and turning students’ dreams into a close reality. 

Provides exciting scholarships

Coventry University offers a range of scholarships, bursaries, and financial assistance to international students. You’re eligible for scholarships even if you have a conditional offer letter. 

Student to teacher ratio

At CU, the student-to-teacher ratio is 16:1, i.e., there is one teacher for every 16 students in the university, which is relatively high and serves effective for students. 

Internships & Placements

CU offers internships and guarantees work-related projects. Moreover, it provides placement options and guidance for all the programs.

Experiencing the United Kingdom 

You get a chance to study in the UK and enjoy the multicultural lifestyle. London city, the blend of old and modern buildings, and the rich culture will make your education life memorable.  

Bachelors Courses offered at Coventry University

  • Aerospace engineering and aviation
  • Accounting and finance
  • Architecture and Interior design 
  • Art, Design, and Fashion
  • Business and Management
  • Computer and Science
  • Civil Engineering and construction
  • Electrical and Electronic Engineering
  • Healthcare Professions
  • Media and Journalism 
  • Nursing and Midwifery
  • Mechanical engineering and Manufacturing
  • Marketing 

And many more in-demand courses!

Check out our course finder to search for courses in colleges abroad!

Post-Graduate Courses offered at Coventry University 

  • Automotive and Transport Design 
  • Biomedical Science
  • Cyber Security 
  • Digital Marketing Management
  • Engineering Project Management 
  • Graphic Design 
  • Structural Engineering 

Moreover, CU offers research degrees like Ph. D as well! 

What is Clearing at Coventry University?

The Clearing is how the university fills up the vacant seats in the courses. You can use this entry if you haven’t received an offer letter or have missed applying for the Uni. Clearing usually happens at a different time after the regular admission deadlines.  

You are eligible to apply for Clearing if you 

  • have applied to Coventry University through UCAS 
  • had been rejected by your firm and insurance choices
  • are eligible for a firm or insurance choice but did not take up the offer
  • had applied for a course before 30 June and didn’t receive an offer letter
  • have paid the full application fee for the Clearing

Facilities for students at Coventry University

  • Extensive library (Lanchester Library Building) that works 24/7 for 364 days per year
  • Compact and high-tech campus amenities
  • Campus doctors & medical facilities
  • Sports and recreation centers
  • Food Court 
  • Convenience

And lots of other student facilities spiced up with fun! 

 Strong points of Coventry University

  • Coventry University was awarded the ‘University of the year for student experience’ by the Times and Sunday Times in 2019
  • Exposure to the global business market
  • Contains industry-standard Bloomberg trading floor
  • Employment partnering with top companies like Deloitte, Genesis, Barclays, The Ritz London, etc.


That’s a wrap!

Coventry University in the UK is equipped with state-of-art modern technology and infrastructure, making it one of the best modern universities in England. The quality education and research facilities are a feather in the Uni’s cap. Moreover, Coventry University accepts backlogs and academic gaps, which is a great benefit for international students. CU offers in-demand courses, and the graduates have a high employment rate. 

Now it’s time for you to study at Coventry University but wondering where to begin? Kick-start your education at Coventry University with the expert services of CanApprove. In fact, CanApprove works closely with Coventry Univesity making students dream closer to reality. 

We got you throughout whole process such as course selection, SOP assistance, study visa and more! Talk to the overseas education experts at CanApprove in just a winky step- Take me there!


An overview of Student life in the UK

It’s 2022 and you would have endured through the ‘pandemic fatigue’, holding on to your education plans in the UK. Well, if you’ve missed the January intake to study in the UK, perk up! You have bright possibilities for the next two intakes such as May and September.
Course FinderHowever, you may be skeptical about ‘what it’s like to live in the UK as an international student’. Your curious minds must be nurtured and here’s how.

This blog covers collected information about student life in UK and what you can anticipate for your study there. You will also read the experiences of two students currently studying in the UK, who have received educational consultation and obtained a UK student visa through CanApprove. Delve in!


Students in the UK are taught by expert lecturers who have excelled in their field and research. They are known to be friendly to the students and ensure that they leave no stone unturned in sharing their knowledge.

The education system in the UK emphasizes student well-being and is continuously evolving to meet the growing challenges, that students must face post-graduation.

Would you attend classes in the Uni every day?

Well, it depends on your course and university. But most of the Unis (short for ‘Universities’ in the UK) have classes 3 or 4 days a week. In the case of daily classes, you get more free periods, which you can use to explore the campus, visit the library, and indulge in sports and club activities.

New culture, new friends!

When you study in the UK, you jump into a cultural melting pot. You get to know and make friends with students from all parts of the world. This opens new perspectives and gives you chance to experience the diverse ethos. Holding a rich cultural mix, the UK itself has a history so diverse, influenced by other European countries

Would you experience a ‘culture shock’?

Certainly yes! Reaching the UK from countries like India, you certainly will have a ‘culture shock. But students soon adapt to the new culture and enjoy their living. In fact, the brits are known for their politeness and being supportive to people from outside.

University infrastructure

Most of the universities in the UK have a blend of traditional and modern infrastructure. Interestingly, many universities resemble Hogwarts (good news if you are a Potterhead), like the University of Edinburgh, the University of Glasgow, Cambridge University, and many more which stand as testimonies of Gothic Architecture.

Universities in the UK accentuate sports facilities such as playgrounds, gyms, and indoor play centers. The green environment and landscape embellish the campuses to be student-friendly and peaceful. You wouldn’t believe it until you see!

Research and technology facilities

Besides the 84 research UK universities, many institutions hold a well-designed research infrastructure. If you’re someone who loves to geek around your study program and work on projects, you would love it!

Universities in the UK continually foster research facilities like

  • Innovation centers
  • Research labs
  • Industrial equipment labs
  • Language centers
  • Computing and IT

Notably, UK universities have state-of-the-art technology and the latest equipment to hone your skills and bring out the best in you.

Working part-time

You can work for 20 hours per week while you study and 40 hours per week during vacation. Employers in the UK welcome international students for work and even allot shifts according to your university timings. Hence, getting a part-time job is easier than you think. You can use this opportunity to earn your living and other expenses while studying.


Train and bus are one of the most common and efficient modes of transport in the UK. However, you can choose buses for local traveling since they are more frequent and affordable. You can also avail of ‘Bus cards’, which have discounts for students.

Financial benefits

As an international student in the UK, there are scholarships, bursaries, and grants to help you pay your tuition fees. Here are a few scholarship types:

  • Academic, merit and excellence-based scholarships
  • Course-specific scholarships
  • Performance-based scholarships
  • Disability scholarships

You also get non-university scholarships and bursaries from private organizations that encourage international students to study in the UK

Student discounts

One of the best things about being a student in the UK is discounts! As a student, you can get discounts on various services such as:

  • Restaurant
  • Clothing stores
  • Entertainment and media
  • Health services
  • School supplies
  • Technology
  • Travel
  • Bank account incentives

In fact, there are several websites and mobile apps through which students can shop and buy things with student discounts. Sounds good, right?

Tip: Get an International Student Identity Card (ISIC) to prove your status as a full-time student worldwide. You can get discounts and benefits using this card. 

Fret not for Food!

You are far from home, and you might miss the food. Many international students, often have Neophobia (fear of eating new or unfamiliar foods) as they move abroad. But forget it! Food markets and restaurants in the UK often have foods such as Asian, European, and from other parts of the world. Whether you eat in restaurants or want to cook your favorite Indian dish, you can do it all. Sure thing!

Fun fact: Chicken Tikka Masala is a national dish of the United Kingdom

Words from students in the UK

On speaking with two of our clients who are currently studying in the UK; here’s what they told on asking about their student life.

Mr. Michael Infant, Teesside University

“I am having a beautiful time here. The best thing about the UK is the study experience, meeting new people from around the world and learning the culture. My way of studying has completely transformed into a new perspective. First, I experienced a culture shock, but I got adapted since people are friendly here. Food is great and we get Indian foods as well. I’m still in awe of the university and research facilities.” 

Ms. Samyuktha Gopal, Teesside University

“I’m having a good time here. The education is more of practical studies and big exposure. I love the mix of cultures here. Working part-time for 20 hours has helped me manage my expenses. At first, it was hard to adapt but in a short time, I started loving the people and place. In my leisure time, I watch movies and visit new places. I love cooking my food here. Technology in the Uni is just awesome, especially we will fall in love with the library!”

Final words

Want to study in the UK? Well, CanApprove can be the genesis of your education plans. Our team of expert overseas education consultants will advance your ‘education dreams’ to reality. You will be offered service, resulting from 23 years of experience and high success rates.

Here’s to new beginnings! High five!

6 things to do while planning your overseas education!

There will be plenty of time (if you use it wisely!!) to plan your overseas education and some of the crucial matters are to be looked after when planning to study abroad. Speaking about time we were in the testing times as COVID shattered many dreams and overseas education is not exempt!
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Oh! We can’t simply tell the dreams were shattered, maybe it was resisted. Now, the effects of covid are mitigated and we are rolling back slightly towards normalization, working on your overseas education plan now would work out as foreign nations are about to open the gates for international students.

At this time, there are few things to be made as a checklist to start your overseas education process


  1. Find what best suits you – country, course and institutions

This is the important part as it is the foundation for your purpose of where you want to study and what you want to study. Scout the after-effects and benefits of your program, the education quality and the pedagogy of the chosen institution, check for the affordability of the institution and the living cost. Make sure your institution is notable and well established as where you study matters the most when it comes to coaching and placements.

Before that….

if you’re freaked out about the first point of choosing the program, institution and country of study, don’t worry. It’s a great idea for you to get zero-cost counselling from the overseas education coordinators of CanApprove.

Either you can visit us or take up a virtual consultation. We also conduct frequent overseas education fairs. You can make use of it so that our professionals will help you figure out what you really want and give the best suggestions to make some important life decisions.

If you want, we can arrange free counselling for you with us

  1. Let your application process begin

As covid become the global game-changer, everyone got used to the unusuality. Many international institutions have extended the application submission timelines and some even called off the intakes.

Now as the pandemic subsides, you can start your application process with the hope of flying abroad for the upcoming intake. Meanwhile, the governments will relax the travel restrictions of the countries. Fingers crossed. Let’s hope for the best.

  1. Make sure you don’t have any standing backlogs

Do backlogs matter the most while planning overseas education? It’s big chaos for many of you. Make sure you have all your backlogs cleared before taking up your higher education to avoid problems in the eleventh hour.

  1. Get ready to take up IELTS

Make preparations for IELTS. Exploit this time to hone your reading, writing, listening and speaking skills to score high. We offer IELTS preparation tools for you with which you can practice and take up mock tests.

  1. SOP – crucial

On the overall process, this might be slightly a hard nut crack (but not if you are aware of what and how to do it). Statement of Purpose is used to express your motivation to study in a particular institution in a country and also it is used to evaluate your candidacy by the institution and the overseas education council. Take time, list out all your interests, goals, both short and long term, hobbies and experience and compile a professional copy to submit to the visa officer and the institution.

  1. Make sure you have sufficient funds

Last but not least! Money really matters here. Savings, loans, scholarships any source it might be, but there should be proof of funds for your tuition and student life abroad. Applying for scholarships might minimize your burden of spending more.

You should be concerned about all your expenses along with tuition fees throughout the study period like stationery, travel, food and accommodation, etc.., So, make your finances ready and that’s almost all it takes to have a successful overseas education visa processing.

CanApprove has been helping overseas education aspirants for years now! Our education coordinators will guide you throughout the process and you need not worry about any complexities. Connect with us now and begin your overseas education process.


Hope this blog helped you. Thanks for reading!! Stay in touch with CanApprove for more updates.

Top countries to consider for studying abroad – 2022!

2021 was just a blink of an eye for us all! As we are on the verge of getting into 2022, the overseas education aspirants who were waiting for the right time or who were unfortunate to get admission in the previous attempts have got their time right to plan now. This blog is for you if you are one among them.
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When planning to study abroad, there are a lot of factors (let’s say concerns) brought under consideration like student life, affordability, security, reception of the nation to international students, quality of institutions, etc… before choosing where to study. Based on all the factors here is a customized list of countries that are highly favourable for international students to study in.

  1. Canada
  2. UK
  3. USA
  4. Australia
  5. New Zealand
  6. Germany


Being ranked as the world’s best country, Canada is exceptionally good for international students to set up their overseas education. Canada houses many top universities in the world including McGill University, University of Toronto, University of British Columbia, Concordia University and more.

The student friendly nature and non-astringent admission process are the reasons adding to the flocking of international students towards Canada. The country’s affordable high-standard education makes it a cheaper alternative for those aiming to go to the US.

Kicking off the plan now would help you grab admission to a Canadian institution for the winter and summer intakes ahead.


The UK

With the 18 best universities in the world, the UK boasts to be the second best country for international students to study abroad. It has the Cambridge University ranked third, The University of Oxford at 6 followed by The University College London at 7 and the Imperial College London at the 8 positions respectively.

The UK has a high international student population every year as the country comforts foreign students with more benefits, concessions and student commune. If you are looking to study in one of the best countries, then don’t have a second thought other than the UK. Start your plan now and be hopeful to get admission in the next intake! We help you…


NOTE: Whichever the country might be, choosing is up to you. But make sure you are fully vaccinated and don’t show any symptoms of COVID and also be sure that the vaccine you took is approved by the country you chose. 


You know, I know and everyone knows about the all-time favourite study abroad destination of international students, The USA. It has the world best universities that include the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Stanford University, University of Southern Carolina, Harvard University, etc… with cutting edge technologies that deliver pristine education to all the students. You will have an outstanding campus life with special courses and programs to adapt to the American culture.

Alongside education, you will never get tired of exploring the place as there are plenty of surprises awaiting in the US. But, if you did not happen to get admission in the US, there is no need for disappointment because you have Canada which is in no way inferior to the US in terms of education, lifestyle and landscapes. Being like a Cat on the wall choosing the US and Canada? Don’t worry we will hold you! Connect with us.

Australia and New Zealand

The next country with notable universities holding a long legacy is Australia. The country favours international students with many student benefits, scholarships and job opportunities. Australia’s notable universities include the University of Melbourne, The University of Sydney, The University of Queensland and many others. These universities hold a global reputation.

Similar to Australia is New Zealand in terms of living cost, education cost, education quality and culture except for the size of the country. New Zealand’s notable universities include the University of Canterbury, University of Auckland, University of Otago, Lincoln University, etc… If you ever aspired to get into a country that offers you the best in your life then don’t wait to choose your education in New Zealand or Australia. Feeling difficult! Chill. We are here to hold your back.


The most comfortable destination to study abroad in Germany for international students where if you manage to secure admission in any of the public universities, you will get free education and be entitled to just pay the nominal semester fee.

The University of Berlin, Technical University of Munich, University of Cologne and University of Mannheim are some of the notable universities housed in Germany. Make plans now to get admission to a German university for the next intake. Worried about applying? We will look after it.

CanApprove is helping overseas education aspirants for years now in getting admission to many reputed institutions of the world. Talk to our experts and prepare to fly to your desired country to live your dream of studying abroad.

Hope this blog helped you! Thanks for reading!!

PG Courses in Canada & UK after MBBS


The most expensive yet highly remunerating job is a doctor’s. Studying MBBS is a strong desire for many, and people wonder where affordable MBBS education is. Many prefer abroad to study MBBS and many study in their home country. Of course, MBBS abroad is definitely going to add value because the pedagogy will be spectacular and the outcomes in terms of value and career will be impeccable.

No matter what, if you are aspiring to become a doctor, you have made a futuristic decision as the health care industry is one among those with a promising boom over the years. Many might study MBBS in their homeland or a foreign land, but what next after MBBS for an even more rewarding career? Has anyone guided or made you think about it? Kudos if you have already thought about it. For your information that is what we are going to discuss here…

Read on…


PG courses in UK and Canada

If you are an MBBS graduate, there are PG programs for you in Canada and UK to step up in your career. After your MBBS in India, you still can add value to your career by taking up post-graduation programs in medicine and related fields abroad. Institutions in Canada and UK are offering post graduate programs in medicine for international medical students.


Advanced education in UK after MBBS         

Followed by Canada, UK has well happening PG courses in medicine for international students. The norms are more or less the same except for the qualifying examination. MCI screening tests are not required in UK to study MD. There are 2 pathways to study PG in the UK after MBBS in India or elsewhere.

  1. PLAB



Professional and Linguistic Assessments Board exam is a prerequisite for studying PG in UK after MBBS in India. Upon qualifying PLAB, you will get GMC (General Medical Council) registration which is compulsory as per the UK medical system. It’s not a degree but registers you with the GMC. Students who did not qualify for PLAB cannot apply.



Membership of the Royal Colleges of Physicians of the United Kingdom is a post graduate diploma in UK. Before taking admission for advanced medical training, MRCP has to be cleared. Upon clearing MRCP, you will get full GMC certification with a license to practice.


Crucial Eligibility Requirements

  • Overall, 6.5 IELTS Score (some institutions might have the benchmark of 7.5)
  • B in OET
  • Internationally recognised MBBS degree
  • Internship outside UK
  • 2-3 years of work experience

CREST – Certificate of Readiness to enter Specialty Training from supervising authorities

Upon completing your education, you can return to India and practice as the UK medical system is recognised by MCI. And, there are Non-clinical PG programs that will subside the vigorous qualifying exams if at all you think of moving to the non-surgical profession.


Advanced education in Canada after MBBS

To study MD, medicine and surgery PG in Canada, some strict eligibility criteria must be met but it is worth the effort and also such PG programs are extremely limited to international students. So being an early bird is advised as the process might be time-consuming.

IELTS is the common eligibility requirement. Apart from that, you have to clear IBT (Internet Based Test), PBT (Paper Based Test), have the NMC (National Medical Council) registered certificate and other university norms which differ to every university along with the regulatory bodies of Canada. The PG program typically ranges from 3 to 5 years depending upon the medical specialization.  USMLE (United States Medical Licensing Exam) or MCCQE (Medical Council of Canada Qualifying Exam) will have to be taken to prove your clinical and medicinal knowledge to further your training.

But the biggest challenge is your PR status. You have to be a PR holder in Canada to apply for the advanced MD training. It seems difficult, to be honest. So, you can try applying PR for your parents.

Upon completing the training successfully, you will have to take up the certification exam of the College of Family Physicians of Canada (CFPC) or Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada (RCPSC). After getting certified, you can practice as an unsupervised medical practitioner in Canada. But it’s easy said than done. For getting more detailed information about this topic, I insist you to reach out to CanApprove, the overseas education expert.


Crucial Eligibility Requirements

  • 70% in Undergraduate
  • GMAT qualification
  • Overall, 7 in IELTS
  • 3 to 4 years of clinical experience


There are few other PG courses apart from MD that enlighten your career. To know more about studying Medical PG in UK and Canada after your MBBS, CanApprove is the right place for you with expert overseas education coordinators. Ours is a 23 year old legacy of serving overseas education and immigration aspirants. Our team will guide you throughout your admission process. You can get in touch with us. We are a click away!

WhatsApp: bit.ly/Med_PG
Contact:  +91-422-4980225 (India)/ 971-42865134 (Dubai)
Email: enquiry@canapprove.com


Study in UK without IELTS!

You can study in UK without IELTS! Want to know how? Go on…

Education in UK

One of the most renowned and peculiar education systems in the world is the education in UK. It is a delegated matter among the countries in UK. Each country’s education governance is devolved. The government of UK takes care of England education while the Scottish government and the Northern Ireland Executive look after the education of Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland accordingly.

UK is preferred by many international students to study because of its standard of education, which is universally known, and I guess a special explanation and comments are not needed. The countries in the UK boast offering many programs for international students in various domains and also the institutions housed in the UK countries are all globally recognized which is yet another reason for international students flying to UK.

Social Workers, Healthcare and Nursing are the programs that are well happening in UK. Would you like to check out? Give it a glance… 



International English Language Testing System is used to evaluate the English proficiency of a person who is willing to migrate to a foreign country for work or to study there.

Well, to study in UK, IELTS is mandatory. Right? Not only in UK, but in all the common wealth nations, IELTS is a prime determinant of the English proficiency of immigrants and international students. Those who meet the IELTS score criteria of the education council of UK get admission, if not met, gets rejected. The same is applicable for immigrants too.

To be honest, IELTS is quite competitive, but it makes sense to attend the test as you are going to have your medium of instruction in English and also, it’s the language for you to survive in English speaking countries. So, testing your English ability will give you the confidence to make sure you are competent enough.

But guess what, now the pandemic has waived off IELTS in UK for international students. Yes. You read it right. But, how to study in UK without IELTS? Read on…


Study in UK without IELTS

As the pandemic has been making life more abnormal, many global systems that have been followed were not normal thereafter. In the context of IELTS examination, students are still finding it difficult to take IELTS or TOEFL to fulfil their overseas education conditions and already the academics of students have been terribly disturbed.

Considering this state, many UK institutions have decided to grant IELTS waivers based on the Class 12 English grades of students. Supporting documents may be required for substantiation while applying.

The English test score of the 12th board exam should be 70, 80, 90 and above for the respective regions in India and for some universities CBSE and ICSE board of accreditation is needed.

And the medium of instruction of the applicant should have been in English for a bachelor’s degree which was completed a couple of years before.

There are Duolingo test accepted universities in UK. Duolingo which is an alternative for IELTS can be taken from your home itself. But not all universities acknowledge Duolingo. However, that’s another option but if you are looking forward to studying in UK, seize the chance and apply with an IELTS waiver…


Institutions in UK without IELTS

Some of the institutions in UK that have waived off IELTS for international students are,

  • Lincoln University
  • Portsmouth University
  • Warwick University
  • UWS (the University of the West of Scotland)
  • University of Glasgow
  • LSBU (London South Bank University)
  • Solent University
  • University of Leicester
  • Essex university
  • Solent University

Check your eligibility now to apply for UK higher education!


Overall Benefits of studying in UK

At this point, studying in UK grants you immense benefits. By planning your education in UK, you will

  • Have IELTS waived off
  • Get a world-class education
  • Mark a higher level of language skill
  • Study in the top institutions of the world
  • Enjoy the student lifestyle of the Great North
  • Make friends from different walks of life
  • Get an internationally recognised degree
  • Improve your academic proficiency
  • Live in a multicultural society

Excited, eh? Talk to our overseas education coordinator and make your plans right away


Registration Process

CanApprove has been providing overseas education and immigration services to many abroad aspirants for years now. With 2-decade long sustainability and history, CanApprove vouches for the visa success rate and positive impacts in the lives of its clients.

Planning to study in UK? We will take care of that. Our education coordinators will help you with country selection, program selection and university selection. Our expert documentation team will assure the success of your visa. We are a click away. Talk to our education coordinator, get a personalised consultation and a free profile evaluation.

WhatsApp: bit.ly/Std_UK
Contact:  +91-422-4980225 (India)/ 971-42865134 (Dubai)
Email: enquiry@canapprove.com

High Demand for Social Workers in UK!

As the ageing population, immigrants, employees and international student counts are witnessing a constant surge in UK, the demand for social workers have hit the bars high. Employers in all sectors are now in the need of more social workers. As of the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment in social work will get skyrocketed by 11% between the period 2018 and 2028. It is projected that more than 80,000 new jobs are to be opened.

When there was already a huge demand for social workers in the UK, the COVID pandemic which was out of the blue intensified the demand for social workers and health care professionals in almost all countries, especially in UK. This is one hell of a chance for a student aspiring to become a social worker or a health care professional in UK.

There are great prospects for international students in UK to become Nursing professionals, caregivers, healthcare professionals and social workers. Take up your social worker education in UK and be a part of the English workforce.


Social Service Worker

Social service worker manages individual and social problems of clients by counselling, social support projects and community-based services. They assess, treat and evaluate individual, social and relational issues using the knowledge of social service work.

They have abilities, methodologies and intercessions to help dyads (2 individuals… a couple), families, groups, organisations, and networks to accomplish appropriate social functioning and resolve persisting issues.

Social Service Workers tackle and adapt to problems in their everyday lives. They guard youngsters from vulnerabilities and insecurities and extend their support to families needing any help. Clinical Social Service Workers find out and treat mental, behavioural and emotional issues of individuals.


Program Description – Social Workers

This course draws in the students to become Social Service Workers in various fields like a critical practitioner, advocate, agent of social change and problem solver as you look into the jobs and duties of Social Service Worker in the general public with fast changes.

By examining the Social Service Worker course, you obtain knowledge, abilities and characteristics needed to help various people, groups and families to improve their well being and make a difference in their life.

This course introduces to you how critical thinking and reflective practise assists you with understanding the commitment of qualities and ideologies to tackle social issues.

There are more field works in which you can acquire hands-on experience in Social Service Works like surveying communities, creating methodologies and social activity plans.


Institutions in UK offering Social Worker programs

UK, the in-demand nation of the major workforce of social works is offering educational programs for international students who are in the will of becoming social workers.

  • Lancaster University
  • Glasgow Caledonian University
  • University of Portsmouth
  • University of East Anglia
  • University of Bath
  • The University of Edinburgh
  • University of Nottingham
  • University of Chester
  • University of West London
  • University of Wolverhampton

The above-listed institutions in UK are offering Social Worker programs. Plan your education in UK! Check your eligibility now.


Job Opportunities

There are many job opportunities in UK for those who are specialised in social work. Diversified fields are wanting social worker professionals to work in.

  • Community development worker
  • Counsellor
  • Life coach
  • Volunteer coordinator
  • Youth worker
  • Health Educator
  • Mental Health Counsellor
  • Marriage and Family Therapists
  • Recreational Therapists
  • Rehabilitation Counsellor
  • Social and Community Service Managers
  • Social and Human Service Assistants

Social Working is not limited to a specific communal job but helps acquire jobs in many interrelated designations. Seize the chance now!


Benefits of studying in UK

You won’t regret planning your education in UK as it is precise that the benefits you get by studying in UK are abundant and will help you in the long run. By studying in UK, you will…

  • Get a world-class education
  • Mark a higher level of language skill
  • Study in the top institutions of the world
  • Enjoy the student lifestyle of the Great North
  • Make friends from different walks of life
  • Get an internationally recognised degree
  • Improve your academic proficiency
  • Live in a multicultural society

Excited to plan your education in UK? Great…


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Middlesex University in London has opened the gates for Jan’20 intake!

Middlesex University

This is a publicly funded university located at Hendon in London, England. This institute was instantiated in the year 1878. In 1973, after delivering its immense educational service for nearly 100 years, the college was renamed as Middlesex Polytechnic. This institute played a vital role in creating more successful and skilful graduates over these years. In 1998, Middlesex Polytechnic got University status and was called from then as Middlesex University.

This is one of the best universities in the UK. There are diversified courses in the UK offered for the education of international students and some important and well-doing courses for masters are granted here at the Middlesex University, Hendon. Scholarships in UK are supplemental for international students.

The top-class education system in the UK is the primary factor for the graduates of UK universities being so knowledgeable and skilful. It is an asserting factor that the life of students studied in the UK will see happiness to its fullest. Continue reading the blog to know more about the courses in UK…


London, the largest city in the whole of England and the UK is the capital city of England. It contains the highest population in the European Union. London is the best city in the world because it is the most influential, important, investment-friendly, innovative, popular for work and vegetarian-friendly. It is ranked 26th place in 300 major cities which are economically performing. London is one of the powerful and largest financial centres in the world.

The people in London are diversified with different cultures and more than 300 languages spoken throughout the country. London is the most preferred city by international visitors to visit and migrate.

The economy is based on tourism, service industries and manufacturing. Automotive export has a valid place in England’s revenue. It has a mixed economy wholly in England which is the largest economy of the UK. England’s GDP Per Capita is 18th highest in the world.

The climate here in London is said to be temperate oceanic. It brings warm summers and cold winters. The climate of England is stated to be temperate maritime which brings cold winters and warm summers. The climate of England impacts London too. London stands top in the list of favourite and the best place for abroad students aspiring to do a higher study. Middlesex University is located here in this region!

There are renowned Universities in the UK, and many are housed in England. One of those universities is Middlesex University. The education system in UK is the most specialised and developed education system found in the world. There are different domains and types of courses in UK which are found in Middlesex University of London. Read to know more… 

Courses in Middlesex University

There are different courses in the UK offered for the education of international students. The most well-doing master’s courses are opened for January’20 intake. The programs include;

  • MBA with Integrated Placement (15 months/24 months)
  • M.Sc. Marketing and Corporate Communications with Integrated Placement (15 months/24 months)
  • M.Sc. Digital Marketing with Integrated Placement (15 months/24 months)
  • M.Sc. Global Supply Chain Management with Placement (15 months/24 months)
  • MA Human Resource Management  with Placement (15 months/24 months) (previously MA People Management and Development)
  • MA International Business Management with Placement (15 months/24 months)
  • MA International Human Resource Management with Placement (15 months/24 months)

These are the courses offered by the Middlesex University in the UK for the openings of January 2020. There are exclusive scholarships in UK for international students. You can avail the scholarship by meeting the eligibility criteria and optimise your educational expenses. Aspiring to study overseas? Then go ahead. You’ve got the right source.  

Benefits of studying in the UK

The long-term benefits for an international student to feel happy about studying in UK are as follows;

  • Live your dream
  • More job opportunities in the field of Study
  • Live in one of the richest countries
  • Study in one of the top university of the world
  • Technically and Professionally developed
  • Get exposed to a different culture
Waive off IELTS…

Another worth stating information is, the UK does not require IELTS anymore from international students to study there. You can substitute the IELTS by your 12th grade English mark (if it’s 70% and above) to omit IELTS.

Abroad education remains the best aspect of life which gives a never before and never again experience for an international student. The education system in the UK, Universities in UK, courses in UK all are just provided for the welfare of the student community. Taking a step ahead, the UK government is providing more scholarships for international students in UK. Choose now, how you wish to be!

What next? Registration, it is! Get on there. 

Registration Process

The Middlesex University of London in the UK has opened the master’s programs for January 2020 intake! Plan your master’s degree in United Kingdom! Apply now with CanApprove.

We are providing education and immigration services for aspirants who are willing to migrate or study overseas! Our service is continuing successfully since 1998, for more than 20 years. Our experienced and skilful consultants help you completely with all your process of abroad plan right from the start till you move. Connect with us to know more about studying masters at the Middlesex University in London, UK!

The University of Hertfordshire in UK has opened the programs for Jan’20 intake


Being one of England’s home countries, Hertfordshire is situated in the south of England. Hertfordshire has its borders, Cambridgeshire and Bedfordshire in the north, London in the south, Essex in the east and Buckinghamshire in the west.  

This country encapsulates 10 districts in it and has more grasslands. The undeveloped lands in the country are generally farming lands where the country encourages farming and performs it for economic purposes. Hertfordshire has good access to London by its motorways and railways.

The economy of the country lies in the service industry which is the largest sector. Agriculture also contributes more to the economy of the country. The country has a temperate maritime climate. It brings warm summers and cool winters. This is the country where the University of Hertfordshire is situated at. Read on to know more about studying masters in England!


University of Hertfordshire

The University of Hertfordshire is a publicly funded, renowned university in Hertfordshire, UK. It was established in the year 1952 as Hatfield Technical College. After providing 40 years of service to the students, this institute gained the university status in the year 1992 and was also renamed as University of Hertfordshire.

This is one of the best universities in the UK. It has been creating more skilful graduates and successful professionals over these years. There are more courses in UK and some of the important courses for masters are granted here at the University of Hertfordshire. Also, there are more scholarships in UK for international students.

The education system in the UK is the main reason for the graduates of UK universities being so skilful and knowledgeable. It is a vouching factor that the life of an individual who studied in UK will have prosperity to its fullest. Continue the blog and know more about courses in UK…


Courses in the UK

There are more courses offered at the University of Hertfordshire for international students. Few of the courses are opened for January 2020 intake! They are;

  • Software Engineering with Placement Year
  • Advanced Computer Science with Placement Year
  • Cyber Security with Placement Year
  • Artificial Intelligence with Robotics with Placement Year
  • Finance and Investment Banking with Placement Year
  • Computer Science with Placement Year
  • Computer Networking with Placement Year
  • International Business
  • International Tourism, Hospitality & Event Management with Placement Year

All these are 2 years masters courses (with placement year) offered for January 2020 intake along with exclusive scholarships in the UK for international students. If you meet the eligibility to avail the scholarship, your scholarship gets approved and your educational expenses can be optimized. This is the best opportunity if you are aspiring to study abroad. Go ahead!


Benefits of studying in the UK

There are some long-term benefits of studying in the UK for which international students could feel happy about. Few of those benefits include;

  • Live your dream
  • Get exposed to a different culture
  • Study in one of the top university of the world
  • More job opportunities in the field of Study
  • Live in one of the richest countries
  • Technically and Professionally developed


No more IELTS…

There is pleasant news for abroad aspirants who plan to study in UK! You don’t need to take up IELTS exam for getting admission to a UK university. Instead you can use your 12th grade English score (if it’s 70%) to waive off IELTS.

Overseas education remains the best part of the life of an individual. The main reason for profound success of the students of UK universities is the most technical and unique education system in UK. There are more universities in UK offering more programs for the education of international students. Among the diversified courses in UK, choose yours now!

There are more Scholarships in the UK for international students. If you have always been thinking of pursuing your studies abroad, this is your best chance and UK is your best choice. What next? Registration Process. Get on there…


Registration Process

The University of Hertfordshire in UK has opened the master’s programs for January 2020 intake! Plan for your master’s degree in United Kingdom! Apply with CanApprove.

We are providing education and immigration services for aspirants who are willing to study and migrate overseas successfully since 1998, for more than 20 years. Our consultants are skilful and experienced. They help you completely with all your process of abroad plan right from the start till you move. Connect with us to know more about studying masters at the University of Hertfordshire in UK!

University of Bedfordshire, UK is providing master’s courses for Jan’20 intake! Make your plans

University of Bedfordshire

Bedfordshire University is one of the oldest publicly funded institute housed in Buckinghamshire and Bedfordshire in England. Having its origination in 1882, this institute has been serving the students’ community by delivering its world-class education and created more skillful and successful grads over these years. After more than 100 years of service, this institute gained university status in the year 1992.

Over these years right from its origination as a college, this particular institute had many name changes being the sign of its evolution. It was instantiated as a Teacher Training college in the year 1882. In 1992, after receiving the university status, this institute acquired the name as University of Luton. Later in 2006, the name was again changed as University of Bedfordshire.

Being one of the important and oldest universities in England, UK, this university is providing a world-class education at an affordable cost. Also, this university has been creating more successful graduates all these years which is a more prestigious factor for its house, England.

There are various campuses in England for the University of Bedfordshire in different locations. The locations include Bedford and Luton in Bedfordshire and Milton Keynes in Buckinghamshire regions both in England.  

A peculiar education system in the UK is implemented in the universities and colleges housed there in UK. The education system in UK is also the main reason for the success rate of grads from UK universities and also for the country being the favourite study abroad destination.

International students are benefited by studying in the UK because there are enormous scholarships for international students in UK. UK remains the favorite study abroad destination because there are more Universities in UK, more courses in UK and yet another reason, the most developed, technical and renowned education system in UK.

Thinking of studying abroad? The UK is welcoming you warmly! Make your plans and fly to UK. Continue the blog and know more. You’ve got the right source.


England, United Kingdom

England is a country which is a part of the UK which has its west bordered by wales, north by Scotland, west by Irish sea and the Celtic Sea to the southwest. England holds the credit of being the first industrialized nation in the world. The industrial revolution began in 18th century after which England was transformed into an industrialized nation. The largest metropolitan city in the United Kingdom as well as the European Union, London, is the capital of England. 84% the population of the United Kingdom is found in England.

With a mixed Market economy and having 18th highest GDP Per Capita in the world, England is said to have the largest economy of the United Kingdom. The England economy depends on service industries, manufacturing industries and tourism. Pharmaceuticals and Automotive export play a major role in constructing the economy. Fuel extraction contributes to making revenue to the country.

Supplemental to this, there are renowned universities in the UK among which few are housed in England. There are more specialized courses in the UK which are available in its universities.

The climate of England is temperate maritime which brings mild weather. Winters are cold here and summers are warm. England remains the best place for an aspiring student to further his/her abroad education.


Courses in University of Bedfordshire

There are different courses in UK universities. Now, introducing the courses that are in its full swing and are open for January 2020 intake! The courses include;

  • MBA with Placement
  • MSC International Business with Placement
  • MSC Computer Science with Placement
  • MSC Electronic Engineering with Placement

There are internship programs and scholarships in the UK for international students who plan their higher studies in UK. Plan your studies in UK. Now!


Benefits of Studying in the UK

You can feel happy about the long-term benefits you would acquire by planning your studies at University of Bedfordshire in UK. Few of the benefits are followed;

  • More job opportunities in the field of Study
  • Live in one of the richest countries
  • Live your dream
  • Study in one of the top universities in the world
  • Technically and Professionally developed
  • Get exposed to a different culture
  • Avail the scholarship and minimize your educational expenses


Abroad education is happening that makes a huge change in the life of every individual who studies abroad. Universities in UK gives you the best abroad experience. The courses in UK are vast which on completing gifts you a lucrative job in the field of study. The education system in UK plays a major role in the development of a student studying in UK.


Waive off the IELTS…

The most worth stating thing in this blog is that you need not have to take up the IELTS exam to grab your admission in University of Bedfordshire, UK. You can now waive it off by substituting your 12th grade English mark (if you have scored 60%) and study in UK.

Also, there are more scholarships in the UK for international students. If you think to further your education in the UK, this is your time! What next? Registration obviously. Get on to the registration process!


Registration Process

The University of Bedfordshire has opened the programs for January 2020 intake! Plan your master’s course in England! Apply with CanApprove. We are right here to help.

We are providing education and immigration services for abroad aspirants successfully since 1998, for more than 20 years. Our consultant experts will help you totally with your abroad plan from scratch until you fly to the UK. Connect with us to know more about studying masters at University of Bedfordshire, England!