How to choose the right overseas education consultant?

Hey there, Howdy! Planning to study abroad? It’s a hot topic that is at an all-time high and adding to your excitement, we provide valuable information to make the process as easy as possible.

In the testing times of covid and lockdown, we are focused to enlighten people who are really passionate about studying abroad and looking forward to it. Many overseas education aspirants are making plans to start their overseas education in the desired country but the real challenge is finding the right and credible consultant. Quite a tough task, it seems to be!

Scout for someone who makes your journey joyful and those who don’t make you feel abandoned after spending a lump amount of money on this. Money looters are everywhere and people fall prey to them just like that. Easy! We will break the ice for you. In this piece of content, we are going to discuss how to choose the right overseas education consultant.

I hope this will be helpful for someone like you!

First, listen to your needs

Before taking up this journey (or any initiative to take up the journey), ask yourself what are you expecting from this. Out of your needs, you can figure out a specific college or university for the course that you desire to study. If that’s how it goes, then so far so good! Before getting the ball rolling here are some things that we provide for you to be clear about.

  • What program interests you?
  • What’s the level of education you look for?
  • Budget limitations, if any?
  • Financial aid needed or you are self-sufficient?
  • Any specific ideas in your mind for the country or university of study?
  • Any other expectations towards the education system of the country that you look forward to choosing?

If you are clear with these questions, then you actually are making the job easy. These are important before starting because you build your foundation upon these. It’s not that you can only study abroad if you have these figured out. Because people discover their interests at various stages and walks of life, so didn’t have any idea so far? Cool. It’s no big deal if even you are on the unclear side. You stand chances for your abroad education and the appropriate education consultant can help you.

BGV – Background Verification

The background doesn’t lie. Become conscious and wide awake about the consultancy you are approaching because fraudulent scenarios happen every day as we see or hear them. FYI, there are ample educational consultants in your locality alone. Just google it however, be prepared to get into chaos as well! Ha-ha. Don’t worry! We will help you out.

It really is time-consuming to read about all the consultancies on the web that you come across. But, to be honest, you have to know about them. At least some basic information as you are going to be associated with them for a life-changing happening. So, be aware.

If you are not finding any background details of the consultancy on their website, just move on. Period!

Reviews are high in value

Look for the reviews and client testimonials. Not all the reviews are great but a great source for making your discretion of whether to proceed with that consultancy or not. Take a coffee mug (or a tea glass if you are a chai person) and just read the reviews and words of the clients and that emotion is the reflection of the behaviour of the consultancy towards its clients.

Some of the reviews might be fake as well so don’t fall for them. Check video testimonials, social media pages and google listings! It will definitely help you decide whether the consultancy is credible or not.

Know about the expertise

By chance, if you come across any consultancy, the next feasible thing to do for your goodness is to know about their expertise. How will you know that? By asking as many questions as you have about the overseas education process and the expertise they have in the field. Learn if they could assist students throughout the overseas education journey.

And, another pro-tip is you can perceive how a company is behaving to its clients when at some point you feel doubtful. Be curious to enquire about their record of placing students in various institutions around the world. Again, expertise comes with age so see what path have they been travelling in and also analyze how well they communicate details, and how they keep you posted when there are updates. All these are evident to their expertise. If you feel something is not right or something you expect is being missed, then you know what to do!

Friends, Seniors and Family members might give you insights

It’s completely fine to rely upon your friends or family members or your seniors and take their suggestions while getting the overseas education journey. Well, that is an easy way to find out the best consultancy. Sometimes, the word of mouth from any of your close ones might be easy to choose your consultancy. They might have taken admission through a consultancy a few years back. So, ask for their experience and make your decision. However, you are suggested to do your homework as well despite getting their suggestions.


Don’t be in an urge. Be mindful of what you are doing and what you are going to do. Be happy and serious with the steps you take and to be honest finding a good consultancy is no rocket science. It’s worth the effort to find the right associates who are supposed to assist in your overseas education process. I hope this blog helped you in some way in finding out the best overseas education consultants.

And, if you are looking forward to overseas education, CanApprove might be what you want at this time. Talk to us. Our overseas education coordinators will direct you on the right path and make the process a smooth and memorable one. Don’t wait!

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Psychology Degree Courses in Canada for International Students

Canada, the epitome of education is constantly offering degree courses and study programs for international students in different domains, one such being psychology courses in Canada. It has been the favourite abroad destination for immigrants and international students because of its hospitality and welcoming nature.

Universities and Colleges in Canada are educating the student community for years and have created more successful grads over the decades. Now, Canada is providing Psychology degree courses for those who are dreaming to become Psychologists. 

If you are one of the study abroad aspirants, then, this blog is for you! 

Read on to know more…

How is Psychology defined & Who is a Psychologist?

The branch of science that deals with the study of the human mind and its functions, primarily the affecting behaviour of a particular context.

Generally, Psychology refers to the mental characteristics of an individual or a group. It is the science dealing with human behaviour and mind, their conscious and unconscious phenomena as well as their feelings and thoughts.

Since Psychology deals with the instincts of human beings, it has a magnifying scope and purview in academics. 

A Psychologist is a regular practitioner of Psychology and is mostly associated with treating psychological disorders in a patient. They study and inspect the mental process and behaviour of humans. They test the ability of cognition, perception, emotion, attention, intelligence, brain functioning and personality of the patients and treat them accordingly in spite of any abnormality.

Neurology plays a major role in Psychology, which is the study of the organization of neurons in the brain. The neuroscientific researchers’ group is meant for inventing new treatments in order to cure psychological and neurology problems. They perform research in specific and contextual cases.

A Psychologist is considered a behavioural, social or cognitive scientist who is concerned with curing the psychological problems in the human brain.

Popular Psychology Courses in Canada

Psychology courses in Canada offered by reputed public institutions are designed to build a strong theoretical base in various aspects of human behaviour as understood by traditional and contemporary thinkers & well-renowned social scientists. 

Canada is providing more courses in the field of Psychology, few of the programs and courses include;

  • Bachelor of Arts in Psychology
  • Associate of Arts in Psychology
  • Master of Arts in Psychology
  • Bachelor of Arts in Psychology (Co-op) (Honours)
  • Honours Bachelor of Science in Psychology

The study programs on Psychology in Canada also encourage the learners to contribute to social science research. The Co-op programs offered in Psychology in Canada allow international students to take on an entrepreneurship path by practicing as mental therapists. 

Top Colleges and Universities Offering Psychology Courses in Canada

Canadian Universities and Colleges are providing more importance to Psychological studies because unlike other clinical studies, Psychology teaches more methodologies to cure a person better than generic medications. Few of the Colleges and Universities providing Psychology courses in Canada are;

  • University of Toronto
  • Camosun College
  • University of Alberta
  • University of British Columbia
  • Kwantlen Polytechnic University

CanApprove recommends international students apply for Public Universities to pursue psychology courses in Canada. A degree from any public university in Canada is recognized worldwide as well as the beneficiaries are eligible to apply for Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWP). 

A PGWP allows recent graduates to work full-time in Canada for upto 3 years. During this time period, the PGWP holders can qualify for the federal immigration program – Canadian Experience Class (CEC) and get nominated through Express Entry to apply for permanent residence in Canada. 

Benefits of studying Psychology in Canada

There are prominent benefits for an international student in studying Psychology courses in Canada. Some significant ones are;

  • Enhancement of personal knowledge
  • Development of career
  • Acquire critical thinking skills
  • Best and quality education
  • Cost-effective education and living
  • Experience life in a multicultural society
  • Attain an internationally recognized degree

Career Pathways After Attaining a Psychology Degree in Canada

The most important advantage of studying Psychology in Canada is, a student has a lot of career opportunities and pathways to fix his/her career. A person with a Psychological degree can most probably work as;

  • Psychometrist
  • Substance Abuse Counsellor
  • Human Resource Personnel
  • Marriage and Family Therapist
  • Experimental Psychologists
  • Psychiatric Technician
  • Forensic Psychologists

Canada is providing the best education for international students with more favourable federal systems. If you are planning to study abroad, make your plans now. Canada is always welcoming you. 

What are you waiting for? Registration? Go ahead…

Registration Process

Thinking of becoming a Psychologist? Canada is now offering the best Psychology courses for you. Apply with CanApprove.

We have been providing immigration and education services for more than 20 years successfully. Our team of experts is here to look after all the sides of your abroad plan. Connect with us to know more about Psychology courses in Canada.

FAQs on Studying Psychology in Canada

Q1. I have done a master’s in clinical psychology outside Canada. Can I work in Canada or do I need to study more to get a job in my field?

Yes, you can work in Canada with your present education qualification. Fortunately, you need not pursue any more psychology courses in Canada to qualify! 

Q2. I’ve done my post-graduation diploma in Management with a specialization in HR and Marketing. I’m interested in pursuing psychology as a career option. What could be my best options as my bachelor’s degree is not in psychology? 

Unfortunately, cross major is not possible in Canada. Instead, you could add value to your qualification by choosing courses related to your specialization. In HR and Marketing itself. It’s way more, a better decision to make.

Q3. My nationality is Indian. I have done my Bachelor’s of communication (Major Public Relations). Presently, I am working as an undergraduate Associate Allied science (major in Psychology) in Houston Texas. Now I want to move to Canada and I am wondering if there will be a problem getting a visa seeing that my work experience and education degree are not consistent. 

Glad news is that you can still qualify for a Canada PR visa. You can choose any 1-year program like occupational therapy, behaviour science, addictions behaviour or likewise in Canada. After completing the course, you may qualify for Canada Experience Class federal program to apply for a Canada visa. 

Q4. I have done my BHMS (Bachelor of Homeopathy Medicine & Surgery) from India. Is it possible to opt for a master’s in psychology or in forensic medicine in Canada? 

BHMS is departed from psychology and forensic by the nature of the works carried out in the respective fields. It might be considered as a cross major which is not encouraged by the Canadian immigration system. 

Q5. I have completed a 3-year bachelor’s program in psychology from India. Am I eligible to pursue a master’s degree in psychology in Canada? 

You are allowed to opt for a PG diploma since you have a 3 years bachelor’s degree. Canada demands a 4 years bachelor’s degree to opt for a master’s.

Study in UK without IELTS!

You can study in UK without IELTS! Want to know how? Go on…

Education in UK

One of the most renowned and peculiar education systems in the world is the education in UK. It is a delegated matter among the countries in UK. Each country’s education governance is devolved. The government of UK takes care of England education while the Scottish government and the Northern Ireland Executive look after the education of Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland accordingly.

UK is preferred by many international students to study because of its standard of education, which is universally known, and I guess a special explanation and comments are not needed. The countries in the UK boast offering many programs for international students in various domains and also the institutions housed in the UK countries are all globally recognized which is yet another reason for international students flying to UK.

Social Workers, Healthcare and Nursing are the programs that are well happening in UK. Would you like to check out? Give it a glance… 



International English Language Testing System is used to evaluate the English proficiency of a person who is willing to migrate to a foreign country for work or to study there.

Well, to study in UK, IELTS is mandatory. Right? Not only in UK, but in all the common wealth nations, IELTS is a prime determinant of the English proficiency of immigrants and international students. Those who meet the IELTS score criteria of the education council of UK get admission, if not met, gets rejected. The same is applicable for immigrants too.

To be honest, IELTS is quite competitive, but it makes sense to attend the test as you are going to have your medium of instruction in English and also, it’s the language for you to survive in English speaking countries. So, testing your English ability will give you the confidence to make sure you are competent enough.

But guess what, now the pandemic has waived off IELTS in UK for international students. Yes. You read it right. But, how to study in UK without IELTS? Read on…


Study in UK without IELTS

As the pandemic has been making life more abnormal, many global systems that have been followed were not normal thereafter. In the context of IELTS examination, students are still finding it difficult to take IELTS or TOEFL to fulfil their overseas education conditions and already the academics of students have been terribly disturbed.

Considering this state, many UK institutions have decided to grant IELTS waivers based on the Class 12 English grades of students. Supporting documents may be required for substantiation while applying.

The English test score of the 12th board exam should be 70, 80, 90 and above for the respective regions in India and for some universities CBSE and ICSE board of accreditation is needed.

And the medium of instruction of the applicant should have been in English for a bachelor’s degree which was completed a couple of years before.

There are Duolingo test accepted universities in UK. Duolingo which is an alternative for IELTS can be taken from your home itself. But not all universities acknowledge Duolingo. However, that’s another option but if you are looking forward to studying in UK, seize the chance and apply with an IELTS waiver…


Institutions in UK without IELTS

Some of the institutions in UK that have waived off IELTS for international students are,

  • Lincoln University
  • Portsmouth University
  • Warwick University
  • UWS (the University of the West of Scotland)
  • University of Glasgow
  • LSBU (London South Bank University)
  • Solent University
  • University of Leicester
  • Essex university
  • Solent University

Check your eligibility now to apply for UK higher education!


Overall Benefits of studying in UK

At this point, studying in UK grants you immense benefits. By planning your education in UK, you will

  • Have IELTS waived off
  • Get a world-class education
  • Mark a higher level of language skill
  • Study in the top institutions of the world
  • Enjoy the student lifestyle of the Great North
  • Make friends from different walks of life
  • Get an internationally recognised degree
  • Improve your academic proficiency
  • Live in a multicultural society

Excited, eh? Talk to our overseas education coordinator and make your plans right away


Registration Process

CanApprove has been providing overseas education and immigration services to many abroad aspirants for years now. With 2-decade long sustainability and history, CanApprove vouches for the visa success rate and positive impacts in the lives of its clients.

Planning to study in UK? We will take care of that. Our education coordinators will help you with country selection, program selection and university selection. Our expert documentation team will assure the success of your visa. We are a click away. Talk to our education coordinator, get a personalised consultation and a free profile evaluation.

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The 10 benefits topping the list of becoming a Nurse!

Planning your healthcare education in UK is the best decision an international student could ever make because the outcomes of the process are going to leave you awestruck. There are plentiful benefits – both professional and personal, for international students planning their nursing education in UK. Some of these benefits might intersect caregivers too.

Okay. Now, it’s time for some facts. There are close to 21 million nurses and midwives around the world comprising half the population of healthcare workers. But sadly, this ain’t a large figure because many countries are still running out of nursing professionals to support their growing population. As per the prediction of WHO, there will be a supplemental need of 9 million nurses and midwives by 2030.

Can you relate to why nursing has always been an appealing profession? Yes, the demand for nurses is constantly raising thus creating a larger space for many individuals to pick up nursing as a profession of compassion and also become successful in the same.

Now! Have you ever thought how fruitful my life would become once after gaining appropriate skills and graduating as a nurse? It’s more than convincing and leaves you over cloud nine. Listing some crucial benefits that you reap out of becoming a nursing professional.

  • Personally rewarding
  • Internationally acknowledged
  • Respected career
  • Professional enhancement
  • Job security
  • Variety
  • Take up challenges
  • Interaction

These are the various aspects of being benefited from becoming a nurse! Let’s brief them up…


Personally rewarding

You can always be proud of being a Nurse. You are no less than a superhero saving the lives of those in trouble. Your career is having an idiosyncrasy than any others professionally and personally because you are not doing the job that anyone can do in common. The treatment and advice you provide is going to make a difference in the patient’s life

And that difference is the firing motivation for you that you got to wake up and head to work every day. Superhero, aren’t you? Personally satisfying, highly rewarding!!


Nursing in UK – Internationally acknowledged

As explained in the beginning, there are nursing shortages in many countries around the world for various reasons. Among every other reason, the ageing population and workforce are crucial for the countries wanting more nurses and witnessing a shortage for them.

This circumstance makes nurses being employable in various parts of the regardless of nationality. So, this is good news for abroad aspirants who are interested in Nursing as you have great employment prospects not only in the UK but all around the world.

The best part is, serving there for few years or having studied nursing over there and then getting to work might catalyse your eligibility to apply for a PR.


Respected career

The Healthcare domain is the one that has highly respected professions in it. The nursing community is highly respected for their selflessness, level of service, and compassion they have towards others which are entangled with their profession. Especially, nursing is one of the professions that’s garnered high stability than another profession.


Professional enhancement

There are many opportunities for you to make a career advancement. With your new job as a head start, you can attain the designations like ward manager, senior nurse or nursing director. And importantly, these designations demand proven work experience for several years and recognition from managing authorities.

A PG degree helps you to become an advanced nursing practitioner and increases your wage for the senior service you offer.


Job security

The stability of Nursing asserts the job security of an individual. Also, Nursing professionals after graduating in UK can be sure that they get placed. As of the employment statistics, 87% of students graduating as nurses in UK are likely to be getting placed as a nurse within 6 months of graduation.

Some of the universities in UK that offer the best nursing programs are,

  • Robert Gordon University
  • University of Nottingham
  • University of South Wales
  • Cardiff University
  • University of Manchester
  • Keele University
  • University of Glasgow
  • Imperial College
  • University of Surrey
  • London University College
  • University of Southampton
  • London University of Edinburgh
  • King’s College London 


Healthcare keeps on witnessing new dimensions in terms of technology incorporation and efficacy of the treatment. As far as the human body is explored, healthcare witnesses constant growth. In such a dynamic field, you as a part of the workforce will contemporarily develop new skills in different segments as required.

Paediatrics, mental health, palliative care, geriatric, intensive care, oncology are some of the nursing segments and upon discovering your area of interest you can focus on one thing but be equally competent in other segments based on the demands.


Take up challenges

Nursing, as a profession has a lot to offer you where every day is different. You face various challenges with respect to time and situation. You will be prepared physically and psychologically to fight such challenges. On the whole, nursing makes you emotionally strong and develop perseverance. 



Interaction is more of a therapy for patients and nurses as well. If you are the kind of person who likes to meet a lot of people, then nursing is the best job like which no other job is appropriate.

Also, this interaction enables your listening and verbal ability as you need to talk to more doctors, nurses and patients. It’s anyway cool to interact with various people rather than interacting with a computer the whole day.

So, to sum up, there are enormous possibilities for nurses in the present and future as well. Grab a spoon to become a nurse in UK. CanApporve will help you.

Our immigration and overseas education coordinators have been helping a lot of people over the years to study or settle abroad. If you are on the verge of planning your overseas education, just breathe in. We are a click away. Our experts will assist you in every aspect. You can talk to them about your aspirations and plans.

Connect with us for a personal consultation and get your profile evaluated absolutely without any cost. Become a Registered Nurse in the UK. Good luck.


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Nursing Job Prospects in UK for international students!

Nursing education in UK is the best part for an international student but working there as a Nurse upon completing the degree is a push factor that adds to your excitement and leaves you on cloud nine. Let’s discuss the nursing job prospects in UK.


Nursing Job Prospects in UK

Nursing education in UK will be paving the way for a highly rewarding career in UK as well as in other countries. But there are enormous Nursing job prospects in UK itself which have to be discussed before thinking about other countries. In the wake of completing a Nursing degree, you have many segments to work in healthcare where your service will be needed.

In this blog let’s address some highly rewarding Nursing jobs that could change one’s life in a drastic way.


What are the Nursing jobs in UK for me?

I can hear you wondering about the Nursing job prospects in UK which is why I have created this piece of content. Haha!

There are many segments in healthcare where a registered nurse has crucial roles to play. In accordance with that, some of the employment opportunities in UK for nursing professionals to build a successful career include,

  • Children’s nurse
  • Health visitor
  • Health play specialist
  • Mental health nurse
  • Midwife
  • High-intensity therapist
  • Physician associate
  • Paramedic
  • Adult nurse
  • Learning disability nurse

The above listed are some of the prospective opportunities for international students who graduated in UK and look for Nursing jobs.


Who are my employers?

Nursing jobs are offered by many employers of the UK federation. Alongside, them there are some proportions of private employers too! The following are the employers with whom you can grab the opportunity to get into any Nursing jobs.

  • The National Health Service (NHS)
  • Private sector clinics and hospitals
  • Private sector healthcare providers under the contract to provide services to NHS patients
  • Voluntary organisations
  • Local authorities (nursing and residential homes)
  • Schools and higher education institutions
  • Industries (for workplace and industry safety)
  • Prisons and the armed forces
  • Private sector organisations including leisure cruise companies and private nursing homes.

Nursing and caregivers are highly acknowledged in UK that many employers are creating plentiful job opportunities and providing immaculate health care service.


Considerations for getting a Nursing job in UK

The UK NHS is very particular about the competency of the nursing professionals before hiring. So, getting an undergraduate nursing degree will not suffice to get registered as a nurse but you may have other low-profile jobs.

But for getting registered as a nurse in Nursing and Midwifery Council in UK, you should have your masters completed and, some related work experience for a year at least is recommended. In most of the candidates’ profile, there will be a minimum work experience after their UG which will add weightage to their application.

Make sure your knowledge in nursing is up to date and you are having your skills improved contemporary to the nursing education in UK. Internships, apprenticeships and hospital visits during your education will definitely help.


What skills are expected from me?

Nursing study as a whole in UK is going to make you professionally competent undoubtedly. You are equipped with technical skills that fuel you to work in a multidisciplinary team of specialists to treat patients.

The skills expected by the employers from you will be acquainted as you study your program and go through various aspects. Some of the demanded skills are,

  • flexibility
  • adaptability
  • empathy
  • organisation and time management
  • leadership
  • determination and tenacity
  • the ability to conduct research
  • problem-solving and decision-making skills


Will I get a Nursing Job end of all these?

Certainly! If you are sure that you are competent enough and having the above mentioned qualities, then it’s obvious that you’re qualified to work as a nursing professional. Just that it’s a matter of time how you perform during the evaluation. Don’t worry. You have training sessions integrated with your program to help you with appropriate test performing skills.

And guess what, the majority of the international students are employed within 6 months of graduating from a UK university as a nurse. It’s a whopping 87% of students being the beneficiary of the nursing employment opportunities among which 10% account to be working as midwives.

So, you will possibly get through.


What are the Universities for me to study Nursing?

UK is the land of world-class educational institutions especially the front runner in healthcare education.

  • University of Glasgow
  • Cardiff University
  • University of Surrey
  • University of Southampton

These are some of the renowned universities for you to take up nursing education.


I hope you have got some insights into the employment prospects in UK for Nursing graduates.

CanApprove has been helping many international students to achieve their dream of studying abroad and many abroad aspirants to migrate to foreign countries. If you are willing to migrate to UK and work as a Nursing professional, there is no place elsewhere other than CanApprove.

Right from the beginning, you will be assisted to get through your visa process. We have a team of documentation experts who will enhance your application to become a successful one. Our overseas education experts will guide you in every aspect and offer the best guidance they could to make sure you are selected.

Our overseas education coordinators are a click away. Connect with them for a personal consultation and get a free profile evaluation to kick your migration plan to UK as a registered nurse.

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Programs in UK to become a caregiver or a nurse!

As we know, Care giving is one of the professions in full swing in the countries in UK, it’s high time to discuss the possibilities for various people to migrate to the UK as caregivers.

As a continuity of the previous blog, here you get some insights about the caregiver and nursing programs available in UK. Glad you are here after reading the last post about the caregiving profession in UK and migration as a caregiver. If you haven’t read it yet, give it a glance.


Now, are there any programs available in UK to become a caregiver or a nurse? Let’s discuss it

It is sometimes assumed that caregiving is not a special field like Nursing or Psychology and it’s generally assisting the needy. But it is not exactly true. Yes, caregiving might not be a special domain, unlike a person who can graduate and start practising, whereas it is an essential quality a person willing to work in health and social care should possess.

There are programs for international students to learn the aspects of caregiving. UK has some of the renowned educational institutions topping in the world. They offered a world-class education, added with a global acknowledgement to work as a caregiver. Though there is a global acknowledgement, there are great employment prospects in UK itself.

This is not an all-new program for someone without any idea of caregiving. This program is for those who are already employed in any field of health and social care.

Program Description – Caregiver

This program concentrates to produce nursing and caregiving practitioners, inculcate good practice, and advocates for older people and their health. It will foster your abilities with a view to creating greatness in care as well as adaptability and self-assurance in the expert.

The requirement for the further advancement of skills, abilities, capabilities and mentalities in looking after individuals has been widely acknowledged. Evolving socioeconomics, treatments, innovation and expectations are all impacting the advancement of caregiving as a speciality.

This course considers caregiving as cooperative and interdisciplinary with a positive view towards the potential outcomes of longer, better lives and the need to address the issue of chronic sickness, which can intimidate the nature of later life. In this course, will be placed an interdisciplinary practice in all modules as the essential model of care.

Willing to pply for a UK study visa? Then you have to know about the UK visa requirements

Old age and chronic caregiver programs are available in,

  • London South Bank University
  • Newcastle University
  • Kingston College
  • Solihull College & University Centre
  • University of Derby
  • Anglia Ruskin University

The aforementioned some of the highly regarded institutions in the world with international rankings and reputation. Well, these programs are probably for those who already hold a position in the nursing or caregiving field and are mostly deemed to gain a Post-Graduation level of qualification and expose you to the opportunities in nursing homes.

The requirement for acquiring admission is 6.5 points in IELTS with no band less than 6.0 or an overall 90 in TOEFL IBT. 


The other option for wannabe caregivers or students who just passed out of high school is, they can take nursing studies in UK. Generally, nursing programs garner high popularity among international students owing to the ultra-level scope they have in UK. So, studying healthcare in UK will be the best decision an international student would ever make.


Some of the institutions offering Nursing programs include,

  • King’s College London
  • Ulster University
  • University of Glasgow
  • University of Liverpool
  • University of Surrey
  • The University of Manchester
  • University of Edinburgh
  • University of Nottingham

To apply for under graduation in Nursing, a decent score in English and Mathematics in your higher secondary exam is essential. Make you have a good score.

CanApprove, the industry best immigration and overseas education consultants have been helping a lot many abroad aspirants to migrate and study abroad. You have our complete assistance studying caregiver or nursing program in UK.

Right from the beginning, you will be assisted to get through your visa process. We have a team of documentation experts who propel your application to become a successful one.

Our consultant experts are a click away. Talk to them, know your possibilities by accurate profile evaluation and kick start your overseas education process in UK. Good luck!

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Why are caregivers in UK highly acknowledged?

Caregiver courses have been getting the limelight amid many international programs in the eminent institutions of UK. Such programs are popular for years now and the particular reason for this circumstance is that the acknowledgement of the general public and NHS, owing to the ageing population of UK which requires caregivers to handle it.

In light of the fact, there are close to 12 million people in UK who are aged 65 and above among which 5.4 million accounts to be 75 and above while 1.6 million people are 85 and above and over half a million are 90 and above. There was a decent account of centenarians as well, close to 14500 as of 2018.

These populants (among these) might need personal and extended care from someone specialized and dedicated to assisting them. This is where caregivers play an important role. By the way, who is a caregiver???



A caregiver is a person who looks after someone who is resisted to be independent because of the disability. Unlike registered nurses or clinical nurses, caregivers work in nursing homes of private sectors that offer personal care.

Caregivers support the people who are temporarily disabled or those who need prolonged care. The circumstance might be because of their ageing or any other medical condition. More importantly, caregivers give mental support and emotional care to their patients whom they look after.

For instance, if a person suffers depression or mental illness, then they may seek the help of a caregiver. Caregiving is not just limited to physical, emotional and mental assistance, but also extends to offering financial and legal affairs. Although, they are considered to be a different aspect.

Summing up all the above considerations, we can implicate it is very evident that there is a great scope for caregivers in the UK. Running out of native professionals in caregiving, the countries in the kingdom are receptive to foreign nationals who work as caregivers.

So, it’s high time to apply for a UK visa under the category of caregiver.


Requirements for Caregiver in UK

You may have thought what are the requirements that a candidate should possess to migrate to UK as a caregiver.

Your odds of migrating to UK as a caregiver is high if you,

  • have completed ANM, GNM or B.Sc Nursing
  • have an overall IELTS of 5.0 with no band less than 5.0 or a C Grade in OET is needed
  • possess a minimum of one year of Experience is made mandatory
  • are 44 or below


Alongside the aforementioned criteria, it’s highly essential to be strongly able to communicate because it is that crucial. Why because, just imagine if the patient is trying to get help for something and the caregiver is not able to comprehend what is being spoken.

Or otherwise, when the caregiver is not comprehensive enough to convey or respond to the patient. It might result in huge problems and that’s why communication is considered important. No matter how good your IELTS scores are, you have to prove your communication ability to get in.

You will have your visa processed in between 3 and 5 months roughly. Upon getting, the flight ticket and your 2 months accommodation are on the employer and after 2 months you will move to a better place on your own.

And the best part is, foreign nationals who get to work as caregivers in UK are under the contract of 3 years and your spouse accompanies after 3 months of your arrival in UK.


Job Responsibilities

Many people who are in the state of receiving personal care have survived their abilities to care for themselves and benefit from a caregiver’s help. So, a caregiver can help them by,

  • offering emotional support and motivation to attain mental stability and task completion.
  • making sure that the client’s home is arranged to meet their needs and that safety precautions are taken.
  • monitoring the Improvements in wellness, behaviour, and needs.
  • following a doctor’s advice, which could include helping in fitness and medication administration.


What benefits can I enjoy being a caregiver in UK?

  • IELTS is waived off for your spouse since he or she is your dependent
  • Your spouse is open to work full time in the field of specialisation
  • You will be hired for the best salary
  • You will get to enjoy a multicultural lifestyle
  • Helping the needy is where satisfaction lies, and you can feel happy about making it your job!

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Our consultant experts are a click away. Talk to them, know your possibilities by accurate profile evaluation and kick off your migration process to UK. Good luck!


Note: In the next blog we are about to discuss the programs available in UK to become a caregiver or a nurse. Keep in touch to get the updates.

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4 Differences You Should Know Between IELTS and PTE Examinations

The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) and the Pearson Test of English (PTE) Examinations are two of the most popular English language proficiency tests.

The IELTS, established in 1989, is a test to assess the English language proficiency of non-native English speakers. The test is jointly conducted by British Council, Cambridge English Language Assessment and IDP Education. The Pearson Test of English (PTE), established in 2009, also assesses and certifies the English language proficiency of non-native English speakers. Edexcel, the largest examining body of the UK, and QCA accredit this examination.

Though both the tests are similar in many aspects, there are also remarkable differences between the two. While IELTS is accepted by European, Australian and American universities, PTE is also gaining recognition in universities across various regions. One has to carefully look into the differences between the two tests in order to choose the one in which he/she can get a better score.

Let’s explore the four important differences between PTE and IELTS

1. Versions

Both IELTS and PTE have two common versions: Academic and General. PTE has an additional version named Young Learners Test. The Academic versions are for students seeking university admission and the General versions are for those seeking job opportunities. The PTE Young Learner’s Test is to certify the English communication skills of children.

2. Test structure

There are a few core differences between IELTS and PTE in their test structures. In IELTS, the speaking skills are evaluated based on a live conversation test. But in PTE, the candidate speaks to a microphone, which will be recorded in a computerized system. This recording is then evaluated by a computer program. While IELTS is paper-based, PTE is totally computer-based. In IELTS, time is set for each paper and the candidate can move forwards or backwards. But PTE has section timings and the candidate can move only forward.

While IELTS test takers will get their results after 13 calendar days, PTE test takers will receive their results online after five business days.

3. Scoring

PTE has a complete automated scoring system compared to the manual scoring of IELTS. PTE grades a candidate in a 10-90 band while IELTS test takers are graded on a 0-9 band.

4. Date, location

The IELTS Academic test can be attended in any one of the 900 centers spread across 130 countries, on any one of the 48 pre-fixed dates. For IELTS General Test, a candidate can choose any one of the 24 pre-fixed dates to attend the test.

PTE Academic test centers are located across 50 nations. In India, PTE has centers in 15 cities. The test can be taken on any date, depending on the availability of seats.

For more information on language proficiency tests, education abroad and Canada or Australia migration, contact us now!


Study MBA in Canada

Master’s in Business Administration or MBA is a course for students who aim to develop management skills within a business environment. This career field requires the aspirants to have exceptional communication, leadership and problem-solving skills. With thriving career opportunities, management studies have already become so popular among students.

Why study MBA in Canada?

Canada is thriving as the most sought-after destination for management studies among international students. There are many factors that attract students to MBA in Canada.

They include:

Affordable cost: Affordability is one of the most important attractions of studying MBA in Canada. The cost of studies and living is much lower in Canada compared to many other study destinations including the US.

Valuable degree: An MBA degree from Canada is highly recognized across the world. Most of the students get placed within six years after completing their studies.

Good stay-back option: International students can apply for permanent residence in Canada immediately after completing their course, even without leaving the country.

Standard education: The business management programs in Canada give equal stress to theory and practical education. While they give students a strong foundation in theory, the students also gain valuable hands-on experience during the course of their studies.

MBA in Canada: Requirements

Academic Transcripts: In order to get admission to MBA program in Canada, you need to show good academic track record. The minimum academic requirements are different for different business schools. The applicants must submit official transcripts from the colleges and universities he/she attended after completing secondary education. Some schools may require more than one copy of the transcript.

Some universities demand GMAT score with minimum requirements ranging from 500 to 600. MBA programs in Canada require minimum two to three years of work experience.

Resume: In order to study MBA in Canada, you will have to submit a detailed resume along with your application, including all information such as work experience and achievements.

Recommendation letter: Some business schools require the applicants to submit letters of recommendation from previous employers and colleagues.

Statement of purpose: International students required to submit a statement of purpose to study MBA in Canada. A statement of purpose must include the reasons for choosing the MBA program, your interests and career goals and suitability of education and experience. Many institutions have their own essay questions and format. Others may ask the candidate to explain the reasons for choosing that particular course.


You have a variety of areas to specialize in when you join an MBA course. They include international business, human resources, healthcare, finance, marketing etc. An MBA also lets the holder choose a career in a variety of fields including international marketing, retail management, finance, public administration, accounting, consulting etc.


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