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Why are caregivers in UK highly acknowledged?

Caregiver courses have been getting the limelight amid many international programs in the eminent institutions of UK. Such programs are popular for years now and the particular reason for this circumstance is that the acknowledgement of the general public and NHS, owing to the ageing population of UK which requires caregivers to handle it.

In light of the fact, there are close to 12 million people in UK who are aged 65 and above among which 5.4 million accounts to be 75 and above while 1.6 million people are 85 and above and over half a million are 90 and above. There was a decent account of centenarians as well, close to 14500 as of 2018.

These populants (among these) might need personal and extended care from someone specialized and dedicated to assisting them. This is where caregivers play an important role. By the way, who is a caregiver???



A caregiver is a person who looks after someone who is resisted to be independent because of the disability. Unlike registered nurses or clinical nurses, caregivers work in nursing homes of private sectors that offer personal care.

Caregivers support the people who are temporarily disabled or those who need prolonged care. The circumstance might be because of their ageing or any other medical condition. More importantly, caregivers give mental support and emotional care to their patients whom they look after.

For instance, if a person suffers depression or mental illness, then they may seek the help of a caregiver. Caregiving is not just limited to physical, emotional and mental assistance, but also extends to offering financial and legal affairs. Although, they are considered to be a different aspect.

Summing up all the above considerations, we can implicate it is very evident that there is a great scope for caregivers in the UK. Running out of native professionals in caregiving, the countries in the kingdom are receptive to foreign nationals who work as caregivers.

So, it’s high time to apply for a UK visa under the category of caregiver.


Requirements for Caregiver in UK

You may have thought what are the requirements that a candidate should possess to migrate to UK as a caregiver.

Your odds of migrating to UK as a caregiver is high if you,

  • have completed ANM, GNM or B.Sc Nursing
  • have an overall IELTS of 5.0 with no band less than 5.0 or a C Grade in OET is needed
  • possess a minimum of one year of Experience is made mandatory
  • are 44 or below


Alongside the aforementioned criteria, it’s highly essential to be strongly able to communicate because it is that crucial. Why because, just imagine if the patient is trying to get help for something and the caregiver is not able to comprehend what is being spoken.

Or otherwise, when the caregiver is not comprehensive enough to convey or respond to the patient. It might result in huge problems and that’s why communication is considered important. No matter how good your IELTS scores are, you have to prove your communication ability to get in.

You will have your visa processed in between 3 and 5 months roughly. Upon getting, the flight ticket and your 2 months accommodation are on the employer and after 2 months you will move to a better place on your own.

And the best part is, foreign nationals who get to work as caregivers in UK are under the contract of 3 years and your spouse accompanies after 3 months of your arrival in UK.


Job Responsibilities

Many people who are in the state of receiving personal care have survived their abilities to care for themselves and benefit from a caregiver’s help. So, a caregiver can help them by,

  • offering emotional support and motivation to attain mental stability and task completion.
  • making sure that the client’s home is arranged to meet their needs and that safety precautions are taken.
  • monitoring the Improvements in wellness, behaviour, and needs.
  • following a doctor’s advice, which could include helping in fitness and medication administration.


What benefits can I enjoy being a caregiver in UK?

  • IELTS is waived off for your spouse since he or she is your dependent
  • Your spouse is open to work full time in the field of specialisation
  • You will be hired for the best salary
  • You will get to enjoy a multicultural lifestyle
  • Helping the needy is where satisfaction lies, and you can feel happy about making it your job!

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Note: In the next blog we are about to discuss the programs available in UK to become a caregiver or a nurse. Keep in touch to get the updates.

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