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Study Accounting Courses in Australia to get high-paid jobs and a PR!

Are you even serious? You’re going to study Accounting in Australia? Congrats! Among people who’re missing out on choosing Australia, you’re now a star!

International students now have a bigger eye on Accounting courses in Australia. Ask us why. Accounting has a greater scope in the Australian labour market and has high employment opportunities.

And the best part- Accounting is one of the programs in Australia that makes you eligible for Australian PR. In this very blog, you will explore the courses, universities, job opportunities, PR pathways, and more.

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What is Accounting?
Accountants in Australia

Small or big, a business never runs without an Accountant. Professional accountants in a company take care of the recording, classifying, reporting, auditing, and managing of financial transactions.

Why choose Australia for studying Accounting programs?

Australian businesses rely on accounting services mostly from other countries. But post-pandemic due to border restrictions, businesses are employing accountants inside Australia.

Moreover, many accountants (Baby Boomers born between 1946 – 1964) are about to retire in the next 10 years. This will create a vacuum that international students who study accounting can make use of.

In fact, many industry experts highlight accountants as the top three priority occupations in a business. Not to miss that, Accountants have a bigger scope of employment in Australia.

Top Australian universities offering Accounting programs

You can pursue Accounting and related programs by choosing a range of programs in Australia. Professional accounting, finance, and commerce are different roads to your dream. Here are the top universities in Australia offering Accounting courses.

Undergraduate Programs in Accounting – Australia

If you’ve just completed 12th grade, you can opt for UG programs in Accounting in Australia.

Australia Rank


UG Programs in Accounting


The University of New South Wales (UNSW Sydney)

Bachelor of Commerce

Bachelor of Commerce (International)

Bachelor of Commerce (Co-op)

Bachelor of Economics


The University of Melbourne

Bachelor of Commerce


The University of Sydney

Professional Accounting Program

Bachelor of Commerce

Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Advanced Studies

Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Advanced Studies (Dalyell Scholars)

Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Laws


Australian National University

Bachelor of Accounting


Monash University

Bachelor of Accounting

Bachelor of Business – Accounting major

BBA – Business Accounting

Bachelor of Commerce – Accounting


The University of Queensland (UQ)

Bachelor of Commerce


Macquarie University

Bachelor of Professional Accounting


University of Adelaide

Bachelor of Commerce


The University of Western Australia

Bachelor of Commerce


University of Technology Sydney (UTS)

Bachelor of Accounting


Postgraduate Programs in Accounting – Australia

If you’re planning to advance your skills after a bachelor’s degree in Accounting, then choose PG programs in Accounting in Australia.

Australia Rank


PG Programs in Accounting


The University of New South Wales (UNSW Sydney)

Master of Professional Accounting

Master of Professional Accounting (Extension)

Graduate Certificate in Commerce

Master of Commerce


The University of Melbourne

Master of Management – Accounting

Master of Management – Accounting & Finance


The University of Sydney

Master of Professional Accounting



Master of Professional Accounting and Business Performance


Australian National University

Master of Accounting


Monash University

Master of Professional Accounting



Master of Professional Accounting and Business Law


The University of Queensland

Graduate Certificate in Commerce


Macquarie University

Master of Accounting

Master of Professional Accounting


University of Adelaide

Master of Accounting

Master of Accounting and Finance


The University of Western Australia

Master of Professional Accounting

Master of Professional Accounting (Chartered Accountant)


University of Technology Sydney (UTS)

Master of Professional Accounting


Careers after studying Accounting in Australia

After studying Accounting courses in Australia you can make demanding careers like Professional accountants, Chartered Accountants, Bankers, etc. Check out some of the in-demand careers along with the average salary in Australia. 
Jobs in Australia


Average Salary (AU$ / Year)

Chartered accountant




Financial analyst


Managerial Accountant


Financial Officer




Forensic Accountant


Investment advisory


Stockbroking managers


Investment Analyst



Accounting programs make you eligible for Australian PR

Fortunately, Accounting is one of the programs in Australia that make you eligible for PR.

Skilled Independent Visa – Subclass 189

As an international student, you can apply for PR through the Skilled Independent Visa (Subclass 189). For this, you must have earned work experience under the Temporary Graduate Visa (Subclass 485).

Skilled Nominated Visa – Subclass 190

If you’ve started working as an accountant in Australia, you can apply for a PR under the State Nominated – Skilled Nominated Visa (Subclass 190).

Skilled Regional Visa – Subclass 491

You can apply for PR under the region-nominated Skilled Regional Visa (Subclass 491)

Make the first move with us!

Accountants are one of the in-demand occupations in Australia now. Moreover, the future of accounting is ‘shining’ like never before in Australia, and you can earn high-paid jobs as well.

In fact, Accounting Courses in Australia make you eligible for an Australian Permanent Residency (PR).

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Study at Northern Lights College in Canada! Trendy programs, PGWP, PR pathways, and more!

It’s a myth that the cost of living and studying in British Columbia – Canada is high. Well, it turns out that it’s not. It all depends on where you live and study. Choose Northern Lights College in Canada to study with low tuition fees and living costs.

NLC is a public-funded college that offers quality and affordable education for domestic and international students.

Read the blog to explore how you can study at Northern Lights College in Canada.

Note: Step-by-step process on how to get a Canada PR after studying at NLC at the end of the blog!

About the college – NLC

Northern Lights College in Canada was established in the year 1975 and is nearing 50 years. Initially started as a college for the local community, NLC has grown into one of the reputed colleges in Canada.

Northern Lights College has 5 campuses:

  1. Chetwynd
  2. Dawson Creek
  3. Fort Nelson
  4. Fort St. John
  5. Timber Ridge


Fun Fact: NLC was initially named ‘Northeastern Community College’. Later, with suggestions from college students, it was renamed ‘Northern Lights College’.


Programs offered at Northern Lights College

Northern Lights College offers some of the in-demand courses in Canada. Studying these programs will make you CAREER-READY and increase your chance of employment.


  • Diploma in Business Management
  • Diploma in Business Management – Accounting Specialization
  • Executive Assistant Diploma
  • Post-Degree Diploma in Business Management


  • Archaeology Diploma
  • Land and Water Resources Diploma

Correctional Services

  • Criminology Diploma

Health and Human Services

  • Early Childhood Education and Care Diploma
  • Post-Degree Diploma in Business Management – Health Administration Specialization
  • Practical Nursing Diploma
  • Social Workers Diploma

Science and Technology

  • Certificate in Engineering
  • Interactive Technologies and Game Design Diploma
  • Post-Degree Diploma in Business Management—Information Technology Specialization

Skilled Trades

  • Diploma in Aircraft Maintenance Technician
  • Certificate in Automotive Service Technician—Foundation
  • Diploma in Cosmetology
  • Advanced Certificate in Culinary Arts
  • Heavy Mechanical Trades Foundation
  • Advanced Certificate in Wind Turbine Maintenance

 University Transfer

  • Associate of Arts Degree
  • Associate of Arts Degree—Health Studies
  • Associate of Science Degree

Top Reasons to study at Northern Lights College

1.Live in one of the best provinces in Canada- British Columbia!

The eyes are always on Ontario, but British Columbia (BC) is such a gem. The vibrant cities, beautiful landscapes, and stunning lakes in BC would give you the best living experience. Moreover, British Columbia has a quality public system.

2.Part-time work and PGWP

You can work part-time while studying at NLC. In fact, studying at Northern Lights Colleges makes you eligible to get a Post Graduate Work Permit (PGWP).

3.Less tuition fees at NLC (Lowest in British Columbia)

The tuition fee REALLY is low! The first-year tuition fee is around 10,980 CAD for most of the programs. Just like we said in the beginning, the cost of living around the campuses is low when compared to other big cities.

4.Small classroom sizes

“We treat you as a person and not as a number” is NLC’s vision on classroom sizes. The small classroom sizes offer EXTRA care for students and give them the best guidance from teachers.

5.High employment opportunities

BC is known for its vibrant labour market and even acting as an economic hub next to Ontario. This is a piece of good news for students who’re looking for part-time jobs and graduates who’re looking for full-time jobs.

6.Safe cities

All the campus cities are safe, and people are highly satisfied. There’s no country that’s safer than Canada! Moreover, the cities have got some exciting amenities.

How to get a Canada PR after studying at Northern Lights College in Canada?

That’s a good choice by the way! Okay, here’s how you can get a Canada PR after you graduate from NLC.

1.The prerequisite – Work part-time during academics. This work experience will be added as points when you apply for Canada PR

2.Apply for PGWP– A Postgraduate Work Permit is the very first thing you should be doing as you finish college. The work experience earned during PGWP decides your score in the Express Entry stream, Provincial Nominee Program (PNP), and other programs.

3.Choose your PR pathway

As a graduate from NLC, you can opt for the following PR pathways


The beginning!

It could be your beginning! Northern Lights College is continuously growing and is one of the best colleges in British Columbia and Canada as well. Choose from some of the trending programs and make yourself career-ready!

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Frequently Asked Questions

1.What is the IELTS Requirement for Northern Lights College?

The IELTS score requirement for Northern Lights College is 6.0. However, depending on the courses it ranges from 5.5 to 7.0. Only courses such as Practical Nursing Diploma and Associate of Arts Degree – Health Studies require an IELTS score of 7.

2.What are the popular courses at Northern Lights College?

Great news! NLC offers some of the demanding programs in Canada such as

  • Post-Degree Diploma in Business Management
  • Early Childhood Education and Care Diploma
  • Practical Nursing Diploma
  • Social Workers Diploma
  • Diploma in Cosmetology
  • Advanced Certificate in Culinary Arts

3.What is the small classroom size at Northern Lights College?

Small classroom sizes mean ‘low student strength’ in a course. This allows teachers to give extra care and tutoring to students. While students can get their doubts cleared and get all the individual attention and guidance. (And it’s not about the size of the rooms)

Selkirk College in Canada could be the start of ‘YOUR’ study abroad dream!

The truth is there are a lot of colleges in Canada to choose from. But how to find your perfect fit? Well, it all depends on the choice of your programs, provinces, facilities, and so. Selkirk College in Canada could be ‘your one.’ Read the blog to explore your chances!

Caution: This blog is HIGHLY informative and contains details on Selkirk College courses, scholarships, facilities, etc. Read on if you’re planning to study in Canada.

6 reasons to choose Selkirk College in Canada

Unique programs

Selkirk College offers some of the trending programs. From Arts and music to hairstyling and nursing, Selkirk College sure does have unique programs. 


The college is top-rated for its affordability. The tuition fees are lower when compared to other colleges. Moreover, you can choose from scholarships and bursaries. 


International students are most skeptical about the employment part after their studies. But fret not! Selkirk College makes every student employable in the best way. 

Applied Learning

You get to experience hands-on learning in all the study programs at Selkirk. With state-of-the-art technology-equipped labs to make your education one step better. 

A vibrant mix of culture

Be it Canada or specifically British Columbia, the mix of cultures is just incredible. With students from different parts of the world, it’s no doubt that Selkirk College is a cultural melting pot. 

Small classroom size

The classrooms with minimum students make sure you get individual attention and tutoring. And more over you get to experience all the facilities available. 

About the college

It all began in 1966, and it has crossed 50 glorious years. Selkirk College is in the stunning West Kootenay region of British Columbia (the land of more than 20,000 lakes).   

Selkirk College has six campuses, namely:

  1. Castlegar Campus (Main)
  2. Victoria Street Campus (Nelson)
  3. Tenth Street Campus (Nelson)
  4. Silver King Campus (Nelson)
  5. Trail Campus
  6. Grand Forks Campus

You can choose your desired courses from the six campuses. Moreover, Selkirk College has three learning centers and 1 Research Centre.

It is home to about 2,800 full-time students, almost 12,000 students annually. 
Selkirk College Campuses

What are the courses offered at Selkirk College?

You can choose from more than 60 demanding programs at Selkirk College. Here is the list of programs:

School of the Arts

If you’re the right-brainer, the Creative person, then Selkirk has some trending programs in Arts. Get insights and knowledge from the technical experts. 

  • Digital Arts
  • Contemporary Music & Technology
  • Web Development 
  • Digital Fabrication and Design


Building up a business might be your dream; Selkirk has programs for that too. These courses come with a Career Launch program that helps you with employment once you graduate. 

  • Business Administration 
  • Post-Graduate Accounting (PGDA)

Health & Human Services

Working in the healthcare sector is an excellent service to society. Choose from a bundle of healthcare programs offered at Selkirk College in Canada. 

  • Advanced Interprofessional Diploma in Gerontology
  • Healthcare Assistant
  • Nursing Bachelor of Science (BSN)
  • Pharmacy Technician
  • Human Services Diploma 
  • Early childhood care and education
  • Education Assistant & Community Support Worker
  • Mental Health Addictions

University Arts & Sciences

The college is known best for its Arts & Science programs. Here are a few of the trending programs. 

Arts programs:

  • Anthropology 
  • Creative Writing 
  • Economics 
  • English 
  • Philosophy 
  • Psychology 
  • Sociology 

Science programs:

  • Biochemistry 
  • Biology 
  • Chemistry 
  • Computer 
  • Science 
  • Geography 
  • Geology 
  • Engineering 

Hospitality & Tourism

Who doesn’t love tourism? But if you’ve got that extra love for travel, tourism, and hospitality, these programs are for you. 

  • Professional Cook Program
  • Culinary Management
  • Resort & Hotel Management

Environment & Geomatics

Get close to nature. Study environment and geomatics courses and explore a demanding career. 

  • Forest Technology 
  • Integrated Environmental Learning
  • Geographic Information System

Scholarships offered by Selkirk College

More than 425,000 CAD goes to students as scholarships every year. These scholarships are offered to students of full-time post-secondary programs.

  • Entrance Scholarships
  • GPA scholarships
  • Department Nominations
  • Application Scholarships
  • International Scholarships
  • Selkirk College Bursaries

You can also apply for some external scholarships and bursaries from outside. 

Facilities at Selkirk College

  • Student Housing Services
  • Bookstore
  • Childcare services
  • Counseling services
  • Food services
  • Library
  • Technology-equipped labs
  • Playgrounds (Indoor & outdoor)

Quick Facts on Selkirk College in Canada

  • 87% of students were satisfied with the level of instruction at Selkirk College
  • 90% of the students were happy with the amount of knowledge gained
  • 90% of the students felt the teachers & staff were caring and helped

Take the best step!

Selkirk College in Canada is popular among international students for its affordability, unique program, quality education, and more. 

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How to choose the right overseas education consultant?

Hey there, Howdy! Planning to study abroad? It’s a hot topic that is at an all-time high and adding to your excitement, we provide valuable information to make the process as easy as possible.

In the testing times of covid and lockdown, we are focused to enlighten people who are really passionate about studying abroad and looking forward to it. Many overseas education aspirants are making plans to start their overseas education in the desired country but the real challenge is finding the right and credible consultant. Quite a tough task, it seems to be!

Scout for someone who makes your journey joyful and those who don’t make you feel abandoned after spending a lump amount of money on this. Money looters are everywhere and people fall prey to them just like that. Easy! We will break the ice for you. In this piece of content, we are going to discuss how to choose the right overseas education consultant.

I hope this will be helpful for someone like you!

First, listen to your needs

Before taking up this journey (or any initiative to take up the journey), ask yourself what are you expecting from this. Out of your needs, you can figure out a specific college or university for the course that you desire to study. If that’s how it goes, then so far so good! Before getting the ball rolling here are some things that we provide for you to be clear about.

  • What program interests you?
  • What’s the level of education you look for?
  • Budget limitations, if any?
  • Financial aid needed or you are self-sufficient?
  • Any specific ideas in your mind for the country or university of study?
  • Any other expectations towards the education system of the country that you look forward to choosing?

If you are clear with these questions, then you actually are making the job easy. These are important before starting because you build your foundation upon these. It’s not that you can only study abroad if you have these figured out. Because people discover their interests at various stages and walks of life, so didn’t have any idea so far? Cool. It’s no big deal if even you are on the unclear side. You stand chances for your abroad education and the appropriate education consultant can help you.

BGV – Background Verification

The background doesn’t lie. Become conscious and wide awake about the consultancy you are approaching because fraudulent scenarios happen every day as we see or hear them. FYI, there are ample educational consultants in your locality alone. Just google it however, be prepared to get into chaos as well! Ha-ha. Don’t worry! We will help you out.

It really is time-consuming to read about all the consultancies on the web that you come across. But, to be honest, you have to know about them. At least some basic information as you are going to be associated with them for a life-changing happening. So, be aware.

If you are not finding any background details of the consultancy on their website, just move on. Period!

Reviews are high in value

Look for the reviews and client testimonials. Not all the reviews are great but a great source for making your discretion of whether to proceed with that consultancy or not. Take a coffee mug (or a tea glass if you are a chai person) and just read the reviews and words of the clients and that emotion is the reflection of the behaviour of the consultancy towards its clients.

Some of the reviews might be fake as well so don’t fall for them. Check video testimonials, social media pages and google listings! It will definitely help you decide whether the consultancy is credible or not.

Know about the expertise

By chance, if you come across any consultancy, the next feasible thing to do for your goodness is to know about their expertise. How will you know that? By asking as many questions as you have about the overseas education process and the expertise they have in the field. Learn if they could assist students throughout the overseas education journey.

And, another pro-tip is you can perceive how a company is behaving to its clients when at some point you feel doubtful. Be curious to enquire about their record of placing students in various institutions around the world. Again, expertise comes with age so see what path have they been travelling in and also analyze how well they communicate details, and how they keep you posted when there are updates. All these are evident to their expertise. If you feel something is not right or something you expect is being missed, then you know what to do!

Friends, Seniors and Family members might give you insights

It’s completely fine to rely upon your friends or family members or your seniors and take their suggestions while getting the overseas education journey. Well, that is an easy way to find out the best consultancy. Sometimes, the word of mouth from any of your close ones might be easy to choose your consultancy. They might have taken admission through a consultancy a few years back. So, ask for their experience and make your decision. However, you are suggested to do your homework as well despite getting their suggestions.


Don’t be in an urge. Be mindful of what you are doing and what you are going to do. Be happy and serious with the steps you take and to be honest finding a good consultancy is no rocket science. It’s worth the effort to find the right associates who are supposed to assist in your overseas education process. I hope this blog helped you in some way in finding out the best overseas education consultants.

And, if you are looking forward to overseas education, CanApprove might be what you want at this time. Talk to us. Our overseas education coordinators will direct you on the right path and make the process a smooth and memorable one. Don’t wait!

Be in touch for awesome pieces of insightful content.

Thanks for reading!