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6 things to do while planning your overseas education!

There will be plenty of time (if you use it wisely!!) to plan your overseas education and some of the crucial matters are to be looked after when planning to study abroad. Speaking about time we were in the testing times as COVID shattered many dreams and overseas education is not exempt!
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Oh! We can’t simply tell the dreams were shattered, maybe it was resisted. Now, the effects of covid are mitigated and we are rolling back slightly towards normalization, working on your overseas education plan now would work out as foreign nations are about to open the gates for international students.

At this time, there are few things to be made as a checklist to start your overseas education process


  1. Find what best suits you – country, course and institutions

This is the important part as it is the foundation for your purpose of where you want to study and what you want to study. Scout the after-effects and benefits of your program, the education quality and the pedagogy of the chosen institution, check for the affordability of the institution and the living cost. Make sure your institution is notable and well established as where you study matters the most when it comes to coaching and placements.

Before that….

if you’re freaked out about the first point of choosing the program, institution and country of study, don’t worry. It’s a great idea for you to get zero-cost counselling from the overseas education coordinators of CanApprove.

Either you can visit us or take up a virtual consultation. We also conduct frequent overseas education fairs. You can make use of it so that our professionals will help you figure out what you really want and give the best suggestions to make some important life decisions.

If you want, we can arrange free counselling for you with us

  1. Let your application process begin

As covid become the global game-changer, everyone got used to the unusuality. Many international institutions have extended the application submission timelines and some even called off the intakes.

Now as the pandemic subsides, you can start your application process with the hope of flying abroad for the upcoming intake. Meanwhile, the governments will relax the travel restrictions of the countries. Fingers crossed. Let’s hope for the best.

  1. Make sure you don’t have any standing backlogs

Do backlogs matter the most while planning overseas education? It’s big chaos for many of you. Make sure you have all your backlogs cleared before taking up your higher education to avoid problems in the eleventh hour.

  1. Get ready to take up IELTS

Make preparations for IELTS. Exploit this time to hone your reading, writing, listening and speaking skills to score high. We offer IELTS preparation tools for you with which you can practice and take up mock tests.

  1. SOP – crucial

On the overall process, this might be slightly a hard nut crack (but not if you are aware of what and how to do it). Statement of Purpose is used to express your motivation to study in a particular institution in a country and also it is used to evaluate your candidacy by the institution and the overseas education council. Take time, list out all your interests, goals, both short and long term, hobbies and experience and compile a professional copy to submit to the visa officer and the institution.

  1. Make sure you have sufficient funds

Last but not least! Money really matters here. Savings, loans, scholarships any source it might be, but there should be proof of funds for your tuition and student life abroad. Applying for scholarships might minimize your burden of spending more.

You should be concerned about all your expenses along with tuition fees throughout the study period like stationery, travel, food and accommodation, etc.., So, make your finances ready and that’s almost all it takes to have a successful overseas education visa processing.

CanApprove has been helping overseas education aspirants for years now! Our education coordinators will guide you throughout the process and you need not worry about any complexities. Connect with us now and begin your overseas education process.


Hope this blog helped you. Thanks for reading!! Stay in touch with CanApprove for more updates.

Get the best study abroad experience at BSBI of Germany! Courses are open.

Abroad education is the most anticipated dream of every abroad aspirant who wishes for that to happen. Germany’s BSBI college located in Berlin is offering the courses for the education of international students. Continue with the blog if you are aspiring to study abroad. You have got the right choice…


The country located in central and western Europe. It borders Denmark in the north, Czech Republic and Poland to the east, Switzerland and Austria in the south, southwest by France and west by Luxembourg, Belgium and Netherlands. Germany is the second most populous state in Europe which is preceded by Russia. It is the member state of European Union. The capital of Germany is Berlin which is a metropolis. This is where BSBI is located.

The economy of Germany is considered to be a social market economy consisting of a highly skilled labour force, with low-level corruption and highly innovative. It has the largest economy in the whole of Europe. Germany has highest labour productivity than any other countries in the world. The economy of the country lies in the service sector, production & other industries and agriculture. There are more jobs in Germany for skilled workers thus the country has the lowest unemployment rate.

Germany’s interest in Art, Music and Architecture is incomparable. The country has more important specifications which can never be hidden from history.  (This blog is never enough to encapsulate its stories within!) Going further the climate of Germany is said to be temperate seasonal climate dominated by westerly winds. Eastern parts of Germany experience continental climate with cold winters and warm summers. There are rarely extreme climatic conditions in Germany for over a week or two.

Berlin School of Business and Innovation

BSBI is located in Berlin, the capital of Germany and is doing its immense job of educating the students for over the years. There is facilitation for the students to study and work in Germany and BSBI is one of the institutes supporting international students with those kinds of offerings. There are more scholarships in Germany for the education of international students.

BSBI provides more programs for the education of international students. The college has been serving the student community all these years from its origination and has been creating more successful grads over these years. There are also more jobs in Germany so that the students graduating from the colleges get placed in a lucrative job in the field of study which is the most endearing part in the abroad education life of an individual.

More importantly, the cost of studying in Germany is lesser and more affordable for international students. BSBI is welcoming the students with different courses. Read on to know more.


There are more programs offered for the education of international students. The programs include;


  • Bachelor of Arts in Economics & Business Administration (Foundation Diploma).
  • BA in Business Administration and Economics.


  • MSc in International Health Management
  • Master of Arts in Hospitality, International Tourism, and Event Management
  • Master of Arts in Strategic Marketing
  • Master of Arts in Finance and Investments
  • Global MBA

There are more jobs in Germany where a candidate after completing these courses would directly get through a job placement in the field of study.

Benefits of Studying in BSBI

There are more significant benefits for international students by studying in BSBI about which they could feel happy about. Those long-term benefits are;

  • Internationally recognised degree
  • Low cost of studying in Germany
  • More job opportunities
  • Never-ending exploration
  • Study in the world’s best college
  • Easy PR gateways
  • World-class education
  • Optimal cost of living
  • Live in one of the world’s best country

If you ever thought of studying abroad, you have got the right chance. Germany is giving its hands to you. Apply to further your education in the BSBI college of Berlin, Germany. Waiting? What for? Get on to the registration process… end you wait now.

Registration Process

BSBI of berlin is providing programs for the higher education of international students. Apply with CanApprove. We are right here to help.

CanApprove is a 21-year-old consultancy providing education and immigration services for abroad aspirants successfully since 1998. Our experts are here to help you in all the possible aspects of your abroad plan. Connect with us to know more about studying in BSBI college of Berlin, Germany…