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    UK education consultants in Thiruvalla

    CanApprove is the most reputed UK educational consultancy based in Canada, with branches all over India, Dubai, and Qatar. Since 1998, CanApprove has assisted thousands of students to manifest admissions to their dream colleges. We have consistently offered supreme services, ensuring successful transitions, enhancing client satisfaction. Our passion for excellence and dedication to prompt services have established us as the top UK Educational Consultancy in Thiruvalla.

    Years of experience in the domain have furnished us with exceptional skills that are transforming the overseas educational arena. CanApprove is not just a name but a faith, something we have earned through years of sincere efforts.  

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    client Services

    Get assistance from the experts for the course and college selection.


    Avail admission support, IELTS training, loan assistance, and more.


    Experience a flawless and legitimate Canadian education process.


    Apply for the Canada study visa through a clean documentation process.


    Kick-start your abroad study in Canada through CanApprove!

    What makes CanApprove unique?

    Increased international exposure and information dissemination have helped aspirants gain clarity regarding education abroad. However, students and parents are equally baffled while diving into the process.

    Though there is no dearth of educational consultancies in Thiruvalla, associating with the wrong agency can ruin your dreams. Partnering with a professional like CanApprove ensures a hassle-free and swift procedure, relieving all your anxieties. CanApprove is the one stop solution for all your study abroad needs. 

    Why Prefer Overseas Education Consultants in Kottayam Over Self-Application?

    Get Clarity

    Our study abroad counselors minimize your stress and anxiety by helping you with the course suggestion, college selection, and admission process.

    Increase admission rate.

    Canada education experts assist you with the statement of purpose, essays, and interviews to increase your admission rate to the college.

    Tie-up with universities

    CanApprove has a close tie-up with top universities in Canada which will increase your application acceptance rate and get academic support.

    Predict your chances

    Get to know your chances without false hopes through the study abroad experts with years of experience and legitimate practices.

    We are licensed!

    CanApprove is a CICC (#R422511)-registered multinational firm. We are client-friendly, and our reputation is one of reliability! We focus on not only providing you with our services but also understanding your ambition and helping you achieve your goal of flying abroad.

    Canada Immigration consultant

    Voice of our Client

    If you want to realize your study abroad dream, contact CanApprove, the best UK Educational Consultants in Thiruvalla. Let’s start the journey together.

    Get a Free Consultation

    CanApprove offers you:

    Step-by-step guidance: Applying for overseas education is a complex process, and this is especially true for those who are unacquainted with the visa and application procedures. At CanApprove, our industry experts guide you through the entire process. Our step-by-step instructions will help you sail through the difficulties and reach your destination with ease.

    Study abroad counselling: Our professionals listen to your needs and concerns carefully and help you choose the most suitable course as per your interests and aspirations. Our tie-ups with prestigious universities in UK ensure you land the best educational institution possible.

    IELTS and PTE coaching: Colonization and advanced communication technologies have facilitated the growth of English as a global language. Though this has fuelled learning tendencies, people around the world, including Indians, still rank poor in their English language skills! Realizing the significance of language proficiency tests, Canapprove has devised intensive coaching classes. Through our dedicated and result oriented IELTS and PTE training, we make sure our students score highly in each section.

    Streamlined Application Process: The application process should be error-free and smooth if you want to receive a letter of acceptance from your dream college. Our experienced staff, with their structured approach, can enhance procedural efficiency, simplifying and accelerating the process. With the aid of the best UK Educational consultants in Thiruvalla, you can experience an impeccable and swift process of application.

    Financial assistance: Study abroad dreams shatter when financial restrictions block your way. However, don’t get disappointed. Our expert staff will help with financial management. Equipped with industry knowledge, we can inform you regarding various scholarships and educational loans. Don’t bother about the expenses; fly high with CanApprove to achieve your dreams.

    Pre and Post Landing Services: We understand how exhausting settling abroad can be. To help you understand and prepare for the challenges ahead, we provide you with comprehensive services. Our pre-departure orientation services include educating individuals about the destination country, occupation in the specific country, immigration laws, new reforms, etc. CanApprove offers post landing services too.  Offering accommodation assistance and introducing you to a forex provider are a few among them.


    Our Education Services

    We are one of the best Canada education consultants in Thiruvalla administered by expert education consultant practitioners. If you are looking for education in Canada, then it’s CanApprove for you which has the best education consultants in Thiruvalla .

    We offer education services to Canada, Australia, Germany, United Kingdom and New Zealand. If you are looking for education services, CanApprove will cover it all from counselling to visa stamping.





    New Zealand

    Advantages of studying in UK

    The UK is consistently ranking second worldwide after the US, in terms of offering quality education. There are several advantages of studying in the UK.

    • Quality education
    • Traditional as well as short duration courses
    • Diverse subject options
    • Research infrastructure
    • International exposure
    • High standards of living
    • Scholarships and educational loans
    • Part-time job opportunities
    • Multicultural environment

    Top Educational Institutions for an International Student in UK

    UK is home to world famous universities and colleges. A degree from any of them can significantly enhance your career prospects. The top UK Universities are listed below.

    • University of Cambridge
    • University of Oxford
    • University of Manchester
    • King’s College London
    • London School of Economics
    • Imperial College London
    • University of Edinburgh

    Why Choose CanApprove?

    Proven Experience

    Numerous customers have used our knowledge of international education to set up their studies abroad in prestigious nations like Canada.

    Expert Counsellors

    It’s not just the vague counselling you get from us, but will get university selection, program suggestion, bank loans, SOP assistance, IELTS coaching and every other Canada education requirement. Because, we are the best overseas education consultancy in Thiruvalla.

    1000s of Visa Success

    We strive to give the right program to the right person, and this serves as our driving force for success.

    Highly Professional and Credible Service

    We have always been particular about our overseas education service being professional, credible, and transparent.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Which is the best study abroad consultant in Kottayam?

    CanApprove is a Canadian-based immigration and overseas education service firm that ensures the best services for people who plan to study abroad and is one of the best Canada education consultants in Kottayam.

    How can I apply to study abroad at Kottayam?

    To apply for overseas education, seek guidance from a certified abroad study consultant like CanApprove. Get a free consultation by talking to our experts at CanApprove.

    How do I choose the best study abroad consultant in Kottayam?

    See if the consultancy is legit, CICC-registered, and has good client reviews. Check how long the company has been providing services; the longer the time, the better the credibility.

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