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The educational Structure of USA is praised worldwide as the Educational System in US is organized and well reputed and delivers world-class, quality learning. Under the US Education System, Education is mandatory up to 16 years of age. The structure and quality of the US Education system are excellent and it is necessary to know it before applying to study under the US Education System.

The US Education System offers a wide variety of courses to choose from and a number of universities to enrol into which are the finest institutions of all times. The US Education System prioritized the value and quality of education delivered, making the nation the best in the field of learning. To know more about the US Education System and its structure, courses and requirements, contact CanApprove. CanApprove is the best immigrant service provider and will assist you in the journey of your international education.

Why is the US Education System Better?
  • US Education system offers quality education
  • The classrooms and educational system in the universities and colleges of US are dynamic and flexible.
  • The Educational system of US is well organized and provides an enhanced curriculum for learning
  • US Education System is student-oriented and helps the students to enhance themselves
  • The US Education System builds and nourishes the capabilities, skills and potentials of the students.
  • The US Education System lets the students come out, express, organize and share
  • The US Education System offers great exposure for students and encourages their growth and development
  • The US Education System trains well that students can bloom in their immediate careers.

Stages of education Under the US Education System

Apart from the Pre-School and Elementary Education, the US Education System has:

  • Middle School (6th grade)
  • Junior High School ( 7th grade and 8th grade)
  • High School ( Freshman Year or 9th grade)
  • Senior High School
  • Sophomore ( 10th grade)
  • Junior (11th grade)
  • Senior(12th grade)

Higher Education under the US Education System

  • College( University) – Undergraduate School
  • First-year OR Freshman Year
  • Second Year OR Sophomore Year
  • Third Year OR Junior Year
  • Fourth Year OR Senior Year

Levels Of Degrees Under the US Education System

Associate Degrees: Pursued after under graduation and is structured for three years.

Bachelor’s Degree: Bachelor Degree in the US Education System comprises of four years. Part-time students can complete the course in an extended time.

Master’s Degree: Master’s degree is completed in a year or two according to the field of study and the subject chosen.

Doctorate or PhD: PhD under the US Education System can long up to 3 to 5 years, depending on the choice of the subject or research topic of the student.

A wide choice of subjects and streams are offered at the institutions in the USA for pursuing higher education. Students can literally choose from the field in which they want to major. The education given at all levels are exquisite and the finest. With a great faculty and experts, the universities of the US provide the best education for the students. From associate degrees to doctorates, the Education System provides great opportunities for students to enhance their potentials, skills and assist in their growth and development. All the level of degrees under the US Education System is capable of triggering the immediate careers and enriching the career and social life of students.

Types of Institution Under the US Education System for Pursuing Higher Education
  • Public University or State University or State College
  • Private Universities
  • Community Colleges
  • Technical Colleges

With the finest colleges and universities, education in the US excels and has always brought out students in flying colours. It will always be an asset to be a part of the American Institutions. Apart from the high job employment opportunities, educational life in the US gains students a better social, economic and emotional life. The fact that education from universities of US gives a student more reputation, and recognition, is also a great reason why one should choose to study in the institutions of USA. To know more about the Educational System, the functioning, procedures, processes, institutions and courses, reach out to our experts and get a free eligibility assessment!

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