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The adequate and timely support from the government of Canada has made Canada Education for higher studies a popular choice for a large number of overseas students. In recent times, the popularity of Canadian educational institutions has grown due to their high-quality programs in Engineering, Medical Science, Management studies, Financial Studies as well as Arts and Humanities.

The top reasons for the popularity of Canadian education for higher studies are summarised as below:

1.Meritorious higher education

World-class universities with adequate government support in fields of Engineering, Medical Sciences, Management, Finance, and Accounting, etc. followed by higher conversion of educational degrees into high-paying jobs have also attracted several students towards Canada education for higher studies.

2.International acceptance

The number of Study permits issued has increased by more than 180 times since the last decade. It is interesting to note that 26 Canadian universities rank high in QS World University Ranking 2019 making Canada’s education prestigious.

3.Affordable study in Canada

Canada offers one of the lowest tuition fees in comparison to major universities of the USA, UK, and other European institutions. More has been extensively discussed here.

4.Opportunity to earn while learning

Canada education for higher studies allows its international students to earn while learning during their semesters, summer, and winter breaks without the need to obtain a separate work permit. A typical time of 20 hours per week is allowed for work. Read more on Study and work in Canada.

5.Enjoy Culturally

The multi-cultural ecosystem and complete non-interference of the state in religious affairs are also major contributors to the attraction of students, especially Asian students to take part in Canadian education for higher studies.

6.Easy Immigration Opportunities

Canada’s Post Graduation Work Permit Programme allows meritorious students to stay and work in Canada before actually applying for a permanent resident visa.

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