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Why Study in Malaysia?

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Why Study in Malaysia?

Malaysia, being the 11th most preferred study destination, ranked by UNESCO has a lot to offer for international students who are planning to study abroad. The country is home away from home for more than 100000 international students from various parts of the world.

Malaysia, to promote international education has introduced a project EduCity@Iskandar to enhance international education in Malaysia. As of this project, the country welcomes international institutions from UK, Australia, and Singapore to set up campuses in Malaysia.

Malaysia education is remarkable for international students in many aspects. Though not as excellent as other Asian countries like Hong Kong and Singapore, Malaysia is still descent with its educational institutions and is attracting many international students every year. Some of the reasons to plan your study in Malaysia are,

  • High-Quality Education
  • Top-notch living experience and education
  • Gateways for the international job market Immigration is an add-on
  • Language – No more a barrier
  • Paradise of FOOD!
  • Exploring is never-ending!
  • Have your degree globally recognised!
High-Quality Education

Malaysia is one of the countries chosen by numerous international students who seek foreign exposure. The country entertains international students by delivering immaculate education which is why it is a favourite for academic seekers.

Moreover, the quality of education is worth the money spent. Despite being a foreign education experience, the affordability in Malaysia for international students is reasonably high when compared to any other foreign countries that are chosen for international education.

Top-notch living experience

Malaysia hasn’t drawn its limits to just providing a world-class education. Alongside being a world-class education provider, Malaysia is found to be offering a top-notch living experience for foreign nationals. The lifestyle there is setting the bars high for outsiders who choose to study or live in the country. Malaysia is culturally diversified.

Planning your study in Malaysia is going to be a hella experience since you happen to live in one of the popular and sought-after countries.

Gateways for the international job market

Studying in Malaysia induces you to compete in the international job market as there are profound job opportunities. With academic and professional competency obtained by planning your study in Malaysia, you will be the beneficiary of getting into the global job market.

The wide job prospects in Malaysia ensures that a suitable job awaits you post-education.

  • Engineering
  • Information and Communication Technology
  • Business Management
  • Finance
  • Accounting
  • Communications
  • Logistics and Supply Chain Management
  • Graphic Design and Multimedia
  • Architecture
  • Actuarial Science

These are the prospective domains of job opportunities for international students studying in their respective fields.

The after-effects of education are going to be blissful. Meanwhile, the students are also allowed to work part-time for 20 hours a week in total while studying. This could possibly help you gain some work experience alongside making money.

Immigration is an add-on

The immigration process for international students in Malaysia is seamless as the eligibility criteria could be easily met. The norms are quite stringent in other countries, unlike Malaysia.

Language – No more a barrier

As stated earlier, Malaysia is a culturally diversified country. Claiming to the cultural diversity, there are several languages used among which Malay and English are the most spoken. Other languages include Tamil, Hindi, Telugu, Malayalam, Mandarin and Cantonese. Since the lectures in Malaysian institutions are conducted in English, international students find it easy to cope with.

Also, there are basic English courses offered in educational institutions for those who are not proficient in English.

Malaysia is a FOODIES’ paradise

As explained, Malaysia has a blend of cultures that is in no way exceptional to foods. There are a variety of cuisines available in Malaysia. Traditional Malay and Chinese food, Indian fast food and many more waiting to flabbergast you!!

Exploration is never-ending!

Are you a travel freak? Malaysia has a lot to offer to your wanderlust and leave you jumping out of your skin. Yes, Malaysia was ranked the 9th most visited country in the world in 2010 for its beautiful landscapes and travel-friendly spots. An international is for sure going to make good value for money staying in Malaysia and exploring the country meanwhile studying! The country assures that you will have a lot to see and do! You won’t regret

Have your degree globally recognised!

Malaysia’s investment takes a whopping proportion in international education where many foreign universities (mainly Australian and British) are tied up to the government and established their campuses in Malaysia. Naming a few such universities.

The Monash University of Australia and the UK’s University of Nottingham have their branches in Malaysia while UK’s Anglia Ruskin University has Malaysia’s KBU international college tied up to it. Studying in Malaysia provides international exposure and a globally acknowledged degree for international students from other countries.

Is Malaysia education plan running in your head? Great! With superior overseas education knowledge and proven competency, our education coordinators are right here changing the lives of enormous abroad education aspirants. Talk to them and kick your plan off. Connect with CanApprove. Ask us for a call back or schedule a free appointment.

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Why Study in Malaysia?

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