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67 Points To Immigrate To Canada

67 Points To Immigrate To Canada

 immigration to Canada

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Any individual looking forward to immigrate to Canada should have met certain eligibility factors and one of the basic requirements to kickstart the process is to meet 67 points during the first eligibility check. The Canadian government has ensured that individuals who wish to immigrate to Canada are highly educated & are skilled workers which is why meeting the 67 points eligibility requirements are considered mandatory.

On What Factors Are The 67 Points Requirements Calculated?

In order for an individual to immigrate to Canada, he/she should score 67 points out of 100 during the first eligibility check round. The factors based on which an individual is assessed are being mentioned below:

Education: Education is considered as one of the most important factors to immigrate to Canada as the country is always on the lookout for highly educated people. Out of the 67 points that have to be met to immigrate to Canada, an individual can score up to 25 points provided he/she has obtained a Doctoral Level Degree. A Master’s level degree can obtain him/her 23 points while a secondary school education gives him/her only 5 points.

Language Proficiency: Language proficiency plays a predominant role in helping an individual immigrate to Canada by meeting the 67 points requirements. He/she can obtain a maximum of 28 points under this factor. Knowing the Canadian second language is an added advantage when it comes to eligibility check.

Age: Age is another factor which plays a dominant role in meeting the 67 points requirement. Individuals falling between the ages 18 – 35 get a maximum point of 12 which falls down to 0 on reaching the age 47 and older.

Work Experience: Recognized work experience can help an individual immigrate to Canada easily. An individual having six-plus years of work experience gives him/her 15 points and having one year of work experience gives him/her 9 points.

Arranged Employment: An individual who has arranged employment can give him/her a maximum of 10 points. He/she should be working in Canada under a temporary work permit or should be having a job offer from a Canadian Employer & more.,

Adaptability: Adaptability factor gives an individual 10 points which provides great support for him/her to immigrate to Canada. Below-mentioned is a few points which help him/her obtain the adaptability points:

  • Past work experiences in Canada
  • Past study experience in Canada
  • Spouse or Partner’s past study experiences in Canada
  • Arranged Canadian Employment
  • Relatives in Canada & more.,
What Are The Next Procedures To Be Carried Out?

Once he/she has met the 67 points requirements, the next step would be to create an Express Entry Profile and enter into the pool. On entering the Express Entry pool, an individual’s profile will be assessed and given respective CRS Scores. The higher the CRS Scores an individual has, the better are his/her chances to obtain a Canadian PR. Individuals get an invitation to apply during the Express Entry based on their CRS Scores. Once getting an Invitation to apply, he/she will have to submit a complete application to obtain a Canadian PR.

Canadian Immigration has been embraced and opted by individuals who wish to explore their opportunities by immigrating to a new country. To immigrate to Canada and to check whether you meet the 67 points requirements, get in touch with our experts and get a free eligibility assessment now!

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