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    Study in Ontario

    Ontario, the most populous province of Canada is a favourite study destination attracting more than 60% international students. It is bordered by the provinces of Manitoba to the east and Quebec to the west. To the north, its coastline meets Hudson Bay and to the south it is surrounded by the US states.

    Ontario has repeatedly topped the list of places to live, study and engage in a job. With almost 40% of the country’s population, it is home to several renowned universities and colleges. Whether you aim to get quality education or wish to escalate your career graph with an additional certification, Study in Ontario can be an ideal choice.

    Why choose Ontario for studies?

    Canada being the 4th best education system with an employability rate of over 60% is an ideal choice for students aspiring to study abroad. And Ontario, the second largest province with numerous educational institutions, is second to none when it comes to quality education. A degree from a recognized university in Ontario can give you an edge over your peers.

    Benjamin Franklin, the founding father of United States says, “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest”. This is especially true in today’s globalized labour market. If you want to know how studies in Ontario can be helpful, read more.

    • Top Universities: Ontario has 21 universities and 26 colleges. Some of them are the best Canadian academic institutions with world class curriculum. These universities and colleges are recognized internationally, offering UG and PG courses in different specifications.
    • Varied courses: Courses in Canada include full-time academic and professional courses and short duration courses tailored for skill development and career enhancement. Ontario universities are technology driven with advanced tools and techniques and offer wide research possibilities.
    • Career Prospects:Universities of Ontario have globally recognized academic programs that can change one’s professional trajectory. Besides that, the booming economy and flourishing industries are perfect soil for the fresh graduates. Besides that, there are immense rewarding part-time job opportunities for students.
    • Vibrant environment: If you want a colourful and dynamic student life, colleges in Ontario won’t disappoint you. Bustling Ontario colleges offer a conducive environment to nourish your creative and innovative skills along with developing academic acumen. Engaging with the flourishing student community helps you in personal development too.
    • Financial Incentives: Studying abroad can be a dream, however, finances can be a pain point. Students graduating in Ontario can get scholarships and financial aid to pursue post-graduation in the country. Academic institutions can help students get loans to support their studies and stay.
    • Inviting society: People in Ontario are generous and amicable. Most international students find their stay here welcoming. With more than 40% immigrants, the social fabric of Ontario is painted with diverse cultures and people across the globe. Moreover, in the colleges of Ontario, you can find students from different age groups, ethnicities and educational qualifications.
    • Sightseeing: This southernmost province is adorned with gorgeous lakes and water ways. There are several parks and natural wonders too. Niagara Falls is one of the awe-inspiring sceneries you may never want to miss if you study in Ontario.
    • Safety: Safety and well-being are of utmost importance when choosing to study abroad. Ontario is one of the most liveable cities in the world, with its capital city Toronto consistently coming in the top 10. The crime rate in Ontario is significantly low with certain cities having lower than the national average.

    Study in Ontario

    Best Colleges in Ontario, Canada

    Though there are numerous universities and colleges in Ontario, we have selected a few eminent ones for you. These are:

    • Humber College
    • University of Toronto
    • Mohawk College
    • Niagara College
    • Seneca College
    • Fanshawe College
    • George Brown
    • Sheridan College
    • Centennial College
    • Algonquin College

    Best programs or courses to study in Ontario

    Diverse courses covering a wide range of subjects are offered in colleges in Ontario.

    •  Business Studies
    • Applied Sciences and Engineering
    • Leadership and Management
    • Arts, Animation and Design courses
    • Community Services & Early Childhood Education
    • Health Sciences
    • Hospitality management
    • Culinary courses

    PR pathways to Ontario, Canada

    Those who want to study in Canada, are more likely to be interested in getting a PR too. If you are one of those, you have good news! There are great possibilities for students to get a PR in Canada.

    Canadian government holds educated people in high regard. They see students with academic excellence as a good fit for their labour requirements and ease the process to get PR.

    The main program to get PR to Canada is Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP). This program includes nine categories. Among those, three categories are relevant to students. These are:

    • Employer Job Offer: International Student Stream
    • Master’s Graduate stream
    • Ph.D. Graduate stream

    Study in Ontario
    Immigrating to Canada, especially to Ontario, opens a whole new world of possibilities. This is a life-changing decision, and to assist you in transitioning, you need the help of a professional like CanApprove.


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      How to apply for universities in Ontario FAQ

      What is the right time to apply to study in Ontario Canada?

      The time to apply to study in Ontario depends upon the college and academic program you intend to join. However, there are two main intakes offered by colleges in Ontario; Fall Intake (September) and Spring Intake (January). Certain universities and colleges accept applications during the Summer Intake (May) as well.

      How much it will cost to study in Ontario Canada?

      It will cost around CAD 12,000 to 30,000 annually. However, the cost may vary depending upon accommodation and other personal choices.

      Which university is accepting education gap in Ontario for international students?

      All universities in Ontario accept education gaps. A few of them are:

      • Centennial College
      • Seneca College
      • Humber College
      • Sheridan College

      Certain universities are more welcoming even if you have n number of year gaps. These include:

      • Conestoga College
      • Sault college
      • Cape Breton University



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