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    Healthcare Programs In Canada

    Healthcare sector in Canada has a huge demand for professionals who are qualified and talented enough to satisfy the needs of the Canadian healthcare sector. In recent years, this work force shortage is not only affecting the existing healthcare professionals, but also the care provided to the patients. They are experiencing long waits for surgeries, emergencies and facing difficulty in availing health care facilities.

    To address this shortage the Canadian authorities have planned to invest $ 78.5 million in the healthcare sector. Additionally, the Canadian government is inviting healthcare professionals and aspirants to work in Canada. Study programs and immigration opportunities are in high demand, where you are offered a rewarding and safe career.

    Studying in Canada is a lucrative opportunity to work and settle in the country. Foreseeing the labor shortage in the sector, students pursuing healthcare study programs in Canada, have more chances of finding a permanent job.

    Top 10 Healthcare Courses in Canada

    Healthcare courses in CanadaThe Canadian education system provides graduate, advanced diploma and diploma courses for students who wish to expand their horizon in the healthcare field. Acquiring these credential makes your career in Canada a straightforward dream.

    If you are planning to study in Canada and aiming for a steady career, choosing top healthcare programs is the right choice. The top 10 courses among many are listed below

    1. Nursing

    Regardless of the country, nursing is a profession that has a constant demand in the healthcare sector. Canada offers dedicated programs for nursing aspirants which include

    • Bsc./Msc. Nursing,
    • Diploma in Practical nursing,
    • Graduate certificate in enhanced nursing practices
    • Certificate of coronary nursing
    • Advanced nursing leadership & management
    Some of the colleges and Universities offering nursing courses are
    • University of Alberta
    • McGill university
    • University of British Columbia
    • Conestoga college
    • St Lawrence

    Once you complete your studies in Canada, there are huge opportunities of work in the Canadian healthcare sector. The average salary for nursing professionals in Canada ranges from $45,000 to $50,000.

    2. Kinesiology

    Among other numerous courses, Kinesiology has gained immense popularity. Kinesiology or the science of human movement wherein they monitor the muscle movement and rectify the imbalances caused. It is an emerging method of treatment and Canada offers courses like:

    • Bachelor of Kinesiology
    • Diploma in kinesiology
    • Bachelor of Kinesiology & Health Promotion
    • Master of Science in Kinesiology
    • PhD in Kinesiology
    The collages offering these courses include
    • Capilano University
    • Douglas College
    • Seneca college
    • Acadia University
    • Lambton University

    Completing study program in Kinesiology offers opportunities to work as Kinesiologist in various sectors with an average salary of 27.97 / hour.

    3. Public Health

    Public Health studies is one of the leading courses in Canada. The country is well known for its healthcare sector and the innovative ideas they put forward to attain smooth facilities and patient care. There are a lot of courses open for international students in this stream which include:

    • BSc/MSc Public Health
    • BSc Environmental Public Health
    • Certificate in global public health management
    • MSc public Health in epidemiology
    • MSc in Public Health Science
    The collages offering this varied course are:
    • Brock University
    • University of Alberta
    • University of Winnipeg
    • Georgian college
    • Conestoga College

    Studying public health programs in Canada offers opportunities to work in different positions with an average salary of $66000 per annum.

    4. Dental Science

    Canada marks its position as one of the top countries which give importance to oral health. Dental Science courses have gained popularity in Canada as the country boast of a robust health care system. Pursuing a related course offers possibilities of landing on a rewarding career. Various courses in dental science include:

    • Master of Science in medical Science (oral biology)
    • Diploma in dental hygiene
    • Certificate in dental reception and administration
    • Bachelor of dentistry
    • Advanced diploma in Dental hygiene
    Top collages offering courses include:
    • University of Saskatchewan
    • University of Alberta
    • University of British Columbia
    • Canadore college
    • George Brown college

    The Dental Science program offers lucrative job opportunities with salaries ranging up to $103/ hour.

    5. Medical Radiation technology

    MRT or medical radiation technology is a wildly demanding profession and studying this course offers huge opportunities of work in the Canadian healthcare system. Their role in the healthcare sector is crucial and thus provides a rewarding career. If you plan to become a medical radiation technologist, you may choose the Advanced Diploma in Medical Radiation technology course or bachelor’s in medical radiation technology from various collages like:

    • Fanshaw college
    • University of Alberta
    • McGill University
    • University of Ragina
    • Dalhousie University

    As this profession is in demand, students pursuing this course are expected to attain a permanent job with a remuneration of $69251 per year.

    6. Personal Support Worker

    The personal support workers play a vital role in the Canadian healthcare industry. They work in care homes and render their service to the patients. Pursuing these courses equips the students with skills, lab works, clinical placements and ready for the Canadian workforce. You have to take up the Certificate/Diploma in Personal support worker program from collages like:

    • Centennial College
    • Fanshaw College
    • Conestoga College
    • Algonquin College
    • Cambrian College

    Personal support workers in Canada are offered with a profitable salary which ranges from $ 40,374 to $ 54,832

    7. Gerontology

    This specialized program focus on the personal care of elderly people above 65 years of age who constitutes most of the population. Gerontologists take care of the psychological, biological and social changes confronted by aging individuals. To pursue a career as a Gerontologist you must choose courses:

    • Certificate in Health studies and Gerontology
    • Master of Social work in Gerontology
    • Post Baccalaureate diploma in Gerontology
    • Bachelor of Arts (hons) in Gerontology
    • Master of Applied Gerontology
    Collages that offer these courses are:
    • Seneca College
    • Brock University
    • Sault College
    • Sheridan college
    • Simon Fraser University

    8. Addictions and Mental Health Worker

    Addictions and mental health issues affect the growing population of the country. To provide better care for the younger population of the country, there should be proper education in the addictions and mental health stream. The opportunity in this field is numerous. Choosing Graduate certificate in Addictions and Mental Health or Master of Science in Community Health at renowned collages like:

    • Durham College
    • Fanshaw College
    • Humber College
    • University of Toronto
    • Canadore College

    A career in this domain offers high salary jobs where you can earn an average of $40,478 per annum.

    9. Pharmacy technician

    Being an important part of the healthcare system, Pharmacy technician is a demanding career in Canada. With quality education and innovative methods, varied courses are offered to international students like:

    • Diploma in pharmacy technician
    • Pharm D
    • Bachelor of Pharmacy
    • MSc Pharmaceutical science
    There are numerous collages offering this program which include:
    • Niagara college
    • Saskatchewan polytechnic
    • Bow valley college
    • University of Alberta
    • University of Waterloo

    The average salary offered to pharmacy technicians and related professionals are $43,696 to $64,215 per year.

    10. Occupational Health

    Occupational health professionals who work and promote the health and professional well-being of family and communities. They contribute to the productivity of the community with care. Occupational therapists are in high demand and the related courses are:

    • Graduate certificate in Occupational Therapy
    • Graduate Certificate in Occupation Health, safety and Wellness
    • Occupational Health and safety management
    • Diploma in Occupational therapist
    Collages offering occupational health courses are
    • Mohawk College
    • Seneca College
    • Georgian College
    • Cape Breton University
    • University of Alberta

    Students pursuing this course will attain a settled career in Canada as occupational health and safety under various industries. They will be offered at $ 41.66 per hour.

    NB: The courses and colleges are not limited to those listed; there are many more available.

    PR Pathways

    The scarcity of health care workers stands as a pressing concern in Canada. As a result of the huge number of retiring healthcare work force, the country has been inviting healthcare professionals to be part of Canada’s leading health sector. This opportunity is made easy with immigration programs specially designed for healthcare workers.

    Some of the immigration programs are:

    Right opportunities can be attained with right guidance. Choosing Canapprove as your consultant will be the best decision as we have more than 25 years of experience in overseas education and Canada immigration.


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      Frequently Asked Questions

      What are the top healthcare courses in Canada?

      There are numerous healthcare courses in Canada which are ranked top in the country. To list out, some of the courses are nursing, gerontology, kinesiology, personal support worker, physicians etc.

      What is the highest healthcare paying job in Canada?

      Salaries vary according to the profession you choose. However, the healthcare sector is one of the highest paying jobs in the country. Physicians are one of the highest paying jobs in Canada.

      Which medical course is best in Canada?

      Canada is renowned for its healthcare sector and courses. Choosing a course completely depends on the personal interest of the student. However, Nursing is one of the best courses in Canada.

      What are the benefits of studying healthcare courses in Canada?

      Canada is regarded as one of the best countries offering healthcare service. Studying healthcare courses n Canada offers the opportunities to work, international standard of health service and exposure.

      How do I apply for medical courses in Canada as an international student?

      If you are planning to apply for a student visa in Canada, you have to initially choose a course. Check whether you meet the college requirements, if yes, you can apply for your course in Canada.



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