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    Post-graduation Work Permit

    The Post-graduation Work Permit(PGWP) is an open work permit issued to eligible students who have completed their education in one of the Designated Learning Institutions(DLIs) of Canada. With a PGWP, an international graduate can gain professional Canadian work experience. It would help them qualify for permanent residence in Canada through the Canadian Experience Class, which is managed under the Express Entry. Because of this reason, Post-graduation Work Permit is a popular option among international students.

    The Post-graduation Work Permit is exempt from Labour Market Impact Assessment(LMIA). A PGWP holder can work full-time or part-time or be self-employed. As the Post-graduation Work Permit is an open work permit, a holder can undertake any occupation anywhere in Canada and change employers any time they wish. However, they are not supposed to work for an employer, who is on the ineligible employers list.

    Validity of the Post-graduation Work Permit

    To be eligible for a Post-graduation Work Permit, a student must have completed a study program with a duration of at least eight months. The maximum validity period of Post-graduation Work Permit is three years. The duration of the PGWP will be determined on the basis of the duration of the study program completed by the international graduate.

    How to apply for Post-graduation Work Permit?

    In order to apply for Post-graduation Work Permit, an international graduate must first obtain written confirmation from the Designated Learning Institution(DLI) that they have met the requirements for completing the study program. The application for PGWP should be submitted within 180 days of obtaining this confirmation. The applicants whose study permit is still valid may apply from within Canada. If their study permit is expired, they can either:

    • Apply from abroad
    • Apply to restore their status as a student by applying for a PGWP with the correct fees($255) and paying the fees to restore their status as a student($350).

    Work authorization after the submission of the application for Post-graduation Work Permit

    Those candidates who have applied for a Post-graduation Work Permit before their study permit is expired, they can work full-time without a work permit while awaiting a decision on their application, provided they meet the following conditions:

    • Their study permit is valid while submitting the application for Post-graduation Work Permit
    • They have successfully completed their study program
    • They were a full-time student at a DLI and completed a study program of at least eight months that led to a degree, diploma or certificate.
    • They have not exceeded the allowable hours of work

    Are spouses of PGWP holders eligible for work permit?

    Yes. The spouses or common-law partners of Post-graduation Work Permit holders can apply for an open work permit.

    What all make a candidate ineligible for Post-graduation Work Permit?

    A candidate will be ineligible for Post-graduation Work Permit if:

    • The study program they have pursued has English or French as the second language
    • They have pursued a general interest or self-improvement course
    • They have pursued a program at a private career college.

    Temporary Resident Visas for Post-graduation Work Permit applicants

    If the application for Post-graduation Work Permit is submitted from outside Canada, the applicant will be issued a Temporary Resident Visa once their application is approved. If the application is approved from within Canada, the candidate will have to submit a separate TRV application, once their application for PGWP is approved. TRV allows the holder to travel abroad while their PGWP remains valid.

    Is it possible to renew Post-graduation Work Permit?

    It is not possible to renew Post-graduation Work Permits(PGWP) as it is a one-time opportunity for international students. However, a student can get their PGWP extended if they did not get the full length of the permit despite being eligible, as their passport was about to expire. In such cases, they can apply to extend their PGWP in a letter of explanation. But if they have applied for permanent residence under Express Entry, they can apply for a Bridging Open Work Permit.

    They can apply for a Bridging Open Work Permit if their current work permit expires within four months and their work permit is still valid. Further, they should be residing in Canada at the time of submitting the application for an open work permit.

    Documents needed to apply for PGWP

    While applying for Postgraduation Work Permit, you must provide the following documents to prove that you have successfully completed your study program. These are:

    • Your degree or diploma to prove that you have completed your study program and graduated.
    • Transcript that provides information such as the name of your study program
    • Official letter from the institution from where you have completed your education, which will provide information about the length of your study.

    Prepare in advance for Post-graduation Work Permit

    If you are planning to apply for a Post-graduation Work Permit, you should begin the preparations even before applying for a Canada study permit. You should know that not all study programs in Canada are eligible for a Post-graduation Work Permit. So, if you are planning to work in Canada after your studies, you should choose one such program that would help you to obtain a PGWP. Suppose you plan to work in Canada for three years. Then the program you choose should have a duration of more than two years. Further, you should abide by all the conditions that come with your study permit. It means:

    • You should not take any unauthorized breaks
    • You should maintain full-time student status
    • You should pass your courses.

    For those who wish to study and later settle in Canada, Post-graduation Work Permit is a great option. Post-graduation Work Permit allows you to work in Canada after your studies, gain Canadian work experience and thus increase your chances of obtaining permanent residence status in Canada. Are you interested to know more about higher education in Canada and immigration? Talk to the overseas education and immigration experts in CanApprove. Contact us now!


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      Frequently Asked Questions

      Do I need a job offer to get a Canada PR?

      A job offer is optional to receive an invitation and get a Canada Permanent Residence. However, a valid job offer from a Canadian employer or a nomination from a province will increase the CRS points and can help you receive an ITA quickly.

      Can I update my express entry profile after creating it?

      Yes. You can update your Express Entry profile now and then, adding new educational qualifications, improved language scores, or increased work experience, which would increase your chances of receiving an ITA.

      Is there any specific time during the year of creating an Express Entry profile?

      No! You can submit your profile under the Express Entry Program at any time of the year.

      Is the Canada PR requirements for Indians different from others?

      No. The requirements for applying for a PR is same for all and it doesn’t differ for countries.



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