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    Study in Alberta

    Alberta has emerged as a premier educational hub, captivating the attention of global students seeking an enriching academic experience. With its diverse landscape, vibrant cities and top-tier education, Alberta has attracted students from around the world. As Canada’s fourth-largest province, spanning an impressive 661,848 square kilometers, Alberta proudly bears its name as Canada’s energy province, owing to its prolific oil refinery resources. This fusion of natural beauty and educational excellence makes Alberta an unparalleled destination for aspiring scholars worldwide.

    Why choose to study in Alberta?

    There are compelling reasons why a student should study in Alberta. It provides huge benefits to international students which includes:

    • It offers huge immense academic and professional growth as students can choose from varied fields like management, engineering, healthcare, and technology with co-op options.
    • Highly supportive system to international students with wide range services through which students can easily adapt to the life in Canada.
    • Global networking opportunities by connecting with professionals, researchers and industry experts opens doors to great career possibilities.
    • They also offer guidance and support for international students to facilitate the students integrating into the local job market.

    Study in Alberta

    Top Colleges/ Universities in Alberta

    • University of Alberta
    • Bow Valley College
    • Lakeland College
    • Mount Royal University
    • University of Calgary
    • Southern Alberta Institute of Technology
    • Alberta University of Arts
    • Norquest College
    • Northwestern Polytechnic
    • Northern Alberta institute of Technology
    • University of Lethbridge
    • Grant McEwan University

    Available streams in Alberta

    This rich educational landscape ensures that studying in Alberta opens up a wealth of opportunities for students to pursue their passions and carve out successful careers in their chosen fields.

    PR pathways

    Alberta stands as one of the PR friendly regions among Canada’s provinces, renowned for its openness to people from all walks of life. Boasting a burgeoning economy, it proudly holds the mantle of one of the nation’s freest economies. Moreover, its pivotal role in agricultural possibilities, coupled with its affordable living expenses and favourable tax environment, beckons international students with open arms.

    International students who graduate from a post-secondary institution in Alberta will have higher chances of obtaining permanent residency through different streams of AAIP. Thus, Alberta offers students not just education and work opportunities, but also a welcoming environment to establish roots and thrive.

    The major PR streams include:

    Each of these programs has its own eligibility requirements and application procedures through which you can eventually end up as the Canadian citizens.


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      Frequently Asked Questions

      Is CanApprove a registered Canada education consultant?

      Yes, CanApprove is a CICC-registered overseas education consultancy.

      Can I get a Scholarship to study in Canada?

      Yes, you can apply for scholarships in Canada. But in most cases, the applicant should possess an excellent academic performance record.

      How long will it take to process my Canada student visa?

      It might take from 3 to 6 months on average. But again, it’s completely upon the discretion of the institution and the Canada high commission

      What are the other countries that CanApprove processes student visas for?

      At CanApprove, we offer overseas education services to countries like,

      • Australia
      • United Kingdom
      • Germany
      • New Zealand
      • USA

      What is the difference between Canada study permit and Canada student visa?

      A student visa allows you to enter the country as a student while a study permit allows you to stay, study and work part-time



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