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    Study In Poland

    Poland is a central European country with one of the largest economy and biggest consumer markets in Europe. It is the 9th largest country in Europe and is bordered by Germany to the West. Poland is one of the 5th populous member states of European Union.

    Study in Poland for international students has been an overwhelming experience as the country offers a wide range of academic programs with affordable tuition fees and culturally rich experience. Poland has a historical background of higher education of up to 800 years and is home to 400 institutions.

    Poland for international students has been a popular choice and regarded as a major study abroad destination due to the availability of English taught programs. If you are planning to escalate your educational horizon with quality education and without much expense, then Poland will be a suitable choice.

    • Why choose to study in Poland as an international student.?
      With quality education at an affordable cost Poland is one among the top destinations chosen for study abroad. Other reasons include:
    • World class education- The country is recognized for its higher education systems and known for specialised technical institution and medical schools.
    • Bologna Process: The country takes immense care to provide the international students with top quality education that do not compromise any of the European educational standards. Thus, international students in Poland will get to experience the most diverse opportunities and the credentials are valid throughout the world.
    • Low tuition fee- The tuition fee levied by the country is comparatively low and it starts from € 2000- € 4500 for one year. Poland offers affordable education without compromising the quality.
    • Low cost of living- Poland has a surprisingly lower cost of living, which makes it a liveable country.
    • Impressive Student life- Poland provides a memorable student life with modern, clean, and safe environment. Additionally with a strong economy and lower living expenses, Poland stands as a great option for international students.


    Benefits of studying in Poland


    Study in Polland


    • Can apply without IELTS.
    • Students can work up to 20hr/week.
    • Average living cost between 400€ – 900€.
    • Good career opportunities.
    • Visa to travel all the Schengen countries.

    Requirements to Study in Poland

    Study in Poland is quite convenient, and the requirements stays minimal.

    •  For Bachelors, you must have completed your 12th with a minimum mark of 55% and above. Whereas for Masters, you must have a bachelor’s degree or a diploma with 55% and above marks.
    • Fluency in English with good communication skills to crack the interview.
    • Should obtain Medium of Instruction (MOI) certificate from your school / college, which shows that your previous education was in English.

    Poland for international students provides education with easy access so that Indian students are able to attain international standard of education.

    Intakes in Poland

    If you are planning to study in Poland, you have to look majorly for 2 intakes. These are the summer intake from February/March and Winter intake from September/ October.

    The major intake is the Winter as most curses are open for this intake. You will be guided properly by the experts at Canapprove.

    Popular courses in Poland

    Poland offers number of courses belonging to various streams. This varied course option makes the workforce equipped with necessary skills and knowledge to adapt into the technological advancements and market demands. The major streams include:

    • Engineering
    • Business & Management
    • IT & Computer Science
    • Hospitality & Tourism Management
    • Medicine & Healthcare
    • International Relations & Political Science

    Choose your desired course to excel in your career and build a successful career.

    Popular Universities in Poland

    As Poland is home to numerous Universities, it stands pivotal in providing world class education. They offer ample course options to choose from. Major universities are but not limited to:

    • Vistula University
    • Coventry University
    • University of Ecology and Management
    • Warsaw Management University
    • Warsaw School of Business
    •  Wroclaw University of Science & Technology

    Study in Poland for international students is an immense opportunity to build a strong career in your forte.

    Visa Steps to Study in Poland

    • Choose a desired course to enhance your educational aspiration.
    •  Complete the Visa Application form.
    • Obtain Admission letter from university and confirmation of paid tuition fees.
    • Arrange all academic documents, language proficiency, medical insurance, confirmation of living expenses.
    • Take Visa Appointment and Submit all documents at the Consulate and apply for the visa.
    • Attend Visa interview (if required)
    • Wait for Visa Processing: Depends on the consulate and the time of year of applying.
    • Receive Visa Decision, On Approval you will receive a Visa Sticker on your Passport.
    • Travel to Poland
    • Register Residence & Obtain Residence Card: Upon Reaching Poland, students must register their residence with the local authorities within a specified timeframe.
      Depending on the duration of their stay students may need to apply for a temporary residence permit or a residence card from the local Voivodeship Office.

    For a swift transition into Poland and its educational domain and build a strong career in one of the technically advanced countries.

    Continuing after graduation in Poland

    Poland is a renowned destination to settle and lead a futuristic life. With modern facilities, high standard of living and the European culture, living in Poland has a lot of opportunities on hold. The options to stay back in Poland after the studies are as follows:

    •  Graduates of full-time higher education courses can work if they have a temporary residence permit.
    • You can apply for an EU Blue Card after getting a job, with a subsequent option to apply for permanent residence after 5 years.
    • Job scope in the services sector such as Information Technology, Finance & Banking, Retail & Consumer Services etc.

    Thus, choosing Poland is a brilliant option for those who aspire to obtain high quality education and industry expertise. Canapprove experts will guide you through the entire process and ensures a smooth transition into Poland.


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      Frequently Asked Questions

      What advantages do universities in Poland offer for foreign students?

      Poland offers students with High Quality Education, Extensive Opportunities, and variety of support programs. Thus, choosing Poland is a tremendous option to choose for international education.

      Are Indian Students Offered Scholarships in Poland?

      Yes, there are plenty of scholarships offered to international students in Poland and can apply within bilateral agreements on direct co-operation offered through Bureau of Academic Recognition and International Exchange.

      Can International Students work while studying in Poland?

      Yes, International students in Poland are allowed to work part-time during the academic year and full-time during semester breaks. However, there are restrictions on the number of hours they can work per week. Working opportunities may include internships, part-time jobs or free-lance work.

      What is the duration of the Academic Year?

      Normally for Polish Universities, an academic year has 2 semesters which are each of 15 weeks span.

      Is Visa Required to study in Poland?

      For the Non-EU/EEA students, a student’s visa is to be obtained at a Polish Embassy or consulate located in their respective countries.

      Is there a requirement for Health Insurance?

      For the Non-EU/EEA Countries, it is advisable to obtain medical insurance from their home-country or shortly after they arrive in Poland. Or else, students will have to spend money on the health service they receive. It is recommended for international students to purchase third-party liability insurance along with accidental insurance.



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