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    Canada: Digital Nomad Visa.

    Considering the escalating technological scenario in Canada, Tech Talent Strategy implemented a digital Nomad visa for those willing to work remotely at tech hubs in Canada.

    Who is a Digital Nomad?

    A person working remotely for a foreign employer, from anywhere around the world are termed as digital nomads.

    Why choose Digital Nomad Visa?

    Through the digital nomad visa, people can experience and explore job opportunities in Canada while working remotely. Canada has a robust social infrastructure, a thriving job market, and great environment for digital nomads. It is an initiative to retain skilled workforce, encourage entrepreneurs and skilled people to travel to Canada, and provide a platform for remote work destination. This momentum will excel the entrance of digital nomads, which will exponentially boost the Canadian economy. Through the digital nomad visa, a digital nomad can move to Canada for a period of 6 months with a visitor’s status, while working remotely for an employer outside Canada or if they are self-employed. However, a work permit turns out to be mandatory if they find a Canadian employer.

    Below are the requirements to qualify for this visa

    • The applicant must be currently working remotely.
    • The applicant should take a visitor’s visa to travel and work for a period of 6 months, while working for a foreign employer, or being self-employed.
    • The process is similar to that of a visitor’s visa.
    • Once the visa is approved, they can travel to Canada on a visit visa and continue their remote job in Canada. In the meantime, they can search for jobs in Canada, and once they receive an LMIA-approved job, they can change their status to work permit.

    Can a digital Nomad apply for a work permit?

    A digital nomad can apply for a work permit only if they are hired by a Canadian employer. If an applicant receives job offer from Canada, they can apply for a work permit.

    Can dependants of a Digital nomad work in Canada?

    The spouse and children can apply for an open work permit or study permit once the digital nomad receives a work permit.

    Digital nomad visa is a viable option for anyone looking to assemble Canadian work experience, while working remotely for an employer outside Canada. This will usher skilled workforce to Canada motivating and blossoming opportunities for the growing youth. Unlike other types of visa, digital nomad visa is an effortless method of experiencing Canada whilst exploring job opportunities. Canada is one of the top destinations welcoming digital nomads, providing them stepping stones to excel and grow.


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