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Jobs in Demand in Canada for Immigration in 2024

demand jobs in canada

Demand Jobs in Canada for immigration are plenty and you must look for a job that offers stability with good money. With the Express Entry system actively seeking skilled workers, there’s a plethora of exciting opportunities waiting for you. 

For aspirants, a suitable economic opportunity makes a strong case to apply for permanent residency (PR) in Canada. But navigating the vast Canadian job market can be daunting. Thereby, seeking to streamline immigration for critical roles, IRCC introduced Express Entry category draws, inviting top candidates in five high-demand fields.

So, let’s dive into the hottest-demand jobs in Canada, that score you high on Express Entry, paving the way for a smooth immigration journey.

Express Entry’s most in-demand jobs in Canada

1. Healthcare Heroes:

Canada’s healthcare system is booming, and skilled professionals are in dire need. If you’re a medical professional, consider these high-demand roles:

🔹Medical laboratory technologists (NOC 32120): Analyze blood and tissue samples to diagnose diseases.

🔹Registered nurses (NOC 30120): Provide direct patient care in hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare settings.

🔹Physician assistants (NOC 31303): Assist doctors in diagnosing and treating patients under their supervision.

🔹Occupational therapists (NOC 31430): Help people regain independence after injuries or disabilities.

🔹Psychologists (NOC 41510): Provide mental health assessments and therapy to individuals and groups.

2. Tech Titans:

Canada’s tech scene is on fire, and skilled professionals are driving its growth. If you’re a tech whiz, consider these in-demand roles: 

Business and computer systems specialists

🔹Computer and information systems managers (NOC 20012);

🔹Computer systems developers and programmers (NOC 21230);

🔹Cybersecurity specialists (NOC 21220);

🔹Database analysts and data administrators (NOC 21223); and

🔹Information systems specialists (NOC 21222).


🔹Civil engineers (NOC 21300);

🔹Computer engineers (except software engineers and designers) (NOC 21311);

🔹Electrical and electronics engineers (NOC 21310);

🔹Engineering managers (NOC 20010);

🔹Industrial and manufacturing engineers (NOC 21321);

🔹Metallurgic and materials engineers (NOC 21322); and

🔹Software engineers and designers (NOC 21231)

3. Skilled Trades:

Canada’s infrastructure and construction sectors are thriving, and skilled tradespeople are in high demand. If you’re a hands-on individual, consider these in-demand roles:

🔹Electricians (NOC 72200): Install and maintain electrical wiring and equipment.

🔹Plumbers (NOC 72300): Install and maintain plumbing systems.

🔹Carpenters (NOC 72310): Build and repair wooden structures and furniture.

🔹Welders and related machine operators (NOC 72106): Operate welding equipment and other machinery to join or cut metal.

🔹Construction millwrights and industrial mechanics (NOC 72400): Install and maintain machinery and equipment in industrial settings.

Furthermore, you may enhance your Express Entry score by mastering French, Canada’s official second language!

How to Qualify?

To achieve your Canadian dream and land a coveted spot in a category-based Express Entry draw, you’ll need to navigate two critical sets of requirements:

  1. Mastering the Express Entry Fundamentals:

🔴Eligibility Essentials: Ensure you possess at least one year of skilled work experience within the past three years, have demonstrably strong English or French language skills (as measured by approved tests), hold recognized educational qualifications assessed by Canadian authorities, and maintain a valid Express Entry profile.

🔴Sharpening Your Ranking: The Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) is your key to standing out. This score, calculated based on factors like age, education, language proficiency, and work experience, determines your position in the pool. 

  1. Conquering Category-Specific Challenges:

🔴Finding Your Niche: Each draws targets specific in-demand occupations within five key fields: healthcare, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math), trade, transport, and agriculture. Dive into the official IRCC website or contact us to discover the latest list of eligible occupations and their detailed descriptions. Match your skills and experience to one of these targeted roles.

🔴Experience is Key: Prove your expertise in the chosen field. Demonstrating at least six months of full-time, continuous work experience in the targeted occupation within the past three years is essential. Part-time experience can also contribute but at a prorated rate.

How Does Visiting an Immigration Consultant Help You?

Here are some key ways visiting an immigration consultant can help you:

🔹Demystifying the Process: Consultants have in-depth knowledge of the latest regulations, visa types, and eligibility requirements specific to your situation. They can translate the bureaucratic jargon into clear, actionable steps, saving you time, stress, and potentially costly mistakes.

🔹Identifying the Right Path: Consultants can assess your circumstances and goals, recommending the most suitable pathway for your successful immigration journey.

🔹Streamlining the Application Process: Consultants can guide you through the application process, ensuring you gather the right documents, meet deadlines, and avoid common pitfalls that could lead to delays or rejections.

🔹Maximizing Your Chances of Success: Consultants possess valuable insights into the selection criteria and assessment procedures used by immigration authorities. They can help you optimize your application, highlight your strengths, and address any potential weaknesses.

🔹Access to Additional Resources: Consultants may have established networks and partnerships with other professionals, such as language test providers, settlement agencies, and financial advisors. This allows them to connect you with additional resources and support services that can make your transition to your new home smoother and more successful.

With the right guide by your side, you can confidently navigate the path towards your new life in your chosen country. 

Consider Canapprove, pioneers in immigration and study abroad consultancy for more than two and half decades. Book your free appointment today! 

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