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    Canada is a country which provides abundant opportunities for work, business, education and not to mention the beautiful places that the tourists get to enjoy. The multi-cultural society, vivid places, flexible government policies make Canada an ideal tourist destination allowing thousands of individuals to visit every year under the Canada Visitors Visa.

    What Is Canada Visitors Visa?

    Canada Visitors Visa or the Canada Tourist Visa allows individuals to visit Canada for tourism & leisure purposes. The time duration for a Canadian Visitors Visa would be 6 months and the individual should leave the country on or before the visa expires. There are two types of Canada Tourist Visa:

    Single Entry Visa: Individuals possessing the Single Entry Visa can only enter Canada once, after which he/she needs a new visa to set foot in Canada again though he/she can travel to the United States and St. Pierre & Miquelon.
    Multiple Entry Visa: Individuals who possess a Multiple Entry Visa can travel to and from Canada for six months at a time and the applicant need not have to apply for a visa every single time.

    Eligibility For Obtaining A Canadian Tourist Visa:-

    In order to obtain a Canadian Visitors Visa, an applicant should meet the below mentioned criteria:

    • The applicant should have in their possession a valid passport.
    • The applicant should meet the health requirements as stated by the country.
    • The applicant should have with him/herself sufficient funds to support their stay in Canada.
    • The applicant should intend to leave Canada at the end of their visit.
    • Has to receive a letter of invitation from Canada
    • The applicants should have no intention to seek for job opportunities during his/her stay in Canada under the Canadian Tourist Visa.
    • The applicant should abide by the rules set by the Canadian Government and should not pose any security threat to the country.

    How To Apply For A Canadian Visitors Visa?

    Application for Canada Tourist Visa can be applied both online and via paper. Applying online is quite easy and the applicant just has to have access to a credit card and the facility to create electronic copies of documents required for the Canadian Tourist Visa whereas applying via paper requires the applicant to follow certain steps. The steps to be followed are mentioned as follows:

    Fill the Visitors Visa Application Form: The applicant should take great care while filling the application form. (The applicant will have his/her application returned or refused if they do not provide all necessary information)
    Processing Fee: The applicant should pay the necessary processing fees for the application. The fee must be paid via a cheque or a bank draft.

    Visiting the Local Canada Visa Application Centre: The applicant should visit the local Canada Visa Application Centre and carry along with them his/her passport, photographs and all supporting documents with respect to the Canada Visitors Visa checklist.

    Submitting the Application: The completed application should be submitted at CVAC and the service charges should be paid. On successful submission, the applicant receives a unique tracking number through which he/she can track and know their application status.

    Other Things You Should Know About Canada Visitors Visa:

    A Canadian Tourist Visa can be extended for a duration of 30 days before the original visa gets expired.
    Canada Tourist Visa fees would be CAD $100 for both Single Entry and Multiple Entry Visas.
    The application fee will not be refunded if the applicant’s visa is refused.

    Hiding or misrepresenting information in the application could lead to refusal of the application.
    Canada Visitors Visa processing time would be somewhere around 32 days.

    A Canadian Tourist Visa is one of the best options available if you want to visit Canada and know how it is to live in Canada and experience the Canadian culture for a short period of time. Get in touch with us to check your eligibility to obtain a Canadian Visitors Visa for free.


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