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    Canada PR

    Canada is a country known for its immigrant-friendly policies and a highly sophisticated system for selecting and admitting immigrants. Because of this reason, Canada is one of the most favourite destinations for immigrants from across the world. Every year, a huge number of people apply for Canada PR. The number of new immigrants being admitted by Canada every year is also equally huge. By 2025, Canada will be admitting 500,000 new permanent residents in a single year. There are more than a 100 immigration pathways for those who wish to obtain PR in Canada. Once you become a permanent resident in Canada, you are then just a few steps away from becoming a Canadian citizen.

    Why migrate to Canada?

    Canada has huge demand for skilled migrants as the country views immigration as key for economic progress and demographic growth. Canada has one of the lowest natural birth rate and a population that is aging fast. The immigrants contribute towards the economic progress of the country by contributing their skills, paying taxes and spending money in the Canadian market. In return, what Canada offers immigrants are high living standards, more career opportunities, chances to earn more and lead a peaceful life, as the crime rates are very low in the country.
    Now let’s check what makes this Canada PR visa so attractive for immigrants.

    Benefits of Canada PR

    Canada PR visa holders enjoy almost all the benefits and privileges of a Canadian citizen, except for the voting rights and the right to contest elections. Some of these benefits include:

    • Free healthcare
    • Free school education for children
    • Freedom to live and work anywhere in Canada
    • Sponsor your family members for permanent residence in Canada
    • Opportunity to apply for Canada citizenship after a certain period

    Immigration programs to get A Canada PR Visa

    There are more than a 100 pathways for migrating to Canada, catering to different categories of applicants ranging from skilled workers, businessmen and investors to family class immigrants. As far as the skilled workers, the major pathways are:

    Express Entry

    The Express Entry system of Canada manages applications for immigration under the three federal economic immigration programs, which are:

    To be eligible under Express Entry, the candidate must have sufficient level of work experience in one of the occupations classified under National Occupational Classification (NOC) 2021. The Express Entry system assesses and ranks candidates on the basis of Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS). Under the system, the candidates are assessed on the basis of various human capital factors such as age, education, work experience etc., and a Comprehensive Ranking System score is awarded to them. Those with the highest scores are invited to apply for permanent residence in Canada in one of the federal Express Entry draws which are conducted regularly.

    Provincial Nominee Program

    Provincial Nominee Programs allow Canadian provinces and territories to nominate eligible candidates for permanent residence in Canada. Almost all the provinces and territories of Canada have PNPs that caters to their specific labour market needs. Further, all the Provincial Nominee Programs have at least one enhanced stream or an immigration stream aligned to the federal Express Entry. The Express Entry candidates nominated by a province through their Provincial Nominee Program will receive 600 additional CRS score points that would guarantee them an invitation to apply for permanent residence in Canada in a subsequent Express Entry draw.

    Quebec Immigration Program

    The Canadian province of Quebec runs its own immigration program to select immigrants. Skilled workers can apply for Canada PR under Quebec Immigration Program under:

    • Quebec Skilled Worker Program
    • Quebec Experience Class

    For business people, there numerous options like Federal Self Employed Program, Start-up visa Program etc.

    Atlantic Immigration Program

    The Atlantic Immigration Program allows the employers in the Atlantic provinces of Canada to attract and retain eligible foreign workers. The four Atlantic Provinces are:

    • New Brunswick
    • Newfoundland and Labrador
    • Nova Scotia
    • Prince Edward Island

    The appointment of foreign workers through this program is exempted from Labour Market Impact Assessment. The employer can issue a job offer to the selected candidate and connect them to a designated organization, which will help them to develop a settlement plan.

    Sponsoring family members for Canada PR

    Besides, there are family class immigration programs that allow Canada citizens and permanent residents to sponsor their family members for permanent residence in Canada.
    The family members whom a Canada permanent resident can sponsor for Canada PR include:

    • Spouse/common-law partner
    • Dependent children
    • Parents/grandparents
    • Orphaned brother, sister, nephew, niece

    Being a permanent resident in Canada

    Once a person obtains permanent residence, they may apply for Canada PR card. This PR card is necessary if they want to travel in and out of the country. The validity of Canada PR card is five years. So, it has to be renewed within six months of the expiry of this card. In order to retain the permanent residence status, a person must have stayed in Canada for at least 730 days within five years.

    Those who have obtained Canada PR from outside the country may apply for a Permanent Resident Travel Document (PRTD). With this document, you may enter Canada after which, you may apply for Canada PR card.

    Revoking Canada PR status

    Canada government may revoke a person’s PR status under the following circumstances:

    • Serious criminality
    • If the person obtained the PR status through misrepresentation
    • If they are unable to meet residency obligations.

    Canada PR from India

    Among those candidates who are selected for Canada PR every year, a significant majority are Indians. India is the top source country for immigrants to Canada. Professional skills, English language proficiency and high level of adaptability make Indians the best candidates for Canada immigration.

    As the application process for Canada PR is complicated, it is always advisable to seek the help of Canada immigration experts to wade through the application process successfully. Even a single mistake in the application may lead to rejection or in the worst case, a ban from applying for Canada immigration for a certain period. CanApprove is an organization with more than 25 years of experience in this field and can be your right partner for a successful and hassle-free application process. Are you interested to know more? Then write to


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      Frequently Asked Questions

      Is Express Entry program the only way to get Canada PR?

      No. Apart from the Express Entry program there are other pathways like Provincial Nominee Programs (PNP), Atlantic Immigration Program, Family Sponsorship programs, Quebec Regular Skilled Workers Program etc.

      Can I get a Canada PR without a Job Offer?

      Yes. You can apply for Canada PR without a Job Offer through Express Entry stream and other pathways. However, having a Job Offer can increase your chances of obtaining a Canada PR.

      Do I need to take the IELTS to obtain a Canada PR?

      Of course. You must take the IELTS – General and score 6.5 and above in all the four bands such Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking. You must make sure each band has a score not less than 6.

      Can I obtain a Canada PR as an international student after studying in Canada?

      As international student in Canada, you can work in Canada with Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWP) and apply for a Canada PR. In fact, there are provinces in which you can apply for Canada PR right after graduation.

      Why should I apply for Canada PR through an immigration consultant?

      It is not mandatory to apply for a Canada PR through an immigration consultant. However, to make the PR application process easier, you can get the help of a licensed immigration consultants like CanApprove.



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