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    The Canadian government has an economy which seems to be growing strong every single day, all due to its unique immigration programs & decisions. The government has with it immigration programs that allows skilled foreign individuals to work in Canada who can help in the development of the Canadian economy. The Canadian Experience Class is one such program which aims to benefit both the immigrant and the Canadian Economy.

    What Is The Canadian Experience Class Program?

    The Canadian Experience Class is a program which targets skilled workers who already have considerable Canadian work experience and looks forward to becoming a permanent resident of Canada. The Canadian Experience Class is also one of the three federal programs that is being managed through Express Entry (an online application system created mainly for skilled workers).

    Minimum Eligibility Requirements For Canadian Experience Class

    In order to be eligible for the Canadian Experience Class, an individual has to make sure that he/she meets the below-mentioned conditions.

    Language Requirements

    Meeting the language requirements is quite an important factor for any immigration program and so is for the Canadian Experience Class Program. The individual who is applying for the Canadian Experience Class program should meet the required language level for his/her job. The applicant’s ability to listen, speak, read & write will be assessed. The applicant must make sure that he/she meets the minimum language level of:

    • Canadian Language Benchmark 7 for NOC O or A jobs
    • Canadian Language Benchmark 5 for NOC B jobs

    Work Experience & Relevant Requirements

    The applicant should have at least one complete year of skilled work experience in Canada in the last 3 years before he/she applies. The work experience should either be full-time or an equivalent amount of part-time. It is important that the candidate should have gained his/her work experience by working legally in Canada. The applicant’s job should fall under any of the below mentioned Canadian National Occupational Classification list:

    • Managerial Jobs (Skilled Level O)
    • Professional Jobs (Skill Type A)
    • Technical Jobs & Skilled Trades (Skill Type B)

    Education Requirements

    Though there are no education requirements for the Canadian Experience Class Program, an educational qualification can help the candidate improve his/her rank in the Express Entry Pool.

    • The candidate should have gone to a school in Canada and obtained a Canadian degree or diploma, points can be obtained for the same.
    • The applicant can also gain points for foreign education provided an Educational Credential Assessment has been done.

    Documents Needed

    The applicants migrating under the Canadian Experience Class may have to provide some information from the below-mentioned documents:

    • Passport or travel documents
    • Language Proficiency Test Results
    • Educational Credential Assessment Report
    • Provincial Nomination (if he/she has one)
    • A written job offer from a Canadian Employer (if he/she has one)

    Further, if the applicant has been invited to apply, he/she will have to upload the below-mentioned documents:

    • Police Certificates
    • Medical Exams
    • Proof of Funds

    Once the applicant has met with all the above-mentioned requirements, he/she should submit an Express Entry Profile. Once a profile has been created in the pool, the applicant will be given relevant CRS scores based on their profile. On receiving an invitation to apply for permanent residence, an applicant will have 60 days to complete his/her application.

    Other Things You Should Know About Canadian Experience Class

    • The applicant’s self-employment and work experience while studies will not be considered under this program.
    • The applicant must plan to live & reside outside Quebec because the province of Quebec selects skilled workers on its own.
    • The applicant to be eligible for the Canadian Experience Class program should be free from criminal conviction & health problems.
    • The applicant should not have provided false information during the interview or in his/her application.

    The Canadian Experience Class Program is an ideal program for individuals who have work experience in Canada and wants to become a Canadian Permanent Resident. To know more about the Canadian Experience Class Program, get in touch with our team of experts and check your eligibility to migrate to Canada for free!


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