Bachelor’s Degree In Canada

Bachelor’s Degree In Canada

Canada is one of the most preferred educational destinations for students across the world. With almost 15,000 graduate and Undergraduate courses available, Canada offers a diverse array of most sought-after courses. According to reports, approximately 100,000 students are flying every year to pursue their Bachelor’s Degree in Canada.

The amalgam of different ethnicities, cultures, countries, and races renders the place lively and manifold to accommodate and nourish students of different backgrounds. The demography of the place is so diverse that people from different ethnicities and backgrounds don’t feel out of place making it suitable for foreign nation people to attend and acquire  Bachelor’s degree in Canada.

A Bachelor’s Degree in Canada is mostly offered by Universities that are recognized. Bachelor degrees are also granted by post-secondary institutions such as Community Colleges as applied program degrees. Canadian bachelor’s degree programs can be broadly classified into two categories- four-year applied degrees and two-year associate degrees. By completing Advanced Diplomas or Associate degrees, a student becomes eligible for university transfer as well as higher education. The time required to complete a Bachelor’s Degree in Canada could range from 3 to 4 years and among them the honors degree is of the highest demand. The honors degree is condensed and focused; it deals with a higher degree of concentration in the honor’s subject. The higher level of academics along with focused syllabus renders the honors program 4 years long. There are various options under an honors program such as Bachelor of Science (BS/BSc), Bachelor of Arts (BA), Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), Bachelor of Commerce (BCom), Bachelor of Engineering (BEng)Application, and Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA). The Education system of Canada does not follow the entrance system; there are no centralized or province-wise entrance tests to admit students into various national Universities and Colleges. The Colleges and Universities undertake their own methods of choosing and admitting students; each institute sets their own standards and processes of admissions to assess the aptitude and qualifications of students. It could be tests, interviews, a combination of both, or any other accepted way of analyzing student potential.

The basic requirement solicited commonly by all the Universities and Colleges to pursue a Bachelor’s Degree in Canada includes a certificate to prove the successful completion of secondary school program with 70% and proof of English proficiency. Almost all Universities as for 70% aggregate marks and some esteemed Universities ask for more. The fee structure of the courses may vary according to Colleges, Universities, type of the course, course level, and location.

Students trying to pursue a Bachelor’s Degree in Canada should be aware of the application deadlines. The dates and deadlines may vary according to Colleges, Universities, and locations. Closely follow the website of the University or College you wish to join and monitor their updates regarding admissions. The deadline dates for September session generally begins from mid-December to the end of March. The application process to Canadian Universities and Colleges are lengthy and time-consuming, therefore commence your processes at least 8 months in advance. The application could take 3 months to 6 months to be processed and approved. It is ideal for a student to start as early as possible to avoid missing deadlines and losing the opportunity of studying a Bachelor’s Degree in Canada.

A student will only be able to pursue a Bachelor’s Degree in Canada with a valid student permit. If the application of the institute and sufficient documents for the visa is furnished, a student can get the permit within 4 – 6 weeks to study a Bachelor’s Degree in Canada.

Once the students reach Canada and commence their courses, they are eligible to work part-time to support their studies. Almost all the colleges and Universities in Canada provide scholarship and bursaries to alleviate the financial burden of international students. Educational institutions offer many specialized services such as orientation, festivals, social events, advising, and workshops exclusively for international students. These activities are intended at making international students feel at home and to further their personal, academic, and career goals. It becomes easier for students who have completed  Bachelor’s Degree in Canada to enroll for Master Degree. The total education period along with work experience could improve an individual’s chance of getting Permanent residence in Canada.

Canadian Bachelor’s Degree is the first step to pursue your dream of engaging in a lucrative career as well as settling in Canada.

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